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Júlia Says

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Band Rock EDM


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"Julia Says"

Forget everything I said in the previous review and got another reason to talk about "Menos é Mais", the duo Pernambuco Julia Says. The EP features six tracks (+ 1 bonus) which does not conform to a concept of work "linear", so to speak. For better or for worse, the repertoire carries a considerable diversity of climates and formats. And Julia Says lives in this unpredictability: form and content do not maintain a regular relationship between them. Now the use of samplers and other toys steal the attention, now the essence of the composition gives the change.

In short, an example, the fit of the Pauline Letters Nunes is so simple that, unlike the conventional pop music, the voice does not have "independent voices" in the sound of the duo. And yes a weight balanced set of guitars, drums, programming, bass, samplers and other effects. Is the case of "Conceitual", for example.

The duo, who also Pauliño (vocals, guitar and effects) is formed by Anthony Diego (drums and programming), offers an interesting range of sensations for the listener. "Salto Alto" is the hit that they needed to share the preference of fans - vying for the top with "Mohamed saksak", the first EP. Low programmed to striking guitar riff, the arrangements "grab" the listener on a journey of more contemporary pop and resolved.

With so many possibilities (at the other end of "Salto Alto" listen "Intro mental", for example), Julia Says presents a major challenge for: to have regular quality derived from the different sounds. In much of "Menos é Mais", they succeeded. The record indicates, however, to a sense of unfinished work. What creates curiosity for what lies ahead. Let us wait, then. - Felipe Gurgel

"Júlia Says"

Here is a beautiful and brand new surprise to emerge completely from scratch. Actually "nothing" is no exaggeration, for who is ahead of the contract is already known Paulo André, the leader of the successful A Ponte. But here, in Julia Says the boy ventured further and managed to overcome his "main band". It seems intended to confuse rather than explain. And the hard, dedicated to electronic ambiences with overdoses of MPB and rock (no, not a cliche), involves the listener from start to finish the album.

The album opens with "Eis a Canção", music somewhat shaky in that it overrides the fragile voice of Paulo André a guitar bossa nova with electronic textures. But the real interest is in the letter, which describes the process of inspiration and making of the composition.

From there the thing is an increasing without end. "Ondas & Barcos (Indicando a Direção)" is carried in a groove with an emphasis on keyboards and bass, which interact with the black music of the 70s, especially with the soundtrack from "Shaft."

"Barulhos (Água)" is the kind of music that excites the question: who are these guys? The great secret of it is exactly in their false simplicity, something that sticks in the ear and shows that to make good music, in most cases, it only takes one good idea in your head and let the rest flow naturally.

But the best thing is to "Mohamed Saksak" which, in breakneck pace, the story of a suicide bomber, starting from its origins to the alleged headlines caused by it. Fine thing that a lot better with the passing minutes.

Julia Says, the album closes with "Aos Segredos Guardados Pelo Futuro", where the guitar screams louder amid taken to address and stamp with a touch of samba.

Another important detail is graphic design. The CD format mimics the separation of tracks on a vinyl, and comes wrapped in plastic as the bolachonas that we bought at other times.

A disk full of nuances and details fragmented that it is worthwhile to be heard. The question is whether it works so well live. So far, this is the great revelation of 2007.

quote - great - Hugo Montarroyos

"Júlia Says – Menos é Mais EP"

The woman's name wrong: Julia Says is a project led by a pair of bearded men, well trained, Pernambuco Anthony Diego and Pauliño, who have to make one of the best national launches of the year - and I say that even before the first semester end . Not sure if the moment is to electro-rock, guitar or northeastern accent? Then just put the "Menos é Mais" EP to play and be carefree.

The Art of Less is More suggests that you are to hear the work of more than a duo of vocals and guitar without much innovation, but appearances are deceiving the second time. 'Hey, Man! "Opens the disc and makes you take a leap from the chair, such is the surprise that comes from a ride on the essence of the unprecedented double. The heavy guitars with synthesizers form a background electronic and suddenly, a kind of electro-hip-rock makes you forget about the guitar that Pauliño loads on the cover of the EP.

The guitars are still very significant in 'Salto Alto', carried in full on the rhymes, percussion, and at the same time, many "computer music". 'Cá', aimed at Last.fm as the most listened to Julia Says last week, relaxes the listener by referring to the Death Cab For Cutie at some point. Without hesitating to stagger the various genres, Julia quotes Gorillaz, Nação Zumbi, Rage Against The Machine and even Amy Winehouse as an influence on MySpace, but the greatest source of inspiration for the group-of-two seems to be a book of Pedro Veludo, which tells the story of a girl who wanted to write a story to avoid clichés and set phrases: Julia, una embodiment of Pauliño and Anthony.

In the song that names the disk back to hear what the RATM existing project, coupled with the vibration of (almost) any electro band that comes to your head. 'Conceitual', a well-aimed song on the track, following the same rhythm, but it has very high levels of adrenaline resolved by 'Intro Mental', last track on the disc that takes up the tambourine in supporting the rest of the work.

Menos é Mais is highly instinctive, exciting, unusual and narrowly escaping the "ins", extremely versatile, perfect for the rainy day that appeared today in Sao Paulo or a sunny afternoon that makes the mountains in Rio. - Alex Correa


Júlia Says | EP | 2008
Menos é Mais | EP | 2009



Julia Says was formed in August 2007 by Anthony Diego and Pauliño Nunes
inspired by children's book "A Casa das Idéias" (The house of the ideas) with the concept of making music free, ie can walk through several musical aspects and identity.Which is a mixture of organic and electronic music inspired artists such as Itamar Assumpção, Nana Vasconcelos, Wado, Beastie Boys, Gorillaz, Prodigy among others.

The band has two EPs recorded: Júlia Says EP from 2008 and Menos é Mais EP from 2009, both released by the indie label Bazuka Discos. And 2009 released a single Onde as Fronteiras São Asas in selection Musica Reciclada by the argentine label Bazura Discos.

The duo has recorded two clips: Mohamed Saksak ( 2007 | indicated in the ninth Festival of Video of Pernambuco) and Salto Alto (2008 |
Winning the tenth Festival of Video of Pernambuco) both directed by Igor de Lyra.

In just two years the band has also performed in many festivals and venues in Brazil like:

Festival RecBeat 2008 (Recife);
Festival No Ar Coquetel Molotov 2008 (Recife);
Mostra Sesc de Artes 2008 (São Paulo and Santo André);
Festival Big Bands 2009 (Salvador);
Festival Rock-Cordel 2009 (Fortaleza);
Festival de Cinema de Triunfo (Triunfo);
Festival RecBeat SP 2009 (São Paulo);
I Continuum Festival 2009 (Recife).

The band is currently recording their third EP, due out in January 2010.