Juliana Marx

Juliana Marx


"elevator pitch?" think in musical theatre major picked up a guitar when she dropped her heart and ever since then she's been trying to find it. only funny. well, funny but deep and tragic at the same time. ya know?and other times she writes songs about environmental science. oh...this is my floor.


I was born in a rural town in Brasil. I think that music permeated the amniotic membrane of my mother's womb and somehow became my actual blood stream because I have been obsessed with that dynamic duo of music and words known as "song" for as long as I can remember. From Brasil to NYC at six years old, another kind of music entered my life. My mother's influences on me; Ella, Billie, Classical Music, SHOWTUNES!!! HELLO!!! When I got to high school my love of showtunes and old stuff totally ran for the closet and i got into my hip "i shoulda been around during the sixties man...that was my ERA!!" phase. enter janis, joni, john-paul-ringo-george, to jimi and clapton and reid...then ani, emily-amy, amiee, madonna(what? well i was sticking with the ONE NAME ICON THEME) from NYC i moved to the bay area in california where i picked up a guitar and taught myself to milk the artful torture of adolescence... when i found myself i moved back to NYC to pursue the "dream of broadway" at NYU. Then I realized that I couldn't let go of the songwriting bug. Really it's just that i needed a more stable career than theatre. so this was my plan b... (insert laughter here)


um. yeah. so...


Set List

title track (insomniautomatic)
broken before
um. yeah. so...
id was
hard for a girl
about time
what we have
song for a seagull
not quite shakepeare