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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016

Los Angeles, California, United States
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Pop Acoustic




"The Zane Lowe Show"

“What an amazing record [“Prescriptions”] is! And that’s the third song taken from the album so you already know, if you’ve heard the other two songs, that the album coming in Mid-February, Garden of Eden, is going to be very special” – Zane Lowe -

"Under the Radar"

“With Julianna at the cusp of leaving her teen years behind as the EP [Garden of Eden] releases, “Teenage Boys” serves as the perfect goodbye to all of the era’s messy break-ups and immature boys. Joy pairs just enough indelible teenage angst with sharp songwriting and potent pop hook…” – Under the Radar -

"Cool Hunting"

“Ebullient 19-year-old singer-songwriter Julianna Joy debuts “Teenage Boys,” an angsty anthem that addresses the complexities of dating today. Co-written by Grammy=nominated producer Teddy Geiger, the track pairs bold pop sensibilities with a satiricial wink. It’s playful from start to finish, though thoughtful layers unfurl over the more-than-five-minute runtime.” – Cool Hunting -


“Julianna Joy…the effervescent emblem of timeless indie. The 20 year old pop singer’s latest release “Prescriptions” debuted in January and details the candid struggles of an ongoing mental health journey, eluding to a rhapsody of sonic fragility” - Ladygunn -

"Melodic Mag"

“If you’re looking for a refreshing EP amidst the glut of pop music that’s been released in 2022, look no further that 20-year-old Julianna Joy.” – Melodic Mag -

"QRO Magazine"

“Teen-pop heartbreak is huge there days (when hasn’t it been?), but so much of it feels only for teens, as inscrutable to adults as their own teen music was to their adullts when they were teens. But there are those who rise above the pack, such as Julianna Joy with the sweet heartbreak of Garden of Eden EP.” – QRO Magazine -

"Julianna Joy - Nevermind"

Rating: 4.5 out of 5
“Julianna Joy has the kind of voice that is musical all on its own. Powerful, tender, and emotive, the vocals run the show here, but the melody and beat add layers to the tantalizing lyrics, making “Nevermind’ anything, but a passing thought.”
— Travis Erwin (LA on Lock Blogger) - LA on Lock

"Julianna Joy Tells Us to Nevermind"

Music has been used as a coping mechanism forever. Many of us have used it as a listener to get through pieces of life that didn’t go quite as planned. But others create music to fill the holes in their journey. The power of music works in many ways. Our recent find Julianna Joy has done both and is now ready to share her newest creation with us all.
The music bug caught Julianna Joy early. She received her first guitar at the age of 9 and quickly taught herself to play and compose songs. Seeing Taylor Swift in her first concert experience cemented the fact that Julianna would focus on music and songwriting for the foreseeable future.
Julianna Joy Shares Her Heart

December 6th saw the release of the debut single “Nevermind” under the Julianna Joy moniker. With its mellow guitar strum and quick vocal start, we are brought quickly into her world. The track builds with a unique 80’s new wave element coupled with the airy lyric delivery of modern singers such as Lorde and Declan McKenna. There is a message in the song as well but Julianna Joy likes to allow the listener to determine how it speaks to them.
We had the chance to chat with the rising star and get a little deeper into her story. Enjoy the interview here:
First off, what drives Julianna Joy to create music?
My drive to write music is based entirely off of my emotions towards my experiences. Everything I write holds some part of my personality, and I try to be as honest as possible in my writing.
How would you describe your sound?
I describe it as psychedelic 80s pop, though in my opinion, it hardly fits that category. Experts would probably call it alternative pop.
Which artists have had the biggest influence on you?
I grew up listening to Taylor Swift, and I feel as though that’s extremely prevalent in my melodies. I am also heavily influenced by Lorde, Queen, The Japanese House, Declan Mckenna, and St. Vincent.
We understand you are also an author. How do you combine the two writing arts?
The majority of my writing is narrative & romantic, which is why I consider myself an author because I follow so similarly to literary techniques that are used in literature. In regards to the actual process, I treat writing the same, no matter what the medium. If I’m writing a short story, poetry, or a song, I approach it in the most honest way that I can.
What do you hope the listener takes away from a Julianna Joy song?
I want the listener to be able to envision themselves in the position of the songwriter. I want them to be able to interpret it for themselves and apply it to situations involving their lives because the human experience is so dense.
Tell us what the future looks like for Julianna Joy?
Currently, I am living in Chicago, but at the beginning of spring, I will be moving to LA to continue pursuing music. I plan on releasing more music in the following months and starting my next project. - Indie Band Guru

"Introducing Julianna Joy - Nevermind"

Nevermind is the lead single from Julianna Joy’s upcoming EP and it sounds amazing. I like the 80s inspired melodies. Besides, the vocals are outstanding. Furthermore, I am also a fan of the powerful chorus!

