Julia McDougall

Julia McDougall

 Regina, Saskatchewan, CAN

"Julia has the rare ability to win over the hearts of her audiences in a matter of minutes. Her songs are honest and poignant, her music is easy and lovely."


Julia McDougall is a songwriter who has been hauling her piano out on the road since the age of 15. Born in the prairies, McDougall relocated to Vancouver and completed a degree in Composition at Simon Fraser University. In early 2012, McDougall returned to Saskatchewan to focus her
energy on her passion, her songs. With great success, McDougall is pleased to announce the release of I Don’t Really Care. The four song EP was released on Nov. 20th, 2012.

The EP was produced by fellow Saskatchewan musician Andy Shauf and features guest appearances by members of the Regina Symphony Orchestra. Locked away in an old church in the ghost town of Bromhead, SK the two recorded the EP, which will precede a full-length album to be released in early 2013. She also recently recorded a Daytrotter

The video for the first single, “I Don’t Really Care” was made by Vancouver based director, David Shortt of Shortt & Epic Productions. The video was filmed on a stretch of farmland in Lebret, Saskatchewan that belongs to McDougall’s uncle. The video follows suit with the powerful images the production house is known for, such as “This Is Not An Enbridge Animation”and photographs featured by National Geographic.


I Don't Really Care (2012)
Who Is This (2009)
Julia and her Piano -Live- (2007)
Flight (2005)
Make My Heart Thump (2004)