Julian Bachlow

Julian Bachlow


Julian Bachlow and the Good Times Running is a band that will keep you remembering how good it feels to be alive.


Julian Bachlow (Vocals, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass and Drums) is an independent artist who started his band in January 2007 in Schomberg, Ontario while attending York University in Toronto. Julian Bachlow performs his own material in which he has written, produced and recorded. His musical style and influences include The Cure, Stars, Modest Mouse, Radiohead and the Postal Service.
Currently Julian has released his debut album "Paradigm" digitally and physically in December of 2009. "Paradigm" is the first release from this Artist and he is currently promoting, marketing, and distributing his album independently as well as with his street team.

Currently Julian is in the works to have an all across Canada tour in the summer of 2011. He has recently been given airplay by 50 radio stations across Canada, one in particular York University's radio station 105.5FM said something about Julian as a musician,

"It"s pretty amazing what this guy is trying to do, he is walking around campus promoting his CD, and he is totally independent" (Christian Esposito, York University Radio)

Julian is also creating a website called 2 line productions that will allow independent musicians and other artists of all forms to showcase their music and art within the local community. It will encourage and support collaboration between artists for different events and projects. His major hope for the website is to foster an environment where artists have a chance to be seen, heard, for networking, for feedback and for new opportunities. As well as giving support to anti-suicide charities.

Julian Bachlow started performing at school functions and local venues within the Simcoe County area while supporting anti-suicide charities and has recently begun playing a few venues in the Toronto area such as The Elmocambo and Rancho Relaxo. Artists such as Kathryn Kearns, Janine Smienk, Alec Bachlow and Justin Bachlow helped with the musicianship in the making of "Paradigm" with the direction and written music by Julian Bachlow. Julian Bachlow and his band The Good Times Running are currently touring Ontario and working on there stage performance, getting better and better at every show.


Desolate Place

Written By: Julian Bachlow

It feels so cold in this desolate place but
Stay with me
Stay with me, stay with me
In this desolate place

Let's take a ride to this desolate place but
Stay with me
Stay with me, stay with me
in this desolate place

Sometimes I think about when all those people are gone
Just run away, run away


Paradigm EP

Set List

Desolate Place
Stars in the moonlight
Breaking Free
Looking at home
Streets Gone Lost
Don't Stop the noise
Long Road Back
I say hello