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"Julia Messenger - Reviews"

“Dazzling Australian Julia Messenger offers not one, but two electrifying new albums. Her riveting electro-pop features hypnotic production and breathtaking vocals. These chill sounds pack infinite heat. Songs such as "Shiver," on "Productions & Collaborations," tend toward a sensually down-tempo feel. "Butterflies" floats with magical airiness. The title track of "And We Danced" rides a throbbing bass line into a keenly poetic examination of shattered relationships. Messenger's music entices with addictive allure.”

Paul Freeman, Entertainment Writer Jul 15, 2007
Palo Alto Daily News, California

“ …The surprise is on “A Game to Play”: an Australian named Julia sings into your heart and mine, truthfully so lovingly it rivals that of singer Nicolette.”
Groove, Germany

“Julia Messenger is widely considered to be one of the most inspiring musicians to ever come out of the studios of Australia, her debut vocal electronica album!”
Elusive disc, 2004

“Julia Messenger should be fighting off the offers– the dizzying force and passionate intensity of her voice, steering an unerring course between cruelty and cream, would merit the ticket price alone.”
Sue Wilson, The Scotsman

"..Everyone has heard a great.. song while dining and asked, ''What is that?'' At last, these restaurants' current Top 5 playlists provide some answers. .

Momofuku, New York…Avec, Chicago

Tableau, Las Vegas:

Rod Stewart, ''Manhattan''

Nat King Cole, ''Walkin' My Baby Back Home''

Queen Latifah, ''Baby Get Lost''

Norman Brown, ''What's Going On''

Julia Messenger, ''Look Up Look Down""
The New York Times Paul L. Underwood, The Remix; Ear Candy: Published: November 5, 2006

“… the best vocal record ever to emerge from the Cologne electronic scene.”
De:bug (On Julia Messenger 12” Myamisumi - the Remixes)

“…through the full spectrum, from fragile candied sweetness to a scorching soul-diva holler – echos of Mouth Music, Annie Lennox, Horse, Sinead O’Connor…”
The Scotsman

“Spectrum Works / first release for the gifted Marcus Worgull - brilliant four tracker featuring the beautiful voice of Julia Messenger and a stunning remix by Sonar Kollektive’s DJ Dixon.”

“The new Dido of Chillout has been crowned”
Music Report 1/10/2003

“…With PFL another debuting artist is entering the inner circle of Elektrolux artists. The man behind this easy-to-remember abbreviation is sound magician Felix Wolter, widely respected as a true master on the knobs of his studio. It doesn't come as a surprise that - with only one exception - all of the twelve tracks on “ Blue Dubsessions Pt. 1 " have been created in cooperation with different artists.
The most present of this talent for sure is vocalist Julia Messenger who has laid her seductive voice on three of PFL's smoothest songs “For The Love Of You", “Bird On A Wire", “Set In A Stone".
NITEBEAT MAGAZIN Nitebeat.de Issue #63, 11-2003

“The sultry vocal stylings of Julia Messenger…imbue [the disc] with a wistful, ethereal quality…the result has a rather compassionate, heavenly air that maintains an elusive presence amid the dreamy melodics.”
(Review on Blue Dubsession Pt 1.)
Sonic Curiosity

“Chilled Grooves is a smooth collection of sultry breakbeats …a grand soundscape of down-tempo rhythms, dub pulses, and orchestral arrangements…"Narcotix" from Chin Chillaz feat. Julia Messenger trip-hops into a melancholic daydream..”
MacKenzie Wilson, All Music Guide

“Originally released in 2000 "The Crime Of Suspense" is the second of 10 CD's that was part of the Contemporary Works Box Set that Schulze released in 2000 exclusively over the internet. With the first track "Good Old 4 On The Floor" Schulze delivers a trance track classic with soul : This track and the nearly half hour piece "Overchill" are refined by the beautiful voice of Australian singer Julia Messenger...”
Revisted Record, 2003

“Soulfood’s DJ Free (IMAX/Billboard) returns to his club roots by bringing together an all-star ensemble to create MoodFood, an eclectic mix of artists and instruments that create transglobal electronica, jazzy rhythms and downtempo beats ….. Features vocals by queen of chill Julia Messenger…Musically and structurally inventive, Soulfood have crafted an album that works for a variety of states…an excellent release.”
All Music Guide

“Since the beginning of 2000 this exceptional Australian singer and producer from Melbourne has been living in Germany. While touring the world with her original band ‘Ruby Fruit Jungle’, Julia made a name for herself both in Australia and internationally. In addition to this, Julia has amassed a rich bank of production experience, she has worked with Massive Attack engineer Jeromy Allom, Cologne dub and downbeat collective Solarmoon Soundsytem, and she even managed to ‘blow away’ producer Hans Nieswandt who has booked Julia for a studio session on the new Whirlpool Produc - Various Reviews




In no particular Order

Title: And We Danced
Artist: Julia Messenger
Label: Threespace
Release Year: 2007

