Jules H

Jules H


it's like a mix of the thoughts math class gives you, that's been highjacked by a lumpy bruse coloured imagination named charlie


well i like alot of music, so i really shouldn't go into that
i've been writing sings since....fuck, forever man
and i've only been playing the ukulele since december
i think i've gotten a bit of a bond with it

alot of my insparations are just things that i think up when i'm bored
annnnd durring love sick times raymond and i get into fights, over the ammount of boy-type thoughts that are crashing round my brain


i've been on the radio once, for two hours, i play some small gigs in town
busked twice in bc
played at a coffee house called th ehouse in calgary
and played in a palace made of snow...i think that one was pretty cool....get it?

Set List

it's a sin to kill a mocking bird
shawna has not eaten in far to long
the obvious and letieral song
coffee shop boy
gotta wanna wanna