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Montréal, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | INDIE

Montréal, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2013
Duo Folk


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"Juliana & Jesse - In Time"

“This is an extremely solid debut from an instantly charming, and clearly talented, duo. If they were to offer it, I would gladly take another trip with them in the future.”

- Shawn Thicke, Bucketlist Music Reviews

"C'est un très solide premier album pour ce charmant duo qui est clairement doué. À l’avenir, je me porterait volontaire pour un autre voyage avec eux.”

- Shawn Thicke, Bucketlist Music Reviews


There is just some music that is best suited for travel. Only some artists know how to truly capture the excitement of a plane taking off, a scenic train ride, or a dysfunctional road trip with friends or family. Juliana & Jesse’s debut album In Time is an accomplished collection of songs that have been made for such occasions. In many ways, it is one of THE soundtracks to a free spirit’s journey through life. It’s title is apt and immediately gets to the core of everything. When one travels, they are playing with time. They are making the best of the short amount we are given on this earth, and when you, the listener, tune in to their good-time vibes, you will never feel as if you are wasting it.

Thematically, most of these songs are centered around time. The word alone appears in the title of three different songs as well as the album’s. The protagonists of their songs either don’t have enough of it, are borrowing it, trying to enjoy it, or just waiting for it to reveal a higher purpose. It may not be concept album, per se, but In Time appears to revolve around this theme. There is also an overall sense of longing in each lyric; the unruly feeling that the grass might be greener. The album is not a downer though; I’d dare say it’s brimming with optimism. It reflects the emotions that anyone feels when they are leaving home. You may not find happiness, but it’s thrilling to think about what may lie on the other side.

Each song flows as a result, and nothing feels out of place. What is most impressive is how well blended it is. Juliana & Jesse mix in elements of country, folk, blues, rock, latin, and pop music almost seamlessly. It is much like a warm cup of coffee that will definitely lighten up any rough morning. All of these genres are within their wheelhouse, yet they somehow roll out their own uniqueness at the same time. I don’t even really know who to compare them to! To mention Jesse James Just Costa’s guitar playing as Santana-esque would be lazy at best, but I can’t deny that there is a Latin-flavored tinge to the way he shreds. Juliana Just Costa’s singing is so soft, warm, and inviting that you’ll feel like dropping everything to go join them on their numerous adventures.

Despite the fact that every track seems to have been chosen carefully, there are some clear standouts. “Song for a Farmer” boasts a soaring chorus so uplifting, you can practically feel the wind in your hair, and the rip-roaring guitar work on “Indigo Blue” puts to shame any naysayers who might accuse these two of being only an easy listening act. If there is any criticism or room for improvement here, it’s that there could be more moments like “Indigo Blue.” Don’t get me wrong, I love how polished and bright the production work is, but at times they could have benefited from providing a bit more of a rougher edge. For example,”Spend a Little Time” is technically proficient, but it lacks the blood and guts that the others songs have. Otherwise, this is an extremely solid debut from an instantly charming, and clearly talented, duo. If they were to offer it, I would gladly take another trip with them in the future.

Written by Shawn Thicke
*edited by Kate Erickson - Bucketlist Music Reviews

"Puisqu'il faut se lever 98,5 FM"

"A beautiful surprise, a maturity that astonishes. Surely the beginning of a beautiful adventure! "

- Sylvain Ménard, Puisqu’il faut se lever, 98,5 FM Montréal

"Une très belle surprise, une maturité qui étonne. Assurément le début d’une belle aventure !"

- Sylvain Ménard, Puisqu’il faut se lever, 98,5 FM Montréal

http://www.985fm.ca/lecteur/audio/vitrine-339604.mp3 - Sylvain Menard

"Local musical duo releases first album and plans their next step"

Juliana Just-Costa and her brother Jesse Just-Costa are relatively young at 26 and 21 respectively, but the local duo play a sophisticated blend of Latin- and Reggae-influenced music, layered into songs built on contemporary pop, folk and blues that seem beyond their years. They describe their style as “Amped-up singer-songwriter.”

Their new album, In Time, released on October 7, represents the fruits of a partnership that was a long time in the making. Their father, a classically-trained musician from Brazil, often encouraged them to work together musically. It hadn’t extended much beyond impromptu jams at home with family friends — until, however, they decided to start formally collaborating a few years ago.

Their father’s influence, along with a unique upbringing (they spent part of their childhood living in Mexico as a result of their parents’ careers in the tourism industry) gave them an early taste for Latin music.

“There is just music everywhere in Mexico,” says Juliana. “In the streets, all over.”