Title: Productions & Collaborations
Artist: Julia Messenger
Label: Threespace
Release Year: 2007

Title: Pure Chill Out – the definitive down-tempo collection
Label: Water Music/Universal UTV Records (Universal Music Enterprises)
Distribution: Universal Music USA
Release Year: 2002

1.Rushing - Moby
2.Makes Me Feel - Afterlife
3.Always - Bent
4.Breathing Light - Nitin Sawhney
5.I Miss You - Julia Messenger
6.Enchanted - Delerium
7.Stars - Nightmares On Wax
8.Gloomy Sunday - Heather Nova
9.Aquarius – Waldeck
10.Opium 45 - Moodswings
11.Orbiting Beatnik, The - Julee Cruise
12.I'm Not Joking - Baby Mammoth
13.Edge Of Forever - Phobos
14.Original Bedroom Rockers - Kruder & Dorfmeister
15.Amon Dur - ORG Lounge
16.Squelch - T Spigot
17.Zed & 2 L's, A - Fila Brazillia

Title: Ambient Lounge Vol 3.
Label: Globe
Artist: Compilation
Release date: 25/2/2002

CD 1
1. Stephane De Lucia – Pearls Of The Night
2. Basement Jaxx – Being With You
3. Plastyc Buddha – Rhodes Royce
4. Jon Cutler feat. E-Man – It’s Yours (BMR’s Reprise Yourself)
5. Aromabar – Little Brother (Mo Horizons Remix)
6. Soul’n’Soda – El Sol
7. Alphawezen – Into The Stars (Geb.el Rework)
8. The Avalanches – Since I Left You
9. Mr Scruff – Get A Move On
10. Taxi – Yes It’s True
11. Thievery Corporation – The Glass Bead Game
12. Alexkid – Fear In Flight
13. Tiefschwarz – Beautiful Music
CD 2
1. Nitin Sawhney – Sunset (Prophesy Album Version)
2. Kevin Yost – If She Only Knew
3. Ursula Rucker feat. Vicki Miles – Letter To A Sister Friend
4. Vila – Drop
5. Afterlife – Glide
6. De-Phazz feat. Pat Appleton – Anchorless
7. Underworld – Cups (Salt City Orchestra’s Vertical Bacon Vocal)
8. Hacienda – Nord-O.S.T, Groove Armada – “My Friend
9. Blank & Jones - Beyond Time (Ambient Remix)
10. Nightmares On Wax – Les Nuits
11. Yonderboi – Papadam (Paul LÈgËre Mix)
12. PFL W / Julia Messenger – For The Love Of You
13. DJ Pippi pres. Natural Colours – Feel It (Harley & Muscle Deep Mix)

Title: The Future is my Melody Vol 1.
Label: Elektrolux
Release Year: 1/1/ 2003

01. Rescape - Silur X Zeit
02. Naoki Kenji - Under The Surface
03. Fous De La Mer feat. Sol - Never Stop Loving
04. Stereofreund - Roy
05. PFL feat. Julia Messenger - For The Love Of You
06. Zoomin feat. Fay Saphirah - One For Me
07. The Sushi Club - Tsuki (Soul G and Tony Match Remix)
08. Guardner - The Future Is My Melody
09. Naoki Kenji - My Destiny Remix
10. Sniper Mode - Fragile Beauty
11. Jean F. Cochois - Days, Weeks and Years
12. Fous De La Mer feat. Clair Dietrich - Cosmic Lullaby
13. Ruxpin - I Miss You

Title: The Future is my Melody Vol. 2
Label: Elektrolux
Release Year: 2004

1. Naoki Kenji - Ecoustic Chapter 3
2. Groovecatcher - After The Rain
3. Fous de la Mer - As I Look Around feat. ÷zlem Cetin
4. Jean F. Cochois - Stories Of "Highfeelin' Times"
5. Aural Float - Him & Her (Chris Wood Re-Edit)*
6. The Sushi Club - Sakura
7. Fresh Moods - Parasol
8. Fous de La Mer - Conmigo feat. Sol Galarreta
9. Naoki Kenji - Let It Flow
10. Jean F. Cochois - Electronique Love
11. Fous De La Mer - Waiting For The Sun
12. PFL - Bird On A Wire feat. Julia Messenger
13. Copshow - Cold Heart Lies
14. Jean F. Cochois - Love Remain

Title: Julia Messenger
Label: Water Music/Universal
Distribution: Universal Music USA
Artist: Julia Messenger
Release Date: 2003

1. I Confess
2. Butterflies
3. I Miss You
4. Another Option
5. Pain
6. What You Can't See
7. Butterflies - (Sipher remix)
8. Telepathy
9. For The Love Of You
10. Shiver
11. The Eagle
12. I Miss You - (radio edit)
13. I Confess - (radio edit)

Title: Subzero: The Ultimate Chillout Collection
Label: Universal USA/ Water Music
Release Date: 2002

