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Juliana Z



Juliana has benefited from the World's music culture to create a unique style. Bilingual in English/ Chinese. She also write songs, poetry, and novels in English/Chinese.

She was born into an influential Chinese poet and folk musician family. After immigrating to Vancouver, Canada 6 years ago, she also had formal vocal trainning from classic to pop music. Bearing a quite formidable and beautiful voice, she decided to challenge herself to become a greater songstress, songwriter, and writer.

2007, . She brings Chinese folk music to the West with a passionate heartfelt voice.

1: Xing Xing Suo Rank No.1 most subscribed musician in Aug., Sep., 2007 at www.youtube.com/nihaostar
2: Mountain Woman: The instrument used was a Chinese native drum in a new arrangement, and sang in the Sichuan dialogue.
3: River Flow./Moon Light:She sang in two languages, and in two kinds of styles. English in pop, Chinese in folk. It was published at Austria's AnR's magazine, submitted to Palais Des Festival, Cannes, France.

2008, Juliana will present her three English original pop songs to his audience:

1: Don't Say Bye Bye: It combines West, East folk,pop style, she used four languages in lyrics, including: English, French, Chinese, Japanese. Many feel it is a very unique and original!
2: Dance On: The lyrics are English, but the Chorus is Chinese rap. Hearing the chorus a young Chinese girl began to scream with enjoyment, and excitement!
3: Buy Me Chocolate: Very danceable and funky song!

Juliana also celebrates the fact that Asian/Western music has become so much a part of the global musical culture. Her music is strong, positive and powerful that gives you energy to capture your own true beauty.

Music web: www.myspace.com/nihaostars
Music video: www.youtube.com/nihaostar
Personal web: www.myspace.com/nihaojuliana
showcase: www.showcaseyourmusic.com/nihaojuliana

Contact: nihaojuliana@yahoo.ca