Not surprisingly, when Juliana began seriously playing music after graduating from McGill University, some of the first people she practiced with where Mexican musicians who were friends of her parents. Jesse, on the other hand, had been drawn to heavy metal in his early teens and played lead guitar in local band Turning Tides.

But once the pair began working together they were able to fully embrace the musical heritage their parents had given them, adding Jesse’s accomplished guitar playing into the mix of Juliana’s songwriting.

The material they’ve just released – recorded two years ago in Vancouver with the help of Juno-nominated producer Sid Perez, a long-time friend of their parents and Montréal native – reflects the transition into adulthood they were experiencing while writing and recording it.

“Taking a plane to the other side of the country was the first in many crash courses about what actually goes into seriously making music,” says Jesse.

One of those crash courses that came during these past two years was their appearance on La Voix, TVA’s popular French-language talent contest TV show. It threw them head first into the tightly controlled and managed world of show business, which they say was an eye-opening experience to say the least.

Overall, though, both Juliana and Jesse say it was a small part of everything they’ve done in the last two years to build a fan base. For that they’ve looked closer to home.

They have a deep affinity for Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (NDG). It’s where they played some of their first shows at places like Shaika Café and Honey Martin on Sherbrooke St. W., as well as the surrounding area where they spent their formative years playing in the NDG Soccer Association and attending school — Jesse attended Merton in Côte-Saint-Luc and Juliana The Study in Westmount.

It means a lot to both Juliana and Jesse to have cultivated a loyal following by being dedicated members of the NDG music scene, rather than pursuing a more business oriented path. As they contemplate what is to come next, they’re approaching the industry with level-headedness. “We’re not fixed on any one way of how that is going to look,” says Juliana.

Juliana and Jesse will be appearing with their full band on Saturday, Nov. 5 at La Vitrola (4602 St. Laurent Blvd.). For more information visit www.julianaandjesse.com - The Suburban

"Critique CD: l’Orchestre symphonique de Montréal, Les Dales Hawerchuk, Juliana & Jesse"

16 décembre 2016

Juliana & Jesse
In Time
Note: * * *

Ne nous méprenez surtout pas : l’album de Juliana & Jesse n’est pas mauvais. Il n’est tout simplement pas mémorable. Ce duo composé d’un frère et d’une sœur présente un folk anglophone agréable, parfois country, parfois rock, parfois… indescriptible. Si Juliana a une jolie voix plutôt originale, c’est cependant grâce à Jesse, à la guitare, que l’album est aussi bien ficelé. Ses notes dictent l’humeur et l’énergie des chansons. Ce sont ses subtilités, ses couleurs, ses rythmes changeants qui font en sorte que toutes les chansons se suivent et ne se ressemblent pas, sans pour autant compromettre l’homogénéité de l’album. Toutefois, malgré ce bel effort musical, on arrive à la fin de l’album sans coup de cœur. Le duo sera en spectacle lundi à la Casa Del Popolo.

– Virginie Landry - Journal Métro

"Juliana & Jesse lancent son premier album « In Time » le 30 septembre, 2016"

Le duo montréalais Juliana & Jesse est formé par Juliana et Jesse James Just Costa. Nés de parents Canadiens et Brésiliens, Juliana et Jesse ont passé leur jeunesse entre les villes de Montréal et du Méxique.

Suivant leurs expériences musicales individuelles, ils ont commencé à écrire ensemble en 2014. Ils se sont rapidement rendus compte qu’une chimie unique s’établissait entre eux. À 21 ans, Jesse était un des guitaristes les plus doués sur la scène montréalaise. Juliana est une artiste unique, vraie et colorée ; sa voix reflète sa personnalité chaleureuse. Le son qu’ils ont conçu est influencé par leurs intérêts pour une vaste variété de styles musicaux, et leur héritage familial leur permet d’écrire en Anglais, Français et en Espagnol. Leur musique est riche et mature et basée dans le folk, le tout accentué par l’élégant jeu de guitare de Jesse, la vibrante voix de Juliana et leurs paroles introspectives. En spectacle, le duo est accompagné du bassiste Sam Robinson et du percussionniste Jessy O’Neill.

Depuis leur participation à La Voix en 2016, Juliana & Jesse ont profité de cette vitrine au niveau médiatique pour se faire connaitre. Le duo continue à exposer leurs talents sur scène partout au Québec et à développer ailleurs. Depuis les deux dernières années, Ils ont déjà plus de 150 spectacles à leurs actifs.

