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June 13, 2010
Hello Everyone!

After our 3 FINALE rounds and two seasons of showcasing, the 2009-2010 TIMA BEST LIVE nominees are:

BEST LIVE – Electric

Bella Clava
Julian Bachlow
Pure Finesse
Avery Island
The MacHams

BEST LIVE – Acoustic

Matthew Genovese
Dave Borins
Yiannis Kapoulas
The River Junction
Paisley Jura

- Toronto Independent Music Awards

"Introducing Julian Bachlow"

Julian Bachlow is a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter who comes from Schomberg, Ontario and specializes in electronica influenced indie pop. When I say multi-instrumentalist, I’m not exaggerating: On Bachlow’s debut EP, Paradigm, he sings and plays keys, guitar, bass and drums. Bachlow’s going way old school with this independent artist thing – he’s literally walked around college campuses all over Canada in attempts to promote his music. Paradigm doesn’t care what genre you want to label it, as it experiments through indie pop, electro, soul, classical, and r&b. I’ll admit, I was skeptical when checking out some descriptions (though, they were intriguing), but after listening to the catchy, dreamy, and experimental tunes, I was hooked. Oh, and female backing vocals never hurt. (…Paradigm has those.)

Bachlow also is strongly devoted to community service, particularly anti-suicide charities through his work with other artists and musicians. He created a website called 2 Line Productions with hopes to “foster an environment where artists have a chance to be seen [and] heard, for networking, for feedback and for new opportunities”.

Good music plus good person? I like. - Knox Road

"Twinkle and whistle, Keep on Julian Bachlow"

Imagine a more harmonized, deeper vocal line (Mat Kearney-esque) mingled with the melodies of Switchfoot or MGMT sprinkle in a bit of Death Cab for Cutie mellowness…then you’ll find yourself in the realm of Julian Bachlow, an independent artist thriving into the music industry one day at a time. With a fresh new indie rock sound, it sets him apart from everything else. I’m not sure how to say this, but there is a smooth edge to the music. - Christy Mannering

"York University Radio"

"It's amazing what this guy is trying to do, he is walking around campus promoting his CD, he is totally independent"
- Christian Esposito

"Mitzi's Sister featured artist"

Creativity comes from within. It can’t be taught and it definitely can’t be mastered. Only extremely talented individuals can harness their creativity into something beautifully expressive and memorable. Julian Bachlow is one of those individuals. He was born in May of 1986 and grew up in the outskirts of Tottenham, a small country town north of Toronto. From a young age he’s been drawn to music. Born with holes in his eardrums - he needed reconstructive surgery to repair them. Overcoming his disability and his drive to express showcases how some people are just born to do it. He started taking piano lessons at four years and kept them going until he was fifteen. Although his lessons stopped he continued playing and creating. All through highschool he accumulated keyboards, guitars, recording equipment – any tools he needed to help take control of the bustling enormous creativity inside him.

One very memorable moment in his early music career, he was performing live in the cafeteria in his highschool. He put a blindfold on only to find that when he took it off at the end of his performance almost 200 pairs of eyes were fixated on him. That is one moment where it really became clear that music goes so much deeper than technique and theory. He experienced firsthand the extent to which an art form could communicate, touch and essentially affect both the artist and the audience. It is something that is felt. His music has a raw energy and feel - it is a mixture of improvisation and intent. His music resonates so deeply because the combination is much like a reflection on life.

Anything he can get a tone out of, he can create from. He fully composes and produces his music with an understanding of how all the melodies, tones, rhythms, instruments and elements of the song should be crafted together to express something very genuine and beautiful. Over the years he has created hundreds of songs in his home recording studio, with friends and other artists. He has performed live as a solo keyboardist for many different audiences around his hometown and in Toronto. Now he is moving to the next level and is releasing his first full length album. “Paradigm” will be released in April 2009, exhibiting nine of his favorite tracks that he has ever created. Laying down vocal, guitar, bass, drum and keyboard collaborations – it is full of soul, energy, life and beauty. He hopes to release it on to his very own label 2-line Productions. An independent label that is about bringing artists together, helping each other perform, write and basically providing a family of musicians to share the music-love and their love of music with the world. - Mitzi's Sister

"NXNE - Julian Bachlow and the good times running"

Julian Bachlow and The Good Times Running band is a synth-styled up-and-coming indie-rock band. If you like the immediate melodies or MGMT, Death Cab For Cutie, or Postal Service's programming, you will find lots to like here. - NOW magazine

"Whisper of the plains- Julian Bachlow"

We like to support indie artists and they don’t come more indie than Julian Bachlow. We got a chance to speak to him inbetween his road trip gigs and here’s what he had to say…

What are your main musical influences?

My main musical influences are The Postal Service, Stars, Modest Mouse, The Cure and Radiohead

What’s the song you’re most proud of writing?