Lyrically, the song is very impressive. Nevermind is an ode to that moment we all have in our lives when we love someone who doesn’t feel the same way.

You can say without any doubt that Julianna made incredibly good music, Nevermind has all the elements of a modern gem. Be sure to stream it as soon as possible!

Do not hesitate and add Nevermind to your playlist(s).

You can stream Nevermind below on Soundcloud or Spotify! - Lefuturewave

"Track of the Day"

Today’s track of the day is Julianna Joy‘s ‘Nevermind’ – a gorgeous 80s-esque ballad on unrequited love, out today. Love it. - Loud Women

"Julianna Joy - Nevermind"

‘Nevermind’ is the new single from Chicago based Julianna Joy.

‘Nevermind’ is a heartfelt track about being in love with someone who doesn’t feel the same way. Something everyone goes through. The choppy opening guitars are accompanied by the honeyed vocals of Joy and the song comes alive when the lush chorus kicks in. It’s a track that grows in power and feeling as it goes along.

At just 17-years old Julianna Joy has shown with a song of this quality that she is defintely someone to keep an eye on going forward. - Indie Midlands

"Julianna Joy Releases An 80s Inspired Pop Single ‘Nevermind’"

‘Nevermind’ is an instant breath of fresh air in the world of music. The lead single from her upcoming EP is an 80’s pop inspired love anthem that speaks to those who have felt one sided love. You know, the love where you love someone that doesn’t feel the same as you. Such a RELATABLE meaning. The low electric guitar intro takes the listener into her world and holds them there with her captivating vocals. - Reignland Magazine


Julianna Joy has been inspired by previous works to craft her own music. She is about to release a new single. She also has plans for more music in the coming months.

What is it about music that most interests you?

I think the emotion in the music interests me the most. For me, I write everything, trying to be as honest as possible and I try to reflect it in the lyrics, the composition, the production, everything about the song.

How would you describe your music?

I think I would describe it as rock-inspired pop. I grew up listening to lots of country, rock, and pop and I think it’s very obvious in the structures of my songs.

What are some major influences on your work?

My major influences change all of the time; right now would definitely be Lorde, Queen, and the Japanese House. Everything about these artists inspires me; the way that they write is so similar to poetry, the production and composition of the songs are so atypical it’s hard not to be inspired by things they do. Growing up, I listened to a lot of Taylor Swift, Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, and MARINA, which I think is also noticeable in my music... - 7th Magazine

"Julianna Joy - Nevermind"

Julianna Joy - Nevermind

The vocals in this track were so interesting to me. Julianna’s voice is low, smooth, and so easy to listen to. The lyrics paint a beautiful and really melancholic picture, which matches the vocals perfectly. The backing track is understated, putting all of your focus on the vocals. This track is right at home in your indie pop playlists - Tongue Tied Magazine

"Julianna Joy - Nevermind"

Welcome Julianna Joy to the Fashionably Early pages. The 17 year old artist recently shared her single ‘Nevermind’ and it showcases a lot of promise for somebody of their age. The song leans towards the bedroom pop scene that’s still growing across the world but it has a bit more polish. The song is really carried by the chorus, which really feels sync ready. Julianna is definitely an artist to keep your eye on as she continues to develop as an artist. - Fashionably Early

"Julianna Joy - Nevermind - This Song is Sick"

Stop what you’re doing and listen to the song “nevermind” by Julianna Joy on Juss Russ Radio. Julianna Joy makes her first appearance on our music blog with a Pop-inspired Alternative Rock record worth that second listen. Seventeen-year-old singer-songwriter Julianna Joy released her debut single, “nevermind”. Produced by Dylan Gardner (“Let’s Get Started”), nevermind is an 80s rock-inspired track that takes the listener on a journey of vulnerability, coming to terms with that one relationship where one person feels more than the other.

“Nevermind”, is the lead single of Julianna’s forthcoming EP. Her sound is a mirror of the music that has most influenced her over the year. Julianna has always listened to an eclectic group of artists in country, alternative rock, and all genres of pop and her music is influenced by artists in every genre. Lyrically, she looks to Lorde, Declan McKenna, and The Japanese House for inspiration. Melodically, she credits Taylor Swift, Charli XCX and MARINA for influencing her sound. Jack Antonoff, Taylor Swift and St. Vincent have impacted the way she composes her music. Her current inspiration is Queen.

