Julia Price

Julia Price

 New York City, New York, USA

Featured on Good Morning America as an "Artist to watch," Julia will release her EP, "Stories Between the Avenues" in September. The piano-playing songstress has been compared to a modern-day Carly Simon with a twist; and her beat-boxing violinist is never very far from her side.


Most parents remember their child’s first words. But with Julia, her parents remember the first song she sang. With only a few words under her belt, Julia listened to “Fire and Rain” by James Taylor. It was only her first time hearing the song but by the time the final chorus played, Julia sat up in her car seat and sang along, the melody ingrained in her mind, the words memorized like a true pro. She wasn’t even two years old.

The Upstate New York native was always thinking like a musician, putting on shows at department stores for strangers, writing lyrics on the sidewalk with chalk, and gathering the neighborhood kids together to perform self-written musicals for an audience of parents, neighbors, and the mailman. When her mother’s friend inherited a piano, she passed it along to Julia thinking the two might connect. It was love. Real love. Julia stared at the black and white keys for hours before she sat down and taught herself how to play.

But Julia was also an internationally competitive gymnast, so as her training schedule became more and more demanding, songwriting took a backseat to her rigorous lifestyle. Julia made the transition from gymnastics to springboard diving by her junior year of high school. Several years later, she took her athletic career to the next level when she joined the University of Miami’s Division I diving team, where her teammates were either prior Olympians or were training to compete in the upcoming Trials. Unfortunately a re-occurring back injury forced Julia to make a tough decision at the end of her sophomore year, and she chose to walk away from the sport for good.

Following her graduation with a dual degree in Broadcast Journalism and Creative Writing, Julia started an internship at Good Morning America in Times Square, NYC. Her plan was to work there for a few years before starting her life as a news reporter. Yet plans changed when Julia got a call from a college friend who was on tour with his band. He said he remembered hearing her perform in Miami, and then asked her to open for his band at their Bitter End show in New York. She agreed, and the night she took the stage changed everything. She quickly realized that this was what she wanted to do: the stage just felt like home.

Soon after that, former GMA anchor Chris Cuomo discovered Julia’s talent and brought her on the show as a musical artist to watch. He encouraged her to drop what was now her “Plan B” reporting career, saying that music was a full time job and that if she was serious about it, she shouldn’t hold back.

Julia left GMA and became a regular on the New York City singer/songwriter circuit. She toured the country, playing in venues from Hotel Café in Los Angeles to World Café Live in Philadelphia. After her first tour came to a close, Julia started recording her EP. The record is currently being mixed and mastered, and is expected to be released in September of 2011. Her style is similar to Regina Spektor, Carly Simon, and Sara Bareilles; her voice is pure with a touch of rasp and her honest lyrics are both witty and heartfelt.

Julia is currently living in Los Angeles, California and planning her upcoming tour dates.


Hardest Part

Written By: Julia Ilowiecki

It's five o-clock in the evening
I haven't moved from my seat and
My mind's just circling you
I can't stop thinking

I told you all the things I needed
Even though I knew you wouldn't give in
And now I'm wondering where you are

The hardest part is the breaking of my heart
I sew it together every single night
When I wake in the morning the stitches are untied
This stubborn little thing don't want to heal

And then my mind keeps replaying
The things I wish you were saying
Oh to open up my door
And find you fighting for my love

But you just keep pulling backwards
And I just stand there asking for more
But never getting it

The hardest part is the breaking of my heart
I sew it together every single night
When I wake in the morning the stitches are untied
This stubborn little thing don't want to heal

So why do I go wherever you go?
I follow you
It's tug of war
Between my heart and what I know

The hardest part is the breaking of my heart
I sew it together every single night
When I wake in the morning the stitches are untied
This stubborn little thing don't want to heal

Miss You

Written By: Julia Ilowiecki

It’s not as simple as a bandaid
You can just rip off with one pull
It’s more like running with your hands tied
Eventually you’re gonna fall

It’s hurting layer after layer
In the most unexpected ways
Like when I’m smiling in the sunshine
Then your favorite song starts to play

I see you in everything I do, you’re in every word I hear, in all the clothes I wear
I want to look the other way, but then someone says your name—you’re still here

I miss you
I miss you

It’s like there’s postcards with your picture
Coming through the mail each day
At every gas station and stoplight
I swear I see your car pull away

A guy with a baseball hat on
He turns around
I can’t help but to feel disappointed
I thought it was you now

I taste you in everything I eat, I see you walk on every street, you’re in every newspaper I read
And when I look up at the sky, all I can think of is your eyes—they were the same color blue

I miss you
I miss you

Today I heard the funniest joke and I laughed
But I didn’t hear you laughing back
It didn’t sounds the same
And tonight I couldn’t fall asleep so I turned on late-night TV
And your favorite movie played back
Played back, played back

I hear your voice from everyone’s mouth
In everybody’s advice
I had to take you off my speed-dial
So that I would have to think twice

Before I called you in the morning
That’s when my heart is so soft
Cause you’re always with me when I’m dreaming
But when I wake up you’re still gone

I miss you
I miss you


"Stories Between the Avenues" to be released in September 2011.

September, Anchors and How Can I Run avail on iTunes. September and Anchors both receiving radio play. (Under the name Julia Ilowiecki).

Set List

Typical set list is 30-60 minutes of original songs and some covers.