Julia Rose

Julia Rose

 Gold Coast, Queensland, AUS

Julia's commanding stage presence is complemented by her soaring operatic 3-octave vocal range, ballad guitar lines and rocking bass licks, it’s sure to get your heart pumping and toes tapping. Recently returning from a tour of JAPAN she is currently on tour in Australia with her new EP.


“Julia Rose's new EP is a mix of folky soulful music that envelops you with every note, she is definitely a star on the rise.” E. Wheatley, CEO Bandtag.

“With well polished and highly entertaining shows coupled with vocals likened to Joan Baez and Roy Orbison, this is one truly talented muso.” KMC, Music Times MAG

Australian Heritage/Folk singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist JULIA ROSE is ripping up the music scene. After a massive 2010-11 of recording, releasing and touring Australia with her debut self titled EP produced by legendary producer Guy Cooper (Buena Vista Social Club, Newton Faulkner, Transport), her 2012 is set to be bigger and better.

Recently signed to Human Records, Julia has completed her 2nd EP and headed for a corresponding tour of Japan (July) and then Australia (Aug-Nov). The sell out shows and radio airplay her debut EP received was a testament to her music and the way it resonates with Aussie folk.

“We are so excited to share our music with the world, you are after all, our inspiration”.

Thematically, Julia Rose’s songs are about human behavior, intimacy, love, soul searching. isolation, and the itinerant nature of life on the road. She draws on Australian landscapes, people, cities & traditional stories for inspiration.

With a three-octave range and operatic techniques coupled with ballad style singing, Julia is sure to get your heart pumping and your toes tapping. Her soaring vocals, rhythmic guitar lines and bass licks, coupled with timeless tales and stories of love, blend beautifully. Julia takes you on a lyrical, rhythmical and melodic journey, drawing from the audience a feeling of familiarity that digs deep into the soul and stirs the senses.

She shares the stage with legendary guitarist and singer Felicity Lawless. Their golden stage dynamics are as if the two are playing as one, and have been playing together for over 10 years. Her EP boasts guest appearances from her sisters Louise Cottone (The QLD Orchestra) on violin and Claire Cottone aka CC the Cat on mandolin, Felicity Lawless (guitar) & Anders Cassidy (drums), Dan Briffa (drums).Julia has been performing and relentlessly touring for ten years as singer/ songwriter and bass player for a number of bands including Anarchist Duck (04-present) and Bertha Control (03-presesent), in which she performed and released 4 Eps and 3 albums. She has also undertaken 20+ Australian East Coast tours both solo and with her other bands. Julia has performed at past festivals including Brisbane International Film Fest QLD, 2High QLD, Island Vibe Reggae Festival QLD, Corinbank ACT, Perisher Spring Carnival NSW, 4ZZZ Market Day QLD, Mardi Grass NSW, Gold Coast One Way Project QLD, Wonderland QLD, St Kilda Festival VIC, Nannup WA, Supporting acts such as Kerrianne Cox, Hermitude, Dallas Frasca, Marshall and the Fro, Hussy Hicks.

Julia Rose won the Gold Coast City Council EP recording package in 2010, was a finalist in Hot Tomato FM Gold Coast Uncovered competition 2011 and was the national winner of $5000 Roey Idol WA in 2007.Julia is no stranger to Australian FM radio receiving airplay Australia-wide on local stations, with the track ‘Razorback Road’ reaching #1 on the AIRIT country chart. The EP was the 5th most played EP overall on Australian community radio in June 2011. She and her band have played live-to-air on stations Australia wide including ABC, 3CR, PBS, 4ZzZ and Bay FM. She has performed on and had her music on TV in Australia via The Rock n Roll Cooking Show, Underground Soundz and Getaway.

Performing internationally in venues in India, Spain, England and Portugal and Asia, Julia has taken her life and experience and talents as she explores the world of folk/heritage/rock with her new EP, available July 2012.


