Julian McCullough

Julian McCullough

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Mission IMPROVable performs short, fast-paced, hilarious, improvisational comedy games (ala the popular television show "Who's Line is it Anyway?") around the theme of the movie Mission Impossible. The “missions” are created on the spot and based solely on suggestions taken from the audience.


One night when Julian McCullough was six years old he was taken to a grown up party by his parents. He immediately charmed a small circle of women with his wit and boyish good looks. He quickly made his move. "My mom said it's ok if I sleep over at your house." The women all cracked up in joyous laughter at this pint sized Lothario. Julian McCullough's insatiable need to make people laugh was born.

Julian honed his comedy chops in schoolyards across America as his parents constantly uprooted him and enrolled him in new schools. By the time college rolled around, he was ready to enter the world of stand up comedy. While attending Rutgers University, Julian took a job as house M.C. of the prestigious Stress Factory Comedy Club. Six years later he burst onto the New York comedy scene, quickly establishing himself in the city's best clubs. In addition he got the attention of major networks including Comedy Central. Julian's Live! at Gotham appearance on that channel is the first of what will no doubt be many television appearances. And he'll still sleep at your house.