Julia Ann Gardner

Julia Ann Gardner


Music that is inspiring, uplifting, encourageing everyone that hears it to find their purpose in this life, in finding that purpose you will bring life and happiness to the world.


Ms. Gardner was born in NEW YORK, N. Y. ,grew up in South Carolina where she begin singing as a child in churches in the South in the LITTLE BUILDERS Church group, the Junior chior group, and continued upon her return to NEW YORk where she was a member of THE VOICES OF PRAISES AND THE COMBINED CHIOR at THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH in EAST ELMHURST, N. Y.


She is a retired postal employee. Loves gardening, sewing and relaxing with a good book.

But ever she's doing, she's always singing.

After the 9/11 tragedy (looking out the window as the second plane enter the WORLD TRADE CENTER #2 TOWER. she was inspired to write the songs for her debut CD titled "MESSAGE". The songs "SPIRIT OF AMERICA" and "ALWAYS REMEMBER" were compsoed as the search for survivors and victims began at the World Trade Center Site. Ms. Gardner feels that this was a time when all America joined together in pain and sorrow but was united in SPIRIT. THE Hpoe of ms. Julia Ann Gardner is that every listener will also be INSPIRED to live their dreams, find their purpose in life and work and rejoice in the giving of JOY and HAPPINESS to others. For it's truly up to each one of to RISE up and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the WORLD.

Sence moving back to S. C. Ms. Gardner have had a very sucessful debut of her CD "MESSAGE", and is singing in local churches in the area where she is getting an Exhilarating audieance respond, all to Glorify GOD.

MESSAGE" was added to more than 125 Commerccial, Public Community and Collage radio stations across the United States and Canada and charted on WDBK (Blackwood, N. J.)at #21 on their weekly Tpo 30 Airplay Chart.

International Network- Play list, "MADE A DIFFERENCE" Charted at #8 in the top 25.


Made A Difference(3:41)ASCAP

Written By: Julia Ann Gardner

I know that you direct my path
Wherever you lead, I will follow
I'll walk in your spirit and share your love
Cause you made a difference

You gave me your word and open my eyes
I'll praise you Lord, You are worthy
I'll bless your name, You gave me joy
Cause You made a difference

The Blood (4:43) (ASCAP)

Written By: Julia Ann Gardner

There is power in the blood
There is healing in the blood
There is love in the blood
The blood of Jesus can make you whole

There 's peace in the blood
There's life in the blood
There is joy in the blood
The blood of Jesus can make you whole

If you're looking for something in life
And you can't find nothing to suffice
Look to Jesus and the blood
He who die to save the world

Rise (4:53 (ASCAP)

Written By: Julia Ann Gardner

You're in my heart, deep down in my soul
Whwnever you move in mr (2x)
And the spirit takes control
I'll rise I'll rise I'll rise

To do your will, I'll just get up
And move in the way you want me too
And when you move in me (2x)
I'll ris I'll rise I'll rise

I will rise, i'll rise
When ever you move in me
I will rise (Repeat)


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Made A Difference/The Blood


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Set List

1. Made A Difference (3:41)
2. The Blood (4:43)
3. Rise (4:53)
4. Until I'm What (2:19)
5. Take Time (3:19 )
6. Let It Go (3:24)
7. Spirit Of America (4:57)
8. Always Remember (3:55)

1 to 6, Comtempary Gospel
7 & 8 Patriotic