Julia Spring

Julia Spring


Julia Spring is an aspiring singer/songwriter with a country/folk rock style. Focusing more on the writing part as opposed to gig singing, she finds her call penning expressive songs about life & beliefs.


I've been writing songs for a year now. After many of life's ups and downs, I had to find a way to integrate them in a positive way, through writing and performing my songs. My inspirations come from writers I grew up with on the radio; Natalie Merchant, Stevie Nicks, Carol King, John Denver,Beatles,James Taylor, Diane Warren, but to name only a few. I like to dance like a fairy in fields of clover.


"Cherokee Rose Still Stands" written & sung by Julia Spring

Set List

I perform on Acoustic guitar, and have a few originals and do some covers that lean toward late 70's Acoustic Folk rock (very country these days), like John Denver, Joan Baez,Cheryl Crow,Bob Dylan, Jewel, etc...