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Written By: Cynthia Olivarez (DBA Julia Olivarez)

music and lyrics by Julia Olivarez

The sea's a vulgar sideshow fraud,
a doxy in a spangled dress.
If He's so clever, why can't God
put on a show with more finesse?
The sunset reeks of midway squall,
of Ferris wheel and crooked game.
The moon's a gyp, a weighted ball,
a prize for all with lousy aim.

To be or not to be,
that's the dispute --
or maybe it's not
and I'm just being cute.
Whatever I do,
it's all been done before --
show me more,
show me more,
show me more!

The world is not a place to hide
unless tinted postcards sound like fun.
Siamese metaphors aside,
to hell with sea and moon and sun.
The only place to be depressed
is in a small, unwindowed room.
If wiley old grief must be addressed,
it's best if carny folk don't loom

To be or not to be,
that is the quiz --
To dream of what might be
or wake to what is.
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind
to blah-blah-blah.
ad astra per aspera, anima
(and I don't even know what the hell that means.)

The smell of corndogs could distract
a roadshow Hamlet
from his soliloquy.
Roll up those tents,
you've all been sacked!
Go act the tarts where I can't see.
For all your glamour
and all your press,
you're awfully crude;
your slips still show.
You Gypsies with the Big Address,
why don't you tell me something
I don't already know?

To be or not to be,
that is the rub.
If Heaven will have me,
is it my kind of club?
Whatever I do,
it's all been done before.
I don't care what they tell me,
there's got to be more.