Leur premier album « In Time » est une collection de chansons réfléchies et introspectives sur le thème du temps, les ambiances sont à la fois nostalgiques, amusantes, optimistes et engagées. À l’écoute, l’auditeur ressens la familiarité ; une connexion naturelle avec leur musique. « In Time » réussit dans son but d’être un album simple, facile et plaisant à écouter. Juliana & Jesse se sont déplacé vers l’ouest du pays, à Vancouver, C.B. pour enregistrer l’album au studio The Red House avec le réalisateur Sid Perez qui a été nominé aux Juno Awards. Le premier extrait et la vidéo pour « Railway » seront bientôt sur les ondes radiophoniques et sur les écrans partout au Canada. « In Time » verra le jour sur l’étiquette DSG Music/Outside Music le 30 septembre. L’album sera lancé au Medley Simple Malt à Montréal le 22 septembre. Le duo fera la promotion de la sortie avec des dates de spectacles d’ici la fin de 2016 et en 2017. - Lien Multimédia

"Juliana and Jesse's interview on CHOM 97.7 Mornings Rock with Terry DiMonte and Heather B, December 15, 2015"

http://www.chom.com/blog/terry-dimonte/2015/12/15/montreal-buskers-juliana-and-jesse-perform-live-in-the-studio - CHOM 97.7

"Musical duo Juliana & Jesse perform at Shäika Café Dec. 19"

Following a year of collaborations and performances, Montreal musical duo Juliana & Jesse will play their final show of 2015 with a full band this Saturday, Dec. 19. at Shäika Café (5526 Sherbrooke St. W. in NDG). Their debut album will be released in 2016.

Juliana & Jesse is composed of sister and brother Juliana and Jesse James Just Costa. They write songs in English, French and Spanish, drawing on the folk, rock-blues and world beat genres — an influence from their Brazilian father and their time spent living in Mexico — from a variety of time periods. They call their blend "urban folk".

Over the past two years they have developed their style in cafés, bars and the Montreal metro system, and have travelled to the Eastern Townships, Quebec City and Ottawa for performances. Juliana & Jesse independently recorded their first album in Vancouver, with Montreal native producer Sidney Perez. The album is set to be released in 2016, with a subsequent tour to be announced.

The Dec. 19 show at Shäika Café begins at 8 p.m. For more information, visit www.julianaandjesse.com

— AB - The Suburban: Quebec's Largest English Weekly Newspaper

"The Just Costa Siblings Just Rock Out l'Alizé"

It is almost 2 a.m. at L’Alizé. There I am, drinking alone. Indeed, the audience has hastily vacated the premises – the ungodly metro closing hours are quite restrictive. However, the show is still going. After the lamentable act of some hipster crooning sorrowfully over his acoustic guitar, Juliana & Jesse are finally on. This is the moment I have been anticipating for the past six hours: the acoustic duo of siblings Juliana and Jesse Just-Costa, accompanied by bassist Sam Robinson and drummer Jessy-James O’Neil. Although the four of them were at the venue as of 8 pm, they only get to play hours later, to a watered-down audience of four or five people. Unfortunately, the early birds seldom actually catch the worm.

Thus, as I wait by Juliana and Jesse’s side, I witness several lucky bands play during the climax of the show, with dozens of enthusiastic drinkers cheering them on. Keystorm really impresses me with their instrumentals (particularly when the latter drown out the vocals) – a special mention goes out to their incredibly dynamic bassist, Mike Russell. Jukebox Ocean, a singer-deprived math rock band (a vocalist in math rock is seldom good news) dazzles me with quite the solid drumming. However, all of these positive impressions are forgotten as soon as Juliana & Jesse go on. Even the best local groups cannot begin to compare with Jesse’s wicked guitar solo’s and Juliana’s gem of a voice. As their set begins, something incredible dawns on me. These artists are definitely not some amateur teens going through a rebellious “I’m a punk rocker with a band” phase. Juliana & Jesse are a group of serious musicians making a living off of their art – and these performers simply radiate maturity.

Hence, the petite, curly-haired Juliana mounts the stage with her tall brother sporting an amusing fedora, their Slash look-alike of a bassist and physically imposing drummer at their heels. There commences a warm, down-to-earthy set of what the siblings have labelled “urban folk” music.

Hearing Juliana Just-Costa’s voice live is quite the transfixing experience. I do not want to sound unprofessionally biased, but there truly is something about that voice… Imagine honey in an auditory form. Varying from soothingly sweet to cheeky and vibrant, this super human sound is beautifully complemented by Jesse’s soft back-up vocals. I’m just so happy that with a voice like that, Juliana sticks to writing the folk songs she loves instead of working on more mass-appealing material to sell out. And the tangibly positive band chemistry radiates human warmth throughout the whole venue; there is something so playful and contagious about the artists’ interactions.

