Julian's Lullaby

Julian's Lullaby


Female fronted heavy metal tunes blended with violin, piano, acoustic guitars, symphonic elements and even some screamer male vocals touch on top... Expect no copycats here! There are many different influences ranging from metal, classical, folk and acoustic rock, diversity is the key...


January 2011 update; We are proud to announce cooperation with STF records (Germany) for the release of our debut-album entitled "Dreaming of your fears" on 28th of March, stay tuned!!!

Our story;
Started in 2007 as a trio, mainly studio project and released first demo CD entitled "I can hear you thinking" in 2008. Characteristics of this era include duo male/female lead vocals and diversity in songs direction ranging from classic heavy metal to Gathering-influenced melodies and vocals, blended with a folk touch, violin and piano driven melodies and solos. A couple of CD compilations participation and live performances followed the demo CD release but first line-up lasted only until end of 2008.

During 2009 the band completely reformed to duo-female fronted metal/symphonic act and immediately started working on new material so to record debut album. Recordings lasted from September 2009 to October 2010 and very recently the band signed a deal with STF records for the CD publishing. Release date is set to 28th of March 2010.

No hell on earth and fire can keep us apart!


Sand on your hands

Written By: Julian's Lullaby

From dusk til dawn
From earth to skies
Through darker paths
Until the morning light

No Hell on Earth and Fire
Can keep us apart, keep us apart

Hide from the Sun the stars and the sky
Sand on your hands, hair of gold shining bright!

Every journey has an end
You are born then are dead
Every moment every breath
Being reborn live again!

No angels, demons or dark desire
Can keep us apart, keep us apart

Just for that day

Written By: Julian's Lullaby

Feel the emptiness
Live the pain
Defeat your loneliness
For just one day

Rainfall in my mind
Drops of pleasure by my bedside
Hundreds of faces, thousands of eyes
Break the mirror no more lies

Half a wolf, half a man
Face of beast with a gentle heart
A lonely rider in a strange place
A magic theater that few can play


Ride ride in the night
Seas of madness seas of light
A thousand stars in the darkest sky
I am only a wolf I cannot fly

The rain gets harder fear no more
I lived in pain for far too long
Deal the cards one more time
Let the wolf now die


Where we stand there we fall

Written By: Julian's Lullaby

And I crossed the line
between sense and madness
Walked inside mud
blood and storm
Nature's gift is our treasure
Nature's gift is our treasure

Never did I forget
what is left behind
written in the stars
written in our hearts
One moment can last forever
Oh it can last eternally

Where we stand, there we fall
Under rain under snow, where we...
Stand, there we fight
'Til we fall until we die

If you read, if you dream
behind the scene, behind the lines
Maybe you feel but don't you cry
Does it matter? If we only fly...

Where we stand, there we fall
Under rain under snow, where we...
Stand, there we fight
'Til we fall until we die


-"I can hear you thinking..." promo CD, 2008
-MNR "V3" (comp. CD, US, 2008) featuring "Eyes of gray" and "Kiss me not (tonight)" songs
-"Greektures of the night" (Kiss tribute comp. CD, GR, 2008) featuring "Beth"
-MNR "V4" (comp. CD, US, 2009) featuring "Sand on your hands"

"Sand on your hands" song has constant radio airplay on Jango airplay (US & World). Complete "I can hear you thinking..." promo cd is also available for download.

Set List

Typically our set lasts about 45-60 minutes.

-Sand on your hands
-Where we stand there we fall
-Where are you?
-Scarlet reign
-Ocean of tears
-Kiss me not (tonight)
-Just for a day
-Turn me to dust
-Would it be?
-Hanging Crown
-Eyes of gray

Also play few covers from bands/artists like Gary Moore, Gamma Ray, Blind Guardian, Uriah Heep and Chris De Burgh

Live performances (2008):
- "Greektures of the night" Kiss tribute live night (Athens, GR)
- Hermoupolis rock fest II (Syros island, GR)
- Special acoustic live night

2010: Live Metal party@ 8 Dytika club (Athens)
Live@7sins with Inmost Ego and Under Construction (Athens)
Live@Rainbow bar with Illusion Fades (Athens)