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The best kept secret in music


"Entertainment Weekly"

Raye, the bruise of heartbreak in her blue voice, has slowed the tempo since her grievously underrated 1993 pop-rock prize Something Peculiar, to sing these languidly gorgeous ballads. She evokes a timeless L.A., in which Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe dates Julie London, and they cool off in Randy Newman's pool. The duet with Rufus Wainwright alone is hot enough to make the pool water boil. - Ken Tucker


... a rich and emotionally searing work of stylistic diversity. The torchy "New Moon," the reflective "Dark Night of the Soul," the hymn-like "Heaven," and the Joni Mitchell-like "Dark Sky Traveler" highlight a uniformly superior collection. - Chris Morris


Media Information
Julianna Raye

One fateful day I met with producer Ethan Johns for a cup of coffee at his local Malibu hang, Dietrichs. I was a big fan of his work with such artists as Chris Stills, Ryan Adams, Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt. I knew he was comfortable wearing many hats, from producing to playing to engineering. My hope was to make a full length record, with Ethan as producer. We had worked together in the past, and I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this was a guy I could trust to bring my tunes to life. As it happened, Ethan had plans to start a label. He saw the opportunity to combine our goals into a shared vision. It was one of those moments when everything falls into place. We were both looking for a change.
Ethan's plan was very clear. He wanted to create a label that would release the kind of music he likes to listen to. I wanted to make a record that would honestly reflect the road I have traveled, since my days at Warner Brothers. We both found ourselves on the fringe, making music for music's sake. We worked in a small studio Ethan had set up at his pad. Other than a few notable cameos from friends like Rufus Wainwright with whom I co-wrote and sing the duet "More Wine", and Jon Brion who transports "Heaven" with his incredible piano playing, Ethan and I worked as a duo. I wrote and sang, Ethan did everything else.
I've never had an experience like it. Each project has it's own unique set of rewards and challenges. For me, the songs on this record deal with some pretty scary stuff -- romantic love and loss... the blues. Life is a balance of opposites. The trick is to find the light in the dark and the dark in the light. I believe that's what gives experiences depth and meaning. Lyrically I tried always to broaden my perspective of the troubles I was writing about. If I'm singing about the blues as in "Dark Night of the SouI" I'm also singing about what strength there is in facing it head on, and being honest. If I'm singing about a perfect love, like in "New Moon" …well tomorrow the moon's going to change it's shape, love won't be pristine anymore. Knowing that is what makes this moment more beautiful and poignant.
The ethereal world Ethan created musically to frame the songs is a perfect complement. He found trippy loops and layered them with percussion and live drums. He used quirky instrumentation, like an omnichord, and lap steel in unexpected places. The result is a kind of tripped-out country dreamscape. "New Moon," for example, sounds like a 1950's standard on opium. He also adds just the right element of musical irony and humor as in the spaghetti western vibe on "One Hour." On "Dark Sky Traveler" he takes one of my most intimate songs and gives it room to breathe, creating the perfect eerie balance. It really sounds to me as if the person I'm talking to is lost in space, which is exactly what I'm writing about.
A friend of mine described this as a great record to make out to. If I had to sum it up, I would say that this is a record for people who like to lie back and dream, and for people who aren't afraid of the dark.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Artist Biography
Julianna Raye

New York born and east coast raised, Julianna Raye grew up with a creative talent that sought every opportunity for expression. Her early years included singing lessons, local theater and musical theater, but for this daughter of two family therapists, a career in the arts was not considered a viable option. She attended Duke University as a psych major because, she recalls "It seemed like the responsible thing to do, but when I went to a summer theater workshop" Julianna continues, "I felt like I was breathing again. It was then I realized where my passion lay and I wanted to persue it at all cost."
Julianna relocated to Los Angeles. She began demoing her songs, and she persued acting opportunities. It wasn’t long before she got a break guest starring on an ABC series. A few months later, she got a record deal. Julianna's debut project was as a solo recording artist for Warner Brothers. Entitled Something Peculiar, it was produced by Jeff Lynne (producer for Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, Paul McCartney, George Harrison...) and received a great deal of critical acclaim.
Restless Night , her current project, another solo effort (save a duet with Rufus Wainwright,) was produced by Ethan Johns. Ethan has worked with such notable artists as Ryan Adams, The Counting Crows, Whiskytown, Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt. Julianna can also be heard on Mr. Adams’ current release, "Gold," which was nominated for three grammys.
In between recording projects Julianna has developed her live show. In addition to dates across the country and an appearance on Mountain Stage, Julianna has performed extensively in L.A clubs. She has also performed in remarkably diverse venues including Toronto’s NXNE music festival, Gallery openings hosted by the directors Mike Figgis and Harold Becker, a fashion show featuring Barrish & Nicholson designs, and for a private party held by Lawrence Kasdan. She has headlined a Conde Nast sponsored event at the beautiful D'Angelo Estate, as well as Details magazine's "Mondo Hollywood" party. Recently she opened for The Counting Crows’ Adam Duritz, and Remy Zero, at a 9/11 relief benefit in L.A.’s Sunset Room, hosted by the Independent Artists Cooperative.
Two of Julianna's original songs can be heard in the film "The Contender" starring Jeff Bridges and Joan Allen. Her songs have also been featured in the inde-film "Better Living," starring Angelica Huston, "Live Nude Girls," starring Dana Delaney, and Kim Cattrall, the NBC movie "Hunt for the Unicorn Killer," "Shake Rattle and Rock" starring Renee Zelweger, and MTV's "Real Sex." She has co-written songs with Ryan Adams, composer Paul Haslinger (Tangerine Dream) and Kiki Dee, for their releases.
Says Raye of Restless Night: "This is a collection of truly intimate and revealing songs. I’ve loosened up a lot over the years. Growing up has it’s advantages. I think my songs are more sensual now, and they hit you on a deeper level. I’m more comfortable in my own skin and I think it shows."