I am a dreamer...songwriting and singing makes me happy. The "band" is me, myself and I and "our" guitars. I love the sensation of trying to say something in a less than obvious way in the setting of a moving melody.


I was born in Kentucky,raised in Florida and North Carolina and have been raising a family in New Jersey...I have been mesmorized by Crosby,Stills, Nash and Young, The Who,Patti Griffin,Third Eye Blind,Pearl Jam,Coldplay,Sting,Dave Matthews,Radiohead, Allison Kraus, Bowie...I enjoy almost everykind of music from folk to blue grass , jazz to rock, blues to alternative...I just love music, especially if it is full of guitar or has a blaring sax...


Old Blue Jeans

Written By: Julianne Childs

You keep me nice and comfortable
What you're made of keeps me warmer
You keep me looking fine all day
Keep keep me dry in stormy weather

I Wanna Wear You Like Old Blue Jeans Baby
Put you on close to my skin
I wanna wear you like Old Blue Jeans Baby
Til I've got you broke in
Wanna wear you like Old Blue Jeans Baby
Don't wanna worry where my man's been...
(and whan I'm done...I'm gonna wear you again...)

You're part indigo and midnite
But never faded through
You might be a little worn
But baby, you're true blue

Wanna wear you in the morning
When I work put you on for luck
Wanna keep you from unraveling
But if you ,do I'll sew you up...

Eye Of A Hurricane

Written By: Julianne Childs

Well life is a whirlwind of chaos and change
Pick up one foot and move forward again
Against the enertia and toward a new day
Sometimes it gets to hard to even know what to say...

Well, periscope down
But I come up for air
Every once an occasion
Tell me now, should I take the dare Taking a chance on love's persuasion,
Or is it just too easy to hide?

Well I 'm getting so good,
so good, so good at hiding in the Eye Of A Hurricane x 2

And what about you my friend
Spinning in your own nightmare
With everything swimming around your head
Can you breathe in the fresh air?

And the wind's so cold and the rain hurts my skin
I feel the storm coming at me again


No singles,EP's or LP's ... I am here just for the dream...

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