Julia Francis

Julia Francis


Julia Francis is a California pop balladeer with a fever for rock and roll. Whether delivering an acoustic lullabye, or leading a very tight rock band, Julia's heart and lyrics come through powerfully. Think Aimee Mann/Liz Phair/Loretta Lynn/Carole King/Joni Mitchell.


From singing in church choirs at an early age, to mimicking everything she heard on the radio, vocalizing was Julia’s earliest form of creative expression.

"Her vocal delivery is spicy and tasty," Obsession Collection, April 2008.

With a lifelong musical education steeped in jazz, rock and roll, pop, and sacred music, it wasn’t until she picked up the guitar at 31, that Julia discovered Bob Dylan, saying, “It was then I realized that my love of writing could be fused with my need to perform, and thus I could turn my personal mythologies into music.”

Coming of age as a theater artist, writer, and singer in Seattle, Washington, Julia penned a novel, starred in two world-premiere musicals, taught herself guitar, and to date, has released two albums of original songs.

Julia's latest CD, 'Lucky Penny', co-produced by Violent Femmes drummer Victor DeLorenzo, and Mike Hoffmann, features legendary drummer Vinnie Colaiuta (Frank Zappa) and bassist Andy Stoller (Tracy Chapman), among other world-class talents.

"Francis has a lovely voice somewhere between Joni, Carole, Jenny Lewis and Natalie merchant. It also has a touch Cowboy Junkies about it,” Subba-Cultcha.com, April, 2008

Julia has always strived to take risks, both in her personal and creative pursuits. “Popular music has been my roadmap; creating catchy melodies and phrases that encourage catharsis is both purifying and enjoyable. I am documenting the little fires inside, in the hope that they may fuel others. “

Mike Hoffmann, producer: "All the great singers hold up the story and make you feel like it isn’t singing at all but rather sharing a secret with you. Julia does that in her sleep."

See Julia's music video for 'Don't Forget' here:

For live footage of the San Francisco CD Release show for 'Lucky Penny', go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jX2m3RbM8-M



You Haul

Written By: Julia Francis

One month shy of eight long years You’ve tried calamine and calendula Cold compresses mind over matter But the welts remain in front of ya Can’t clip your nails short enough Feel how it chafes and it burns Long after the peace and the pain Traded places and took turns

Where is your house, Where is your chair Where is your food, Do you even care

I loved you with all of me But can’t talk about it so casually Let me channel the angels And send them on to you I can’t breathe you every day Not that much left to say You can’t control, it’s not your fault You were born with the needle

Difficult to convey Impossible to say What you mean What you mean to me

I turned down the king himself Mister James Brown When you came rolling into town The apples fell far from the tree While I was thinkin ‘bout you I will always be willing to Hold your hand on the playground But when I get called in for the night Please, let us say adieu And I’m off…

To my own house My own little chair A place where the food Is always made with care Sweet little home With a little lawn gnome

Don't Forget

Written By: Julia Francis

It’s good to be a cat Wish I could be like that I’d travel all around the world With my ears up and my lips curled

I’d take ‘em on one by one Then sleep for days in the sun And eat whatever I can find A chicken bone, an orange rind

No one tell me what to do If I don’t like it I’ll be through After all these lives of mine I think this one might be number nine

When you go to sleep at night Do what you can to find the light And flirt with it every now and then It’s good for your hair and good for your skin

But don’t’ forget about the cat Who might be sleeping out in back So leave a window open if you can and Leave a fish in the frying pan Oooh

The Deep End

Written By: Julia Francis


I woke up feeling too sick to think And it wasn’t from all of the drinks This morning quiet is so lonely
But then again, all this quiet
Might bring you back to me

Fall down, fall down
And roll on the ground
I can’t go on living this way

Our hotel had a swimming pool
Our room was tidy and cool
The Little soaps were stamped with the name of that place
Where nobody knew my face Except for you
Just you
Where did you go?

Fall down, fall down
And roll on the ground
I can’t go on living this way

You were there when I stepped off the plane
And you were so glad to see me And you played me that game Where I could do anything that I wanted
Oh, how I laughed & flaunted what I thought was mine

Fall down, fall down
And roll on the ground
I can’t go on living this way

-Julia Francis
Copyright 2005 No Shrinking Violet

Book from the Year

Written By: Julia Francis

I Don’t know where to begin Don’t know what I’m gonna do without you I know I make you mad sometimes Cuz I’m an airhead But I really didn’t mean to, I’ll miss you I love you Been nice knowing you this year If you were only better at tests Sorry you didn’t get more A’s I’m sure you could Ah well, have a real good summer

And you’re late for the bell And your folks are starting to tell That you don’t believe them no more You got one foot out the door

Hey how are, I’m so glad I met ya You’re such a good friend to me Thanks for helping me with Amy Even though it didn’t work out Ah, well, have a real killer summer

This is the book from the year When your mind started to clear Something inside came alive And you wanted to learn how to drive

Hey how are ya, I’m so glad I met ya You’re such a good friend to me I hope I see you over the summer I’ll miss you when you move to Alaska Too bad you didn’t sign up for cheerleading

And you go to the dance With a bottle of gin in your pants By the time they play Purple Rain All your inhibitions have been slain

And you tell everyone at the dance That you’ve just been voted Best eyes, best smile, best body Best dressed, best mooch, Best sense of humor Most likely to succeed Best hair, best flirt The craziest girl in your school

You’re one of the important special people I’ve been waiting to sign I feel lucky and proud to know you You’re the kindest of the kind You’re gonna make some guy real happy someday Patience makes perfect

And you carve a name in your arm Or you wear a good luck charm To make the one you love love you back To make him wanna carry your backpack

I’ve watched big changes in you this year It seems that you’ve matured And become more quiet In class anyway I hope that nothing I did made your year more difficult May everything from here on be great You have fine friends Now have fun

This is the book from the year When your mind started to clear You wanted something of your own You’ll trade it in when you’re fully grown

The Ladybug

Written By: Julia Francis


What is it between us
Who’s there
Is there anybody there

Let’s smash the ashes
And crash our old car
Let’s break the rules
And smoke at the bar

Who’s talking to you that I can’t hear
Can’t we sleep without that tonight Let us finally kill this fright
That makes us freeze
Don’t forget to say please
It’s been so long
It always feels wrong
When I say your name
I can’t help but blame
Myself for taking too long
So many things that went wrong

We’re all just trying so hard to succeed
How many times have I watched you bleed
Wait for me, wait
Don’t leave me behind
Another like me you’ll never find

I’ll give all my money to my own daddy
Before I think of the tax
They made off all of our backs
And when I finally came through They said I was past due
And they took my last shoe
And You can’t blame me for coming unglued

A nice Sunday brunch, take a break for a while
Lie down on the cold blue tile
What is it between us
Who’s there
Is there anybody there

So fly away, fly away, fly away home
I can’t forget the way that it shone On everybody but little old me Every last person but me

Oh, let’s smash the ashes
And crash our old car
Let’s break the rules and smoke at the bar
And kill seven men before noon
Or maybe it’s just the full moon

-Julia Francis
Copyright 2008 No Shrinking Violet


LP - Five Challenges to Flight, 2005
LP - Lucky Penny, 2008

Set List

Can do 2 or 3 forty-five minute sets, mostly original tunes, with some pop and blue-rock cover tunes included. Sample set lists:

Don’t Forget
The Ladybug
Summertime (cover)
Drive In

Instant Karma (cover)
The Unconquered
Walk in the Park
Rave On (cover)
The Deep End