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Ultimo, New South Wales, Australia | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Ultimo, New South Wales, Australia | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Garage Rock


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JuliaWhy? @ Canadian Music Week

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

JuliaWhy? @ Grace Darling Hotel

Collingwood, New South Wales, AUS

Collingwood, New South Wales, AUS

JuliaWhy? @ Moonshine

Manly, New South Wales, AUS

Manly, New South Wales, AUS



Rock band. There is so much that is synonymous with that word. Guitars. Stage dives. Circle pits. Cramped tour vans. Lead singers going solo. Eventual cash-grabbing reunion tours. Dudes. It’s funny, when you think about a band you automatically think of three to five sweaty guys with some poorly thought out tattoos. Not the case kids, there are many great female rockers out there. If you’re not sure where you should be looking then start with these nine artists below!
Let’s not use the term girl power lightly. Here are 9 female-fronted rock bands that really know how to get loose and sweaty with a guitar.

Ex Hex

Just like in The Ocarina of Time, this is a three-piece like a triforce you’ve been looking. If you’re looking for an all-female rock trio that is. I wrote about Ex Hex a while ago, and they’re a good choice to get us started. Watch out for the hairspray, vibrant pantyhose and glam rock; fronted by old-timer Mary Timony, Ex Hex are trying to bring the ‘80s back, screaming and crying, etc & so on.

Hailing from Washington D.C., the girls pump out some fun, Eagles 0f Death Metal-esque garage rock, with their years of experience not only providing some ripper lyrical themes, but also pretty tight songwriting. Also their debut album Rips received some rave reviews from most corners.

Le Butcherettes

Yet another project linked to Mars Volta’s Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (currently of Antemasque), who is god-like in his omnipresence, rock outfit Le Butcherettes is and always has been the fiefdom of Mexican-American Teri Gender Bender.

Gender Bender – let’s just call her TGB to save on time – fronts the band with a snarling vivaciousness that made her and her band fit in quite well at the just-passed Soundwave. I should know; I saw Le Butcherettes play live for only the last 20 minutes of their set, and am now deep in regret that I didn’t see more. TGB – who was born in Denver, moving to Mexico when she was a teenager, before returning to LA in adulthood – and her band thrash out a very sweaty Californian style of garage rock that at first seems incredibly simple but quickly grows on you due to the catchy and latching no-frills riffs.

St Vincent

St Vincent – aka Annie Clark – ripped up the hipster world last year with her fifth album, St. Vincent (it seriously should be a punishable offense to self-title any album that isn’t your debut, by the way). For many, St. Vincent was the best album of 2014. If that doesn’t sell her to you, I don’t know what will.

The art-rocking and show-stopping American virtuoso guitarist one-piece has also recently been on our shores, showing her face at HipsterStock (I think it’s called Laneway Festival) earlier this year, where she headlined. With her ability to throw influences around like potatoes, pull out amazing technical guitar parts out at any moment, slice through a wide range of social issues with sharp word-smithing and to shapeshift in the manner of Lady Gaga (but without the crap music) St. Vincent is an shining beacon of art and indie music.

Courtney Barnett

Indie singer/songwriter Courtney Barnett is the anthropomorphic distilled essence of every inner-city high school English teacher’s hopes and dreams as they beg the eternal didactic question: “How do I reach these kids?” This Shakespearean rambler has caught audiences around this country with her very Australian wandering poetry, even if one of her songs is about struggling whilst doing the gardening.

Barnett released her debut album only just this year, and things are looking vertical for the closest thing Australia’s got to Bob Dylan (Peter Garrett comes a close second). So vertical in fact, that’s she going to make an appearance at iconic American festival South by Southwest (or SXSW) later this year.

Dark Fair

These two lasses – one on gee-tar, one on dee-rums – come to us from Melbourne via Brisvegas. Dark Fair are slowly getting some steam under their belt, to use a mixed metaphor. As to their style of play, it’s something in between indie and garage rock, glued together with some dissonant riffs.