Disc 1
Amael - Amadeus Tapioka
Divers - Boozoo Bajou
Humanity - A Guy Called Gerald
Glide - Afterlife
Daytime Dramamine - E.D. Swankz
For The Love Of You – Julia Messenger w/ PFL
One Size Fits All - Leggo Beast
On The Air (Theo Dub Mix) - Doctorlive
Utopia (Sunroof Mix) - Goldfrapp
Last Tango In Paris - Gotan Project
Disc 2
Telephon Girl - Jurij, Fe & Aaron
Heaven - Electric Skychurch
Dark Goggles - Baby Mammoth
Oh George - Trance Vision Steppers
Scam - France & Dom
Myami Sumi Version - Julia Messenger Vs Rubbasol
In B Twin Time - Amadeus Tapioka + Step 4
Oslo - Org Lounge
Carpe Noctem - Pulsar Bleu
Barocco Overdose - Chin Chillaz
Opium (45 Degrees Mix) – Moodswings

Label: Water Music/Universal
Title: Chilled Sirens
Release Date: 2002

1.Ribbon For My Hair, A - Bent
2.Only Love - Cindy Alexander
3.When Francis Speaks - Arte



The exceptional Australian singer/ songwriter and producer Julia Messenger has been dubbed the female ‘queen of chill’ and has rapidly built a solid international name for herself. Through her collaborations with a number of major European artists, as well as her own body of work, she is now seen as one of the rare strokes of luck in the electronic/pop music scene.

Julia’s songs and productions have appeared on numerous compilations in Europe and America alongside artists such as : Moby, Nitin Sawhney, Norah Jones, Joss Stone, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Goldfrapp, Groove Armada, Ursula Rucker, Basement Jaxx, Jamie Cullum, Bebel Gilberto, Zero 7, Rae & Christian and Julee Cruise to name just a few.

Julia’s voice has been likened to such artists as: Sade, Dido, Norah Jones, Ursula Rucker, Lisa Gerrard, Annie Lennox, Sinead O’Connor and Donna Summer - although given the adversity of these artists, her style is her own. Her vocals have been called “sultry, sexy, superb, stunning, sweet, scorching, intense, dizzying, cream, aromatic, bewitching, exotic, exceptional, luxurious”..

New York Times mentioned Julia's song "Look Up Look Down" as on the top playlist for U.S. Restaurants.

De:bug claimed Myamisumi, Julia's first solo 12" vinyl, as "the best vocal album ever to come out of the Cologne electronic scene”.

Julia is proud to have just released two albums digitally "And We Danced" (Julia’s second solo album) and Productions & Collaborations (a lounge mix created by Julia herself), both of which are also available on Itunes.

Her first self titled solo album "Julia Messenger", which she Produced and wrote herself in Milk Bar (her studio in Melbourne, Australia), was released in America in 2003 through Water Music LA/Universal records.

She has worked with and appeared alongside such artists as: – the legendary Klaus Schulze of Tangerine Dream and Alphaville fame; Massive Attack sound engineer/mixer Jeremy Allom; Henning Schmitz (current Kraftwerk); Waldeck (Dope Noir, Vienna); Hans Nieswandt (Whirlpool Productions, Warner, Germany); Soul G and Tony Match (Paris); Frank Elting (previously MRI – Berlin); PFL (Hannover), Ian Melrose (Clannad ), MOD X (Paris), Moodfood (Grammy winner- USA).

Julia has recently been asked to write and sing for Ferry Corsten’s next album (current Album just reached #1 DANCE album in USA on Itunes).

She will also be collaborating with Wolfgang Flur from Kraftwerk.

Other current projects include Saskia Hutch (a poppier/dance album which is attracting significant interest from Dj’s around the world).

Makossa and Megablast from Vienna (who have just released their first album on Kruder & Dorfmeister’s famous label G-Stone) are currently remixing songs from Saksia Hutch, as is Peter Haze (who has remixed Beyonce) USA.

Julia’s also writes for others, with German band Fury in the Slaughterhouse (one of the most famous bands in Germany) just releasing one of her songs “Where You Fly” on their current album.

Julia has been singing all over the world since the late 90’s with her original music, and before going solo was with popular Melbourne band Ruby Fruit Jungle. Among others, she has performed for the Handover Ceremony in Hong Kong, supported Afro Celt Sound System at the Galway music Festival, achieved 5 star reviews two years running at the Edinburgh Festival, played for a huge home crowd at Woodford Folk Festival, toured extensively throughout Germany including the World Expo in Hanover, and for more than one Grand Prix including a private party for BMW. In 2003 she was invited to sing and speak at the New York Global Film and Music Summit (where she gave a talk with Stephen Biers – attorney to Britney Spears).

Julia’s main hand is in her voice and songs, (she has over 100). She loves working with other producers, although production itself is also one of her biggest passions. When she is in Australia she spends most of the time in her studio Milk Bar.

Julia is consistent with her work and skills and is unwavering in her passion to bring quality music to her fans. She has been widely reviewed as a ‘world class-performer’ and a ‘veteran’ in the art of electronic music.