Julia Carroll

Julia Carroll


HARDFOLK: acoustic folk with an edge.



Nationally touring singer-songwriter Julia Carroll has been an active participant in the indie music scene since she began performing regularly in 2004. Subsequently, having added quite a few notches to her belt of live shows, she has been hard at work making a place for both herself and her self-described "HardFolk" music, all the while gathering a slew of devoted HardFolk listeners. She has published two full lengths records, "2 Cents" (2004) and "Migrating South" (2006), both of which were self-produced and independently released.

An entirely self-taught guitarist, Julia initially stumbled into the world of independent music at the age of fifteen as bass guitarist for a hard rock/heavy metal band. It wasn't until several years later that she began drifting away from the metal scene and toward the acoustic singer-songwriter and spoken word communities. Having written poetry for years, and longing to be more than an avid indie music listener and supporter, she opted to try her hand at putting her poems to music (via the ever predictable six string). It didn't take long for her to realize that not only did she enjoy writing as a hobby, she held a passion for performing as well.

In 2004, After a full year of writing and performing songs at various open mic events, Julia entered Atlanta's own Sound & Fury studio to begin work on her first recording project. What emerged from this collaboration with engineer DeDe Vogt was "2 Cents" - a collection of raw, provocative vocal-on-guitar tracks, produced and performed entirely by Julia. The two years that followed this debut's release were spent touring regionally and preparing for the next recording.

In spring of 2006 Julia re-entered Sound & Fury and, armed with more than enough songs for another full-length recording, commenced work on her sophomore release "Migrating South." Thanks to her loyal listening audience, who purchased numerous copies of the to-be-recorded record in advance, Julia was given the freedom to invite to the studio the talents of several Atlanta-based musicians: Linda Bolley on drums, DeDe Vogt on bass guitar, Brennan Bray on cello, and Amy Lashley on trumpet. Additionally, Julia played bass guitar, percussion, and miscellaneous instruments on several tracks. Finally, in October 2006, hard copies of "Migrating South" were released into the hands of many a hardfolk fan.

One aspect of Julia's music that sets her apart from other performers is the ever-present role that activism plays in her lyrics. Ranging from modern-day natural disasters (and other current events) to identifying as a queer individual living in the South, her HardFolk sound is unmistakably progressive, powerfully compelling, and always delivered with the grace and conviction of someone who is passionate about their work.

Over two years after her sophomore release, Julia has focused much of her efforts on live performance, collaboration with other performers, and touring outside of the southeast region. Her tour span reaches as far west as Minneapolis and New Orleans, to as far north as Maine and Ontario, touring both solo and with fellow songwriters Sean Kagalis, Amy Lashley, Corey Houlihan, and Wayne Fishell. In January of 2008, Julia co-founded the Folk&Spoke Artist Collective, an Atlanta-based outfit devoted to the support and promotion of songwriters and poets.


2 Cents (2004) - IndiEvolution Records
Migrating South (2006) - IndiEvolution Records

Set List

length of set: as short as five minutes or as long as a couple of hours, but on average a solo show is approximately an hour.

Ode to Mine
Red Clay
Good Business
Your Song (Elton John)
People Act
Long Ride Home (Patty Griffin)
Hurricane of Calm*
Nightlight For A Friend*
Wading Through

*unreleased (copyright 2007)