Desolate Place is my proudest song that I have wrote because it’s about a time while I was living in a small town, Tottenham, Ontario. Dealing with the problems of having no transportation, feeling insecure, and like most small towns drugs were constant amongst friends and myself. I wanted to get out of it. I started writing music with the intention of one day creating an album, doing shows, touring, etc. During the time when this song was written, halfway through my brother suddenly passed away and during that time I knew that music was the only thing that was going to get me through life, I know my brother is still here within me and everyday it’s the love I have for him, my family, my friends that keeps me going and wanting to entertain and commit myself into being a professional musician. Desolate Place was a song that inspired me and made me realize, I need to do this, I need to create.

As an artist, you’ve done everything absolutely independently. Tell us exactly what that means in laymans terms.

I was a musician for a long time, since I was about 12, when I was 18 I bought an interface console for my computer (TASCAM-US122 which comes with Cubase, a music software program) a bunch of patch chords, some more instruments, and not really knowing what I was getting myself into, I started to practice on structuring and recording songs, it all began with just having the idea of wanting to create music. I worked a landscaping job for 3 months to get enough money to pursue my dream. Learning how to use the program and getting used to everything was difficult at first. I mean I’ve made a hundred songs but it took me about 3 years to get my own craft relatively decent as a producer. I should of read some books but maybe by not reading anything and figuring it out how to produce myself perhaps added to the appeal of my creations. I started to filter out the lesser than good songs and I began to really focus on some good material.Some of my friends and family did some rifs for me, some of the rifs where maybe 3 years old, but I knew I could use them some how and they were really happy to hear that something that may have never gone anywhere, would be on my album. I had no experience being a producer, I never went to school for it, I just had the motivation and ambition. It took me about 2 years to record my first album “Paradigm” but now hopefully I have the knowledge to create an album more efficiently within a timely fashion. I had a friend to mix and master my album for a decent price after I finished recording and after I produced everything.

I had to teach myself about the products to use for recording and look into how I could get my music heard. As an independent musician I was the only person promoting it, so I had to figure out the best way to promote my album with no money. I also had no band at the time when the album was finished. So I had to find a band, and luckily I had very talented friends who now are playing shows with me and we will continue playing shows together and supporting each other and our talents.

I started my own record label, I marketed my album, I made my friends support me and spread the word. I walked around by myself and tried to sell my albums on the streets, booked my own shows, I managed myself. I also made a proposal for a grant from my government community center for my small record label business. I got it, a reimbursement grant for $5000. It gives me enough money to create a website and a promotional company to help me spread the music. It all took a lot of time, but eventually I am starting to create something that I could of only dreamed of when I was 12 years old.

As another artist who is actually looking at going completely independent on everything, do you have any words of wisdom, advice or pearls of peril for me?

Don’t give up, take it one step at a time. Success is not going to happen overnight, and if it does than you are lucky. Buy your own equipment, you can get everything you need for under $500, and what you get is priceless when you know what to do with it. Don’t be afraid to ask somebody for help with creating a song and working out a contract, if you don’t want a contract to get involved than ask your friend or family what they would like if you were to use their rif for one of your songs. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your friends about what they think of your songs. Critiquing is always helpful, but don’t over analyze it and forget the feeling and emotions that you began with when first creating the song. Apply for grants, there are a lot of grants out there for musicians. St - Higher Plain Music


Paradigm EP



Julian Bachlow (Vocals, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass and Drums) is an independent artist who started his band in January 2007 in Schomberg, Ontario while attending York University in Toronto. Julian Bachlow performs his own material in which he has written, produced and recorded. His musical style and influences include The Cure, Stars, Modest Mouse, Radiohead and the Postal Service.
Currently Julian has released his debut album "Paradigm" digitally and physically in December of 2009. "Paradigm" is the first release from this Artist and he is currently promoting, marketing, and distributing his album independently as well as with his street team.

Currently Julian is in the works to have an all across Canada tour in the summer of 2011. He has recently been given airplay by 50 radio stations across Canada, one in particular York University's radio station 105.5FM said something about Julian as a musician,

"It"s pretty amazing what this guy is trying to do, he is walking around campus promoting his CD, and he is totally independent" (Christian Esposito, York University Radio)

Julian is also creating a website called 2 line productions that will allow independent musicians and other artists of all forms to showcase their music and art within the local community. It will encourage and support collaboration between artists for different events and projects. His major hope for the website is to foster an environment where artists have a chance to be seen, heard, for networking, for feedback and for new opportunities. As well as giving support to anti-suicide charities.

Julian Bachlow started performing at school functions and local venues within the Simcoe County area while supporting anti-suicide charities and has recently begun playing a few venues in the Toronto area such as The Elmocambo and Rancho Relaxo. Artists such as Kathryn Kearns, Janine Smienk, Alec Bachlow and Justin Bachlow helped with the musicianship in the making of "Paradigm" with the direction and written music by Julian Bachlow. Julian Bachlow and his band The Good Times Running are currently touring Ontario and working on there stage performance, getting better and better at every show.