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julian '2kriss' Alexander

London, England, United Kingdom | SELF

London, England, United Kingdom | SELF
Band Pop R&B


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Head: He’s too Kriss

Strapline: As a composer listeners often nod and even sing along to compositions they hear on radio and TV ads. Black Heritage Today speaks a young man, an all round UK-born talent, that we predict is set for big things.

Intro: There’s talented and then there’s multi-talented and anyone who knows Julian 2kriss Alexander would also know where to slot him: Everywhere!

The actor, music composer/producer, pianist plays four instruments, guitar, piano, drums and violin, he has composed Speculative film scores for mega production, including Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and The Matrix – all fantasy genres, and also creates TV and game scores that at times relate heavily to Neo-romanticism.

His most recent work was on Peter Andre's forthcoming album Accelerate where Julian produced and composed the track XLR8, a catchy melody with strong electro-pop elements. He has also Created music for corporate presentations and commercials.

Born and raised in London in 1985 it wasn’t until he 13 that Julian began exploring his keen interest in music by playing the piano by ear. His mother however, made him take music theory lessons. The modern-day composer was not pleased.

“I wasn't very interested in theory lessons, they were boring and I felt that it would put a cap on my creativity as it taught you that there is a set way of doing things as opposed to expressing yourself through trial and error,” he explains.

By aged 16 Julian, fascinated by the idea of making big scores for films inspired and influenced by music heard on Television from big composer such as John Williams, started composing music with orchestral instrumentation.

He says, “There is something about Film music scores, as a majority of the time there is no vocals you are left to interpret the music as you feel it not just as you hear it and because the whole idea is to portray what your seeing in the film, the music really knows how to capture emotion. It has depth.”

Spanish music joined his appetite for a variety of genres including hip-hop and R&B, not to mention pop, country, rock and classical. During his nine-year career Julian has clearly been positioning himself to compete with heavyweights like Timbaland, Ryan Leslie and Dr Dre, John Williams and even Quincy Jones. But is the world ready for him?

“Yes,” he smiles engagingly. “Nobody has really blended these genres or blended both urban and epic film scores. It may have been slightly dabbled in but nothing with real depth so far. Also here in the UK you don’t really hear much about producers and most people think that the UK is not ‘the place’ for the entertainment industry. This makes some industry professionals look down on us, so like most of these heavyweights I will be coming strong as a producer/artist/Icon.”

Julian, who often work with bands and solo singers under the alias of 2kriss even has acting under his belt, having worked under the direction of Hollywood great George Lucas and alongside some of the biggest names in show-biz including Cuba Gooding Jr, Terrance Howard, Dustin Hoffman and Ne-Yo

In his spare time (he has that?) Julian learnt Japanese simply because he loves the culture. Asked about future ambitions he states, “I aim to be one of the biggest if not the biggest composer/actors to come out of the UK and to stuck into a load of international and major projects.”

Frequently sought after and arguably one of the UK’s best young producer/composers Julian ‘2Kriss’ Alexander is a name to look out for. The album UK Dance Off, is scheduled for release in December. He will also be showcasing his compositions for the Birmingham Dance show in Dec 2011 and releasing a collection of scores in 2012 for major UK dance event Move It.

Born and raised in London, Julian(2Kriss) has over 9 years experience composing and producing music for artist's/companies of all genres, ranging from hip-hop to classical. He has also composed music for film and cinema. Julian specializes in popular and orchestral music. Julian can compose every style and has a unique style of mixing genres. In addition to music, Julian has acted alongside many of the biggest names in Hollywood and the music industry such as Cuba Gooding Jr., Terrance Howard, and Ne-Yo. Look for great things from this talented producer. - Indie style tv - Leah DeVon


XLR8- Peter Andre - UK-Europe international release - distributed through Universal music

Ghost writer - Various Releases

Potion- Xhenya - world wide release

Asylum - slated for 2012 release.

Hard Money - slated for 2012 release

God of War 3 (PS3 Game)- Speculative score

Final fantasy (PS3 Game)- Speculative score

Aliens Vs predator (PS3 Game)- Speculative score

Last Love(Film Score)



-A Platinum Certified Record Producer, Composer And Songwriter.

-Worked with Major Artist's such as "Ne-Yo" & Peter Andre, also alongside Cuba gooding JR & Terrance howard in the Entertainment field

-Worked Freelance Record producing under - Conehead Uk, Universal music, CME and Hendricks publishing.

-Currently Unsigned-

-Work Internationally-

My sound is a mixture of Pop, Urban, Rock and various other Fusions to create a unique and contemporary sound...

I also Compose Orchestral music for Film, TV & Video Games.

Have done Speculative work for video games/Companies such as: SEGA, God of war 3, Aliens vs predator and Final Fantasy.

My latest Commercial release is called XLR8 which i Produced and co-wrote for UK Celebrity Peter Andre.

for more info please contact, always looking for new projects, venture and opportunities.