Eventually, matters drastically intensify as Jesse and Sam start full-out jamming together because, as Juliana put it: “Long story short, I stole my brother’s metal band (Sam is his ex-bassist), so we got to let the boys rock out a bit.” Drink It Up is the perky coffee shop melody anyone would like to wake up to. Jaded Memory really emphasizes the instrumental section of the group. Although Fly may be a tad on the corny side, its chorus is undoubtedly catchy. And Juliana’s sound becomes charmingly coy during her cover of Jason Mraz’s Geek In the Pink.

To top it all off, this lovely experience was completed by one of the friendliest interviews that I have ever conducted in my life: (see review in URL above). - Montreal Rampage

"Juliana & Jesse on CIBL 101.5 radio March 8, 2015"

(French-language radio station, Juliana & Jesse on around 50 minutes) - CIBL 101.5

"Juliana & Jesse on CHOM 97,7FM Mornings Rock with Terry DiMonte and Heather B"

"From the moment I heard these voices I knew I had to have them perform on the air at CHOM. These new voices are fantastic and the album celebrates this talented duo for a new generation. Bravo!"

- Terry Di Monte, Mornings Rock, CHOM 97,7 FM

“A partir du moment où j'ai entendu ces voix, je savais que je devais les inviter à performer en ondes à CHOM. Ces nouvelles voix sont fantastiques et l'album célèbre ce duo talentueux pour une nouvelle génération. Bravo!”

- Terry Di Monte, Mornings Rock, CHOM 97,7 FM

https://soundcloud.com/chom977/local-buskers-juliana-jesse-popped-in-ahead-of-their-album-launch-september-22-2016https://soundcloud.com/chom977/local-buskers-juliana-jesse-popped-in-ahead-of-their-album-launch-september-22-2016 -


May 2014: Foundation--EP

October 2016: "In Time"

1. Railway

2. Coffee (Drink it Up)

3. Getaway

4. Borrowed Time

5. Indigo Blue

6. Ain't Got Time

7. Fly

8. Spend a Little Time

9. Song for a Farmer

10. Nostalgia



Juliana & Jesse are a brother-sister duo based in Montreal, QC.  Raised in a Canadian-Brazilian family, Juliana & Jesse James Just Costa grew up between Montreal and Mexico.  Juliana began writing music in the summer of 2013; she further developed her style and gained experience performing solo.  At the tender age of 13, Jesse was already taking Montreal’s rock scene by storm, playing lead guitar and then singing, fronting his own outfit.  Over the years Jesse matured as a musician and gained attention for his outstanding skill on his instrument, as well as in his energy on stage and ability to connect with an audience.  After pursuing their individual endeavours into music, the two siblings began writing together in 2014, realizing that they were on to something.  By the time he was 21, Jesse has already become one of the most gifted guitarists on the Montreal music scene.  At 26, Juliana is a true, unique and colourful artist; her voice reflects her personality and warmth.  The sound they have crafted is influenced by their interest for various musical styles, while their family heritage enables them to write songs in English, French and Spanish.  Their rich and mature sound is folk-based, highlighted by Jesse’s tasteful playing, Juliana’s vibrant voice and introspective lyrics.   

Since performing as contestants on the Canadian reality talent show La Voix (The Voice) in 2016, Juliana & Jesse have been featured and interviewed on numerous radio stations, such as CHOM 97.7 FM.  The duo continues to showcase their talent in a variety of venues across the province.  In their first two years, Juliana & Jesse have already played over 150 shows.

Their first full length release “In Time” marks a coming of age of their project.  It is a collection of songs that are thoughtful and introspective; the vibe of the tracks is at times nostalgic, fun and upbeat, as well as socially engaged.  The listener gets some impression of familiarity: a natural connection to their music. “In Time” succeeds in being simply easy and pleasant to listen to.  Juliana & Jesse travelled to Vancouver, B.C. to record the album at The Red House studio with Juno Award nominee Sid Perez who produced and mastered the album.  The lead single and video for “Railway” have been serviced to radio and video outlets across the country.  Juliana & Jesse’s “In Time” was released through DSG Music/Outside Music on October 7th.  The singer-songwriter siblings will hit the road to promote the release of the album through the end of 2016 and 2017.



Booking: mail@julianaandjesse.com

Management/Publicity:  Pedro Barbosa, pedrockk@gmail.com, 514.779.3377

Radio Promotions: Martine Bérubé, prpr.martine@hotmail.com, 438.938.7348

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