Jules Larson

Jules Larson

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Jules writes powerful, heartfelt songs with hooks that won't escape you.


Indie artist and songwriter Jules Larson has come a long way since deciding to take the solo route in 2009. Growing up just outside of Los Angeles, Jules began writing songs at age 8. Let's Stay Young is her first full-length album. Her songs have been featured in ad campaigns, as well as TV shows GREY'S ANATOMY, PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, CASTLE, THE FOSTERS, and VAMPIRE DIARIES. Larson's song รข€œRunning Wild" was recently in the official film trailer for THE BEST OF ME, and she also had a song in a film called THE LUCKY ONE.  She has also released 2 EPs, Strangers (produced by Ethan Allen) in 2009, and A Lot Like You in 2010.


You Know It's True

Written By: Jules Larson

The more they come, the more they go
it's not a lie, I know you told me so
but it all works out

Days go by when we're apart
but everything that always seems so hard
well, it all works out

One day, I'll see you walking and
One day, we'll get to talking and
I'll say, ever since I set eyes on you...
you know it's true

I put your locket in my heart
keeping you close no matter where you are
cause it all works out

Images in black and white
playing back this moment in my mind
cause you always shine


Is it alright, is it alright...
if I tell you how I feel?
If it's alright, if it's alright...
I just wanted you to know
how I do adore you so

I Want it All

Written By: Jules Larson

you wanna take my heart
you wanna do it all again
well I will...babe, you know I will

you wanna swim in the sea
well, you will never find a girl like me
no baby, not like me
well, I can't help myself

I want it all
and I start to fall
I can't think at all
cause I want you, want you, want it all
and I'm standing tall
so don't make me crawl
I just want you, want you, want it all

I feel you breathe in my soul
I feel my body slowly lose control
I wanna lose control
so you can take my heart
and we can do it all again
let's do it all again
well, I can't help myself


and I keep, I keep coming back
and I keep, I keep coming back
oh, I keep, I keep coming back, keep coming back
to you

Foolish Love

Written By: Jules Larson

It happened sometime in the middle of the night
I felt the cold, I heard the voice, I saw the scattered light
you said baby use your head, baby use your head
it's just a crack in the floorboard
but it's breathing down my neck, breathing down my neck
it's standing right at the door

I can't take anymore, I can't take anymore
I'm losing my mind
foolish love pushed me right to the edge
and I can't pretend
not anymore, I can't take anymore
I'm losing my mind
foolish love pushed me right to the edge
foolish love, foolish love

I feel it watching, pacing 'round like a prisoner of the dark
my hands are shaking, I'm wide awake
I'd run, but I don't know where to start
you said baby use your head, baby use your head
it's just a crack in the ceiling
but the more I second guess, the more I second guess
the more I believe it


you and I in our disguise
dancing like we own the night
we're dancing with our shadows, shadows, shadows


LET'S STAY YOUNG (LP) - release date: 5/29/12

single - "I Want it All" - release date: 8/10/2011

A LOT LIKE YOU (EP) - release date: 9/14/2010

STRANGERS (EP) - release date: 9/29/2009

single - "Falling for the First Time" (Jeff Cardoni Remix) - release date: 3/2/2010

Set List

I Want it All
Falling for the First Time
Children of Stereo
I Feel Alive
Raise A Little Hell
You Know It's True
Broken Lines
Love Crazy
Do it My Way

45-60 minute set depending on the gig.