Sort of like a necklace, Pearls hangs around sort of close to your ears and sort of gets into your head, if you know what I mean. If the band’s name doesn’t ring any bells, unless you’ve been living under some lemon-shaped rock, you’ll probably recognise this band’s big hit, Big Shot. Some may not be a fan of this rabid shoegaze and dream-pop trend, but this band may have you reconsider. Seriously, the below song is a contender for the 2015 Hottest 100 title. Anyway, it’s not about me. It’s about the song, listen to the song.

Julia Why?

Presumably this band was eavesdropping on Kevin Rudd when they arrived at this name. Julia Why?, a trio of female frontwoman and two supporting blokes from Sydney describes themselves as “clit rock” which doesn’t really do much to describe how they sound. Simply, they’re between the straight-up garage rock of Dark Fair and the dreamier and bubblier parts of Pearls. Soon enough, they’ll have an album out, so if you like what you hear below, get ready for that rumble.

Ecca Vandal

If The Prodigy and Gwen Stefani came together, this is what you’d get. Ecca Vandal is yet another sheila from Melbourne rocking her way onto this list, which probably gives another ‘Capitol of’ title to Melbournians , who fall will over themselves to claim. Ecca Vandal has managed to sew electronica, punk, grunge and pop into a very workable sound (hence the comparisons with The Prodigy) and displays a very strong punk attitude in her work. Her interesting background (Sri Lankan via South Africa) also intrigues, and actually probably has resulted in this boundary-pushing product. - Happy

"A great blend of floaty melodies, catchy riffage and just enough of a tip of cap to days or yore. Solid song. 4 stars" - Zan Rowe, Mornings presenter on triple j

“Scratchy, frenetic, gritty and catchy as hell: 3.5/5 stars” - Dom Alessio, presenter of ‘Home & Hosed’ on triple j

“A swift kick to the earhole: 4/5 stars” - Lachie Macara, Senior Producer of triple j Unearthed

“I love the mix of axe and vox here. And straight to that lyric, it makes it all so driven. Love it: 4/5 stars” - Kyran Wheatley, triple j Weekend Breakfast presenter - triple j

Madrid garage-pop quartet Hinds (formerly Deers) are making their Australian debut this month. Ahead of all the fun, JULIA WYLIE from Sydney band Julia Why? puts 10 tough questions to Hinds’ ANA GARCIA PERROTE.

1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how borracha were you when you answered these interview questions? 1 being sober and 10 being unconscious. It’s 3pm on Thursday and I’m at about 8. Matt is about 8.5. Pete is 12.

Mmm probably 3. We are writing songs soooo we had to drink a bit, haha.

2. Who’s the grub of the band, i.e. the person that sometimes doesn’t brush their teeth or only showers when you ask them to?

Hinds: ADE. (She’s gonna kill me when she read this, haha!)

3. What the worst/best gig you’ve ever played and why? Please share all the juicy, gory, stinky details.

The worst was Toulon last tour. We played in a venue with 250 capacity but with 10 people ... 10 drugged people, no clapping, no smiling, no dancing, haha. The best ... that’s hard. Probably our last London show: we invited people to jump on stage for the first time ever, expecting three or four people to join, and suddenly there were so many people that our guitars ended up broken!

4. I lived in Spain for a year when I left high school and used to play solo shows with my acoustic guitar and everyone hated it because my music was really depressing and basically a massive downer for everyone involved. But anyway, what’s the music scene in Madrid like these days? Who are some other Spanish bands we should know about?

Spain is in a great moment! The rest of the world is starting to be able to put us in the map. That’s a big step. You should know The Parrots, Los Nastys and Lois at least!!!

5. How often do you laugh at your own jokes on stage? I personally think I’m HILARIOUS and do it pretty much all the time. I just want to know that I’m not alone…

Hahaha, you never walk alone, my friend. We do it aaaaall the time. The thing is, we are Spanish, so we do most of the jokes in Spanish, then we try to translate them so we don’t look rude, and then we only look weird, haha.