I’m an author who happens to have musical abilities,” says seventeen-year-old Julianna Joy. “I write all the time – on the back of a napkin, in Notes on my phone, in my journal. I never stop thinking about stories I can turn into music.” Julianna has a form of synesthesia whereby she associates sounds, words, numbers and people with colors. As she writes, her songs generally follow a single color or color family. Her music is intended to not only take listeners on a color journey but also an emotional one. We can’t wait to see and hear what’s next for Julianna Joy as we know her journey will be a unique and prosperous one. You can follow along on social media and hear new music as she shares it on popular streaming platforms like SounCloud. - Juss Russ Radio

"A Moment Out of Earth with Julianna Joy"

What if we gave ourselves a few minutes of lightness, a beautiful journey to disconnect from our daily routine?

We have found exactly what we needed with our discovery of the day: Julianna Joy. An author who discovered her talent for music and who is only 18! Unbelievable…! At this young age, her latest release, entitled “Cherries”, is a little musical jewel.

Touches of electro-pop sonorities, with amazingly written texts and some sound experimentation, Julianna Joy has her own recipe to deliver her story. “Cherries” is an emotional trip through colours, imagination and feelings.

The project opens with “Nevermind“. The song offers beautiful and reassuring guitars blended with electro elements. “I am not the one, but I wish I was”, she sings with her young pure but mature unique voice.

“Cherry Bomb” is also one of our favourite tracks, Julianna Joy delivers an extraordinary vocal performance on a powerful production.

“Cherries” ends with “Poseidon”, a splendid ballad highlighting the singer sensibility and sensuality:

We are extremely impressed by all the talent that we heard in this EP. Also, we appreciated the fact that the singer brings something different from what is already existing in the industry.

And again, Julianna Joy is only 18. She might take quite fast her place among the biggest Pop Stars.

You better follow and listen to “Cherries” now:

https://open.spotify.com/album/6aXNT1zi5LQr2VQXniiTjo - The Further

"Julianna Joy - Cherries EP"

If you haven’t heard of Julianna Joy yet you can thank me later. Julianna Joy is noted as "an author who happens to have musical abilities,” that can never stop thinking about stories she can turn into music. Starting music as the age of 9 with learning chords and composing music, she continued to grow through her childhood attending a GRAMMY Foundation‘s GRAMMY® Camp in Los Angeles at the age of 15. Located in the Chicago region, she has done a majority of her work under the artist name of "JJ" and has now re-branded her work going forward as Julianna Joy with an upcoming EP.

Her E.P “Cherries” is an excellent body of work to say the least. What standouts to me as a listener is the words she uses to describe her content. Yes, she is singing songs about love and heartbreak but using lyrics like “I made fun of your last name because I like the way it was written, and how easy it fit in my mouth” as she does on “Mouthes”, grabs your attention and make you pay attention. It can be overstated the level of awareness and talent it takes to talk about popular topics in a new way but Joy handles it well and makes it seem effortless.

In today music space there are so many carbon copies and recycled lines and phrases so its very refreshing to hear someone use a wider range of analogies and vocabulary to express their sentiments. The combination of her voice, word play and production creates a listening environment. One that is a unique. When the music comes on the listener has no choice but to conform to the mood of the music. Often people will play music in attempt to fit the vibe of the room or the people they are with. Sure, Cherries can do that but its impact is in bringing the listeners into Julianna’s world.

Standout Track: Cherry Bomb - I’m not sure if she did this on purpose but Cherry Bomb has all the makings of a record that could be her single and it just so happens to include the name of the project as well. Beside from that being an efficient marketing strategy the song carries weight. It seems to be a perfect representation of what this album brings to the listeners. The lyrics, the production and catchy chorus make this an easy choice for the standout track.

Reasons To Listen: Julianna Joy writing is top tier. The way she write songs allows the listener to view situations that have been spoken about before but from a complete new perspective.
We personally enjoyed this EP so much over here that we wanted to talk to Julianna more in depth about her and the project. Below is our conversation:

Q: There sounds like a good amount of emotion and energy behind each song on your EP, what was the inspiration behind this project?

