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This band has not uploaded any videos



""She's the Woman.""

"She's the woman." That's what Dominique McIntosh said as she turned to me in the middle of the concert hosted by Brothers And Sisters In Christ, or B.A.S.I.C., on Monday, Mar. 10.

The event featured the Julia Maria Band, led by the 17-year-old Julia Sinclair. The precocious teen has proven her skills on the acoustic guitar at both national and international competitions, taking first place on both occasions. Given such credentials, there was much hype and hope that the band would be able to deliver.

And they did. I entered the ballroom a tad late as I had been out doing some last-second promotion for the concert, but I was immediately struck by how impressive the music was. For about two hours the Julia Marie Band covered everything from hard rock to show tune covers. During one medley, Julia actually pulled out a tin whistle and kept my foot tapping with some Irish-like sounds.

The band is a bit of a family affair as Julia's older brother plays the drums and her 12-year-old sister plays the keyboard as well as sings backup. Actually, Claire Sinclair performed her own piece and stunned the audience with her mature lyrics and her transformation from a sweet, awkward girl to a polished performer. When she was finished, the most uttered phrase in the room was, "I can't believe she's 12."

By the amount of energy with which she played and the eager, youthful words spoken before each number, it was clear to see that Julia has a real passion for what she does. She seemed to be controlling herself from dancing outright to her own music and restrained herself to the occasional shoulder move and some shuffling of the feet.

Whether it be due to the naiveté of youth or a genuine personable nature, Julia seemed to enjoy talking to the attendees as much as she did actually playing, taking time out to write proper messages for fans. None of that simple "Best Wishes" or "Keep Rocking" nonsense.

She talked enthusiastically about upcoming events and the band's history. There's a real purpose behind what she does. "I've always wanted to see Christian music that was fresh," and that "when people think of great guitarists, they need to think of a Christian player," she said. Her ambition and thought-provoking words were impressive. It seemed that at one point or another, everyone wanted to talk to Julia.

In fact, one girl went from 19 years of age to about 12 as she shyly told Julia, who is two years her minor, "You're really awesome. I love you." But considering the skills manifested by Julia, she really couldn't be faulted.

Julia's music has a purpose and message and all should considering giving it a chance. While she hasn't put a CD out yet, you can listen to her music at myspace.com/JuliaMarieBand. - The Statesman


Julia Marie Band Demo- 12 tracks

Julia Marie Band EP- Self Titled, 4 tracks

Radio Play:

Northern Light Radio Show: "Lone Hour" and "Colors Fade" were featured.

Song Planet Radio: "Get Away" at top ten for four consecutive weeks.

INDIE104 ~ iRADIO LA: "Get Away" on six month rotation.

WRPS/Web Radio Puget Sound: "Get Away" aired on New Music Thursday shows.



The Julia Marie Band is a 4 piece indie Rock band with various backgrounds of musical influences and training. Officially forming in October 2007, the Band quickly began to catch the attention of a wide variety of listeners. From playing college concerts in Long Island and clubs in large cities, to acoustic coffee house sets in their hometown, they've managed to engross their audiences with their passion and charisma for music and performance. One listener after hearing the band said, "Marvelous. Julia's ear and the bands innate sense of style are very striking. The band is a true force." - Christopher Hopper.

The Julia Marie Band intends to continue making music with a mark of excellence and communicate a thought provoking, life changing message to their audience. Worded differently, they seek to both entertain and inspire, and this is their promise to you.