6. Have you ever had a mental blank whilst playing your best song live in front of heaps of people? Please elaborate. If you haven’t, what would you do if you did?

YES!!! A strange thing that happens to me (Ana) and Carlotta is that we completely mess with ‘Bamboo’s lyrics!!! It was the second song we wrote, more than a year ago, but we still forget that it is our turn singing it or stuff like that.

7. Tell us about a moment you won’t ever forget as a band … where/when/what happened etc.

When we gave our first gig, the 26th of April 2014. When we were told we were going to support the Black Lips. When we were told we WERE GOING TO GO TO F******ING AUSTRALIA, MAN, THAT´S HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (etc.)

8. If for some bizarre reason you had to replace yourselves with animals in the music video for ‘Bamboo’, what kind of animals would you be? Please specify a different animal for each band member.

Mmmm I hate this question. I think Ade would be a mole, Amber (I don’t know how you call it so I attach a pic, haha), CC the mouse of Tom and Jerry, and me ... Carlotta says the goose of Aristocats.

9. What’s your favourite way to pass the time while driving on tour?

Oooh, we have this game we made called WHAT WOULD YOU PREFER?. We can spend hours and hours asking ourselves questions like: “What would you prefer, having three teets or four legs???”

10. Who is the most sexy member of Julia Why? (NB: correct answer is Julia.)

It depends on the answer you’ll give to question #8!


Hinds’ latest release is last November’s ‘Barn’ EP. They’re touring Australia for the first time; dates below. Julia Why?’s latest release is last October’s free single ‘Just One Night’; watch the video. They’re supporting Hinds in Sydney; more info here.

Wed, Feb 18 – GoodGod, Sydney, NSW [w/Julia Why? + Black Zeros]

Thurs, Feb 19 – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane, QLD [w/The Courtneys]

Sat, Feb 21 – Moonshine @ The Steyne, Sydney, NSW [w/TBC]

Sun, Feb 22 – John Curtin Hotel, Melbourne
VIC [w/ScotDrakula + KT Spit] - Mess and Noise

The thought about living in a share house can be daunting for anybody, I mean what if your future housemate is a complete dick and likes lame bands. Sometimes triumphant things happen though and housemates become mates. For avid musician Julia Wylie, well she struck it rich, sharing a place with seven loud musicians.

After hearing their punchy garage rock, you won’t be asking “Julia Who?”. The name is Julia Why?, and this three piece are set for a rockin’ year.

Julia is the front woman for Sydney three-piece Julia Why? (A band name I dare say is named after her) and this crowded lifestyle has influenced the very sweet and sour tunes of Julia Why?’s punchy garage rock. The group write in a simple collaborative style that can be attributed to boozy studio improvisational jams. It also helps that their drummer Peter Beringer built and operates Audile Design, a recording studio based in Marrickville where their jams involve Julia synchronising bass with vocals while guitar duties belong to Matt Frederickson. The pair does however switch instruments from time to time to a winning effect.

2014 was a huge year for Julia Why? as the Sydney three-piece won last year’s Triple J Unearthed’s NIDA competition for their hard-hitting song Just One Night. As a reward a video clip courtesy of post-graduate National Institute of Dramatic Art students was made for Just One Night. The music video for the 90s alt rock influenced track features an American style prom night complete with unfortunately tacky vintage clothing, disco balls, spiked punch and a rebel girl the emerges from beyond the grave in riot grrrl style with a bewildering free flowing dance routine in a zombie love story scene. Spoiler: the zombie likes her meat very rare.

The band have had some more success on Triple J through their rapid-fire song Painkiller being featured on the Triple J Unearthed Aus Music Month mixtape alongside other Happy favourites Hockey Dad and Japanese Wallpaper. Painkiller is a thrashy piece of work complete with panicked vocals, speedy chords changes, long drum rolls and a feedback overloaded solo.