Melbourne Town

Written By: Julia Rose

good bye Melbourne town, i'm taking my leave i drive away listening to the compilation you made me two days i drove with the horizon as my company listening to the message you left me and it's hard to drive through the tears no i won't see you again you drew me to you like the warmth to the cold you took me into your circle of old friends and family had me at their table in the pubs they lent me their ears i look for news of you in the paper i'd like to know how you're fairing in this weather it's hot up here i'm sweating my singlet's on me are you sitting by the fire drinking your tea? i miss you old town and your wine that drove me wild and you, i miss your freestyle

The Rain it Came

Written By: Julia Rose

it was a hot summer's day and the sun burned its way through the backs of the mountain and the bay we weaved on through the shade we were running away from the heat of this Queensland day and the rain it came it took away my pain and the rain it came it coursed on through my veins that night we lay in bed we were cooled from toe to head as the rain came tapping on our tin shed the steam was rising off the valley floor it came knocking at my door we watched those rivers flowing we saw the storm a growing and the mad old thunder blow the rain it played upon the roof and danced upon the iron the corrugation sang and the water went flying we stood upon that mighty deck and sang the chorus line dada da da da da da da da da dadada

Broken Wooden Chair

Written By: Julia Rose

a plane is flying overhead a woman is crying in her bed and i can't sleep tonight won't you come and hold me tight, tonight? i'm not going anywhere i'm just gonna sit right here on this broken wooden chair on this broken wooden chair, tonight all my friends are having a hard time they feel like they're losing their minds and you know that i feel the same way just trying to get by everyday i chose the road less traveled to find my inner peace but it's hard and it's lonely too could i ride with you could i ride with you, tonight?

Stairway to the Moon

Written By: Julia Rose

hey lover why don't you come with me? i've got a special place for you to see 'cause without you i'm lonely hey lover why don't you come with me? when i see your face light up i want to take you in my arms and sing to you you've got this little thing you do you look me in the eye and see right through oh the time has come for us to come together as one when the sun sets over the sea will you walk the stairway to the moon with me? when something needs to be done we do it together and make it fun sometimes when we go our separate ways i love to listen to the stories of your day you make me feel better when i'm blue just hearing the sound of your voice telling a joke or two like the time you accidentally parked that car and blocked the local boat ramp while you boated afar oh how i love, all those little things that you are oh the time has come for us to come together as one when the sun sets over the sea will you walk the stairway to the moon with me?


Written By: Julia Rose

I'll tell you a little story about a woman named Gina she was strong she liked misdemeanor on her days off she went to buy food on the tables and chairs her dishes accrued in the dying light she would cook til night when her friends came over she baked it was her thing she loved to cook her meals were original not from a book people said it was the best food around they came to eat from all over town she would cook and never clean she would eat, eat the cake all the people in her town they marvelled soon everybody knew about this woman named Gina and they flocked to her kitchen just to say "i've seen her" every single dish was a winner she had a secret ingredient but wouldn't tell ya she even went into the iron chef and competed but no one could beat her she left them steamed up and defeated she gained respect and all around her people were playing but the government were worried because she wasn't praying 'cause food was her god, so claims they started laying the big shots didn't like her inner fire they were saying but Gina was a trooper she just laughed at their stupor hahahaa hahahaa ha ha ha ha haaa she held her belly and she chuckled at their hate she wouldn't be defeated she continued to create but Gina was a slave, she was a slave to her trade she would cook all night long, and right into the day


Julia Rose - Stairway to the Moon EP 2012
1-Melbourne Town
2-The Rain it Came
3-Broken Wooden Chair
4-Stairway to the Moon

Julia Rose self titled EP 2011
1-Wrap me up
2-Longest Night
3-Find the Words
4-Razorback Road

Set List

2 x 50min sets
15 originals
Goodbye Melbourne
The Rain it came
Stairway to the moon
Longest Night
Cliff song
Hel n Back
Find the words
No accident
Morning Light
Let the good times roll
Razorback Road
Endless Rain
You on my Mind
Wrap me up

10 covers
The rain roll in
As cold as it gets
Bloody Mother F#cking A*shole
Dead Man's hill
Bicycle Song
One crowded hour
So far away
So lonely
If wishes were horses