Macomb, Michigan, USA
BandHip Hop

Blessed with a sweet and pure soprano voice, along with a masterful style of playing piano, Deborah is destined for true superstardom. Hailing from the “music rich” Motor City, Deborah is already being called, perhaps, the best new female singer to emerge from Detroit since Anita Baker.


MarcJulian Glenn (aka) JuLi is a lyricist, performer and composer . He has performed at various concerts and musical venues. He has been expressing his music in various ways for the young and young at heart since the age of 11. He is a resent graduate of Detroit’s Dr Martin Luther King Jr. High School and currently attending Berklee School of Music. His lyrics are clean, parent friendly with air quality. JuLi’s past experiences includes, when he was as young as four years old, international print ads for Kmart, Marshall Fields, PSA’s for Detroit on Fatherless children, children weekly educational television program (Diddle Doors) and major film The Island. Currently, he volunteered and created a jingle on behalf of the American Lung Association (Midland States) to educate the general public with a focus on young people about the epidemic of lung disease.


"American Lung Association" jingle
"Watch Me do My Thang"

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