A: I feel like this answer might be disappointing, but the EP was inspired by my life when I was 16. I was in a lot of complicated situations - I had a crush on my best friend, experienced friends with benefits and the horrible outcome that it always ends in, and was in a toxic long-distance relationship. The EP talks about all the emotions that I felt at 16; angry, depressed, anxious, doubtful, basically every negative emotion.

Q: What was the process involved in the creation of this project?

A: The process was kind of weird. I started recording “Nevermind” in January of 2019 with Dylan Gardner sort of as a test run. It was my first professional session, I had never met Dylan before, and I was extremely nervous. Little did I know that that song was going to end up being the most important thing to me. It led to me recording “Cherry Bomb” in April, and I ended up living in Los Angeles during the summer to finish the EP. We spent 6-8 hours in the studio everyday and it was so fun. Some of my fondest memories of 2019 were in that studio with Dylan, watching Fun. conspiracy videos, listening to Cupcakke and Charli XCX, meeting his friends and his brothers, and I watched him perform one night through SoFar LA.

Q: Just a few months ago you re-branded your music as an artist from JJ to Julianne Joy, what was the motive behind that and did your re-branding influence the sound of this EP at all?

A: I re-branded to Julianna Joy because “JJ” was way harder to find and it didn’t fit me anymore. Everything I had released under “JJ” was more dark pop/trap pop that was not something I was really proud of as I started working on the music I have now. The re-branding was influenced by the sound of everything I was writing. It felt more comfortable and more fitting for me as an artist.

Q: You have been working on music for quite some time now and continue to improve and grow as an artist. Now releasing an EP of this caliber, what’s your plans and goals for the year to come?

A: My plans for this next year are to be preparing new music and hopefully performing a lot more in the LA and Chicago areas.

Q: Any performances or events in the coming months that listeners can catch you live at?

A: I don’t have anything scheduled currently but if you follow my twitter @recordsbyjj, you’ll get updates as they come!

"Cherries" will be available on all streaming platforms this Valentines Day, February 14th, make sure to check it out and show her some love.

You can find Julianna Joy on Twitter & Instagram: @JuliannaJoy69 - STRAIGHT BREAD MAGAZINE

"Julianna Joy - Cherries EP"

Julianna Joy uses a sense of poetry to sculpt her lovely “Cherries EP”. Akin to embarking on a grand journey, she opts for such beautiful flourishes to intermingle at their own pace. Stylistically she draws from dream pop, shoegaze, electro pop, and folk, combining all of them into a sound that feels uniquely her own. Vocals truly do rest at the center of it all. Her arrangements further emphasize a dazzling wonder with the world. Guitars have an otherworldly glow to them as they soar up into the sky with such grace. Rhythms opt for a casual cool, with grooves that settle into luxurious splendor. Melodies waft through the entirety of the collection giving the whole work a sense of completeness.
Influences vary over the course of the collection. Her nods to electro acts like a softened version of Ladytron feel particularly prominent. Outside of the electronics of the work she also taps into the giddiness of Gabriella Cohen’s work. Beyond this, there is a hint of defiance, a desire to rise above that at times works akin to a Lana Del Ray’s tenderness. Her vocals too seem to draw from Lana’s singular output, perhaps with a bit more of an edge to them. Determination seems to inform her words, for her narratives focus upon a desire to rise above it all.
“nevermind” starts the EP off on a high note. Driving tempos intermingle, weaving their way across the entirety of the track. Lush beyond belief, “Mouthes” has a sensuality to it. Full of tremendous happiness the piece has a gauzy gorgeous quality to it. Percussion has a force of nature to it as it hits so perfect. Truly gigantic in its scope “Carbon Copies” goes for an inspirational sound, for the lyrics focus upon simply overcoming one’s own insecurities and calling others out on their negativity. By far the highlight of the EP comes with the sheer celebration of “Cherry Bomb”. Here she seems to draw heavily from the Cocteau Twins’ radiant approach, for the blurred brilliant colors seem to nicely reflect upon a vast universe. The closer “Posiedon” brings things together in a pitch perfect fashion. Going for a minimal take the arrangement has a hushed whisper to it. By keeping things to the essentials she attains a level of intimacy within the work.
“Cherries EP” shows off Julianna Joy’s deft skill at spinning, warm, inviting ballads delivered straight from the heart. - Entropy

"Julianna Joy Can’t Take Her Eyes Off You"

Julianna Joy has released a new track called “Cherry Bomb” A sweet and romantic track about being in love. I like the upbeat tone of the song. The lush melody and her captivating vocals are so dope with this pop/rock melody. Be sure to listen to the track above and leave feedback below. Don’t forget to add this to your playlist if you like it. - Reignland Magazine

"New Music: Julianna Joy"

A dreamy mix of retro pop with soft indie and pulsating tones. - Alftitude


“Julianna Joy’s forthcoming EP ‘Cherries’ is released on 2.14.2020. It’s an attractive, admirable effort which is instantly outstanding. I’m immediately drawn to Julianna’s vocals, they’re mellow, sultry and charming. Rapidly alluring and subtle at the same time. There’s a unique, talented quality to Julianna’s voice.

