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Chasing After You

Written By: Julianna Enciu

Here you are- but still i'm falling to the ground
Hold me up- again i feel like i can't touch the ground
This feeling is digging deeper inside my head
You're alone here with me but still- never hear the words i've said before

I'm screaming out loud - all alone- can you hear me?
I've been here before, two months ago, or so, you said that you'd never leave

And i'm trying
trying to make things work with you
And although i'm crying
I keep chasing after you

I still remember
that day you walked away from me
I coudln't let go
I thought you were the best thing that ever happend to me

But why I am I falling?
And why do I still fall towards you? And i'm just lying
To myself that I need you

And I still feel like
I did that night
When you walked away
And left me hanging on to nothing again

Calling out- can you catch me?
Seven months ago or so you'd have saved me from this hole i'm falling in

And i'm falling
And i'm crawling towards you
And I keep calling
And I keep reaching out for you (2X)

But I fall to the ground