Julian Corp

Julian Corp

 Norwich, England, GBR

One of UK’s bright and talented dj and producer. He has made a name for himself throughout Europe both through playing his own solo gigs as well as playing live together with Tab-Z. His style of music knows no boundaries and varies from nu disco to house, nu jazz to cosmic, balearic and boogie.


Dj'ing, producing and promoting since 2003. Julian Corp has wide experience in the industry. Having hosted radio shows on Lifted Radio, Future Radio, Julian has made a name for himself as a eclectic house, disco dj and producer.Along with playing at various clubs and parties throughout UK and Europe, Julian has been involved with the promotion and organization of several successful venues and had an opportunity to play alongside artist like Downtown Party Network, Pete Herbert, Crazy P, Honum and many other big names in the scene.


2009 Julian Corp - East West EP

2011 Julian Corp feat Marlon Cherry - Believe In Non Of What You Hear EP

Currently working on album