The opening track ‘nevermind’ is an impeccable invitation to the EP. It starts off with a Fleetwood Mac-like vibe, with a modern contemporary feel to it. Keeping your attention to the narrative of the song, the chorus is splendid and epic. It’s a slightly somber track which you can feel throughout the composition. Overall, a very current track which draws you into the aesthetic of the Ep.

‘Mouthes’ is the second track of the collection. There’s a more r’n b-like feel to this track, and I think, this is a continuation of the ‘nevermind’ story. The chorus is uplifting and inspiriting, reminding me slightly of ‘HAIM’ the LA band. Very rhythmic and very talented. ‘Mouthes’ wouldn’t be out of place in a packed stadium. The captivating synth work is catchy and reverberating throughout the ensemble.

My favourite track of the EP, ‘Carbon Copies’, is the third monumental track of the set. I’m reminded of a lot of artists I like here, ‘The Weeknd’, ‘Billie Eilish’ and there’s even a ‘Lana Del Rey’-esqe vocal harmony happening. It catches you off guard as if you’ve been propelled into a colossal, pleasing and relaxed atmosphere. A fascinating song with huge potential. I imagine this track performed live would be all-powerful and mood lifting.

The fourth track, ‘Cherry Bomb’, is the subtitle title track. It all feels like we’re whirling around and there’s a hint that the collection could be drawing to a close. As this track seems like it could be involved in a movie drawing towards the final scene. The drum beat is tribal but non-intrusive. I can sense some Ed Sheeran influence which is very interesting from a female perspective, which is refreshing and exhilarating.

The finale of the EP, ‘Posiedon’, is a melancholy piano ballad with charming, adorable vocals. An adept outro to an entrancing journey. There are excellent controlled trills which magnetize your attention and zone you in. Enthralling metaphors and cultivated ‘listenability’.

All in all, ‘Cherries’ is jam packed with catchy melodies, current sounds and impressive ear worms. Juliannas voice is clear and precise,her talent is pure, organic and shines through the fantastic production. There’s an intelligence to ‘Cherries’ which could keep any listener captivated. There’s enough dynamism within the EP to be played in a variety of environments, whether it’s in your bedroom, a stadium, on a movie soundtrack or on your iPod whilst exercising. Check out Julianna Joy’s website to pre-order the EP, you won’t be dissapointed.” - Pretty Misery

"Introducing Julianna Joy: Carbon Copies"

The talented indie artist Julianna Joy recently released her debut EP Cherries.

The third track Carbon Copies on the mini album is a real gem. I like the unique vocals. Besides, the hooks are memorable. Furthermore, I am also a fan of the dynamic elements.

Lyrically, the song is very impressive. Carbon Copies is meant to empower anyone who has ever felt like they weren’t good enough to turn the tables and recognize their own worth.

Julianna knows exactly how to make good music, she’s so talented. Carbon Copies deserves all the attention. Start streaming it now!


You can stream Carbon Copies below on SoundCloud or Spotify! - Lefuturewave


Garden of Eden EP (2022)
Palindrome (2021)
Spirits/Don't Come to LA (2021)
Seventeen (2020)
Orange (2020)
Cherries EP (2020) - 3M+ streams



Julianna Joy is a 20-year-old LA-based singer/songwriter determined to redefine pop music for a whole new generation of fans.  Her most recent EP, Garden of Eden, produced by Grammy-nominated producer Teddy Geiger (Shawn Mendes, Maroon 5, Lizzo), dropped in February and has fans buzzing. Garden of Eden also features an impressive roster of collaborators including Danny Parker, John Ryan, Mags Duval, Juan Ariza and Evan Voytas. The new EP follows Joy’s 2020 debut Cherries, featuring the breakout track “Cherry Bomb”, which has since garnered over 2 million streams. With features on Apple Music 1’s The Zane Lowe Show, Spotify’s Fresh Finds and Noteable releases, and Under the Radar, Julianna Joy is focused on live performances to share Garden of Eden with her fans!


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