Their song Turntable is featured on the Inhalation Compilation cassette tape released in late 2014 by Julia’s own label EXXE Records. It features 13 bands that were associated with the share house that crowded Julia belongs to. Turntable includes a loud poppy hook, a sweet bassline with sinking guitar solo. It’s got us hook, line and sinker. It sounds great live too.

Julia Why?’s first album Part One & Part Two recorded mid 2011 showed a slightly different side of the band as it was recorded at a time when Julia Why? was a strictly solo project for Julia Wylie. Long dreamy sounds dominated on the debut album but were played with the same spirit and intensity of their newer songs. The speedy tunes of late can probably be attributed to Peter’s skilfully speedy drumming ability.

Julia Why?’s now upbeat and fast nature as a three-piece expansion is certainly a welcomed change that can probably be attributed to maximising creative ooze. Yeah artistic discharge! If 2014 is anything to go by 2015 will be a huge year for the group with a huge new album called Wheel due out in March. Watch out for a North America tour too. Up tha punx! Sydneysiders can catch Julia Why? at the following shows:

31 January, The Annandale Hotel
8 February, The Hollywood Hotel
18 February, GoodGod Small Club


At triple j Unearthed we listen to a HEAP of great music every week, so it’s not easy trying to pick out our favs. That said, we’ve gone and done just that! 10 tracks, listed below in no particular order; each one being a song special enough that it made us sit up, take note and feel feels in 2014. 

Julia Why? – Painkiller
Japanese Wallpaper – Between Friends ft. Jesse Davidson
Julia Jacklin – Santafel
Coin Banks – Think Of You ft. Homeboy Sandman, Tom Scott & Vanilla
Ceres – I Feel Fine, I Feel Sick
Slumberjack – Felon
Tobias Hengeveld – Fools Rush In
Ali Barter – Community
RaRa – Tie Dye/Spring Break ft. Martin King
JOY. – Captured - triple j

Julia, why have I only just now heard this song? Badoom-tish! Clearly I’m behind the times, but it’s better late than never, right? I love me some rock, I love me some grunge, and this new found love affair is definitely not going to be just a one night kind of thing. (Katie Langley)  

Bands like Julia Why? are the ones who make me wonder why I never went through with that high school fantasy of picking up my guitar, finding myself a denim clad band member or two and started playing gigs in venues I was too young to actually be allowed into. Why didn’t I do that Julia, why? I actually have a friend named Julia, so that isn't neccassarily just a ridiculous play on words or a rhetoric question. The clip for ‘Just One Night’ is all sorts of high school fun and the song is full of “na-na-na-na’s” so I can’t find anything not to love and well, this is our top 114 so I shouldn’t be finding things not to love, right? Julia Why? and your perfect pop punk. I demand more than one night, please and thank you. (Jo Michelmore) - It's My Kind Of Scene

Loving the sounds from Sydney’s Julia Why? !!
Get around this gal before she hits the big time & makes you look like a bandwagoner. But seriously, this song is gr8! - ADAMNOTEVE

Julia Why? features Julia Wylie — co-founder of Sydney’s EXXE Records — Matthew Frederickson
+ Peter Beringer & the label have just released the Inhalation Compilation, a 13-song compendium of their forthcoming and/or current musical treats.

The label is diverse in it’s punk rock, grunge and shoegazerish outings, as any decent label should be — everything from lo-fi offerings to gritty face-smashing noise.

As such, it’s particularly engaging when the label co-founder’s song is as good or better than anything they’re releasing, and such is the case with the song “Turntable”.

Hazy, grungy echo-laden melodic girl-driven shoegaze with a punk rock edge that keeps the treble set properly is the order of the day and Julia Why? have nailed the brief. I’m certain to (and hope to) hear more from them and from EXXE Records in future. - LOUDERSOFT

10.07.2014 — “Just One Night” by JuliaWhy?
By dlee

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Just One Night” by JuliaWhy? (2014, from the forthcoming EP Wheel).

JuliaWhy? is a pop/punk trio from Sydney. I don’t know anything about the band other than the scant information that I got in an email today and the very little bit that’s offered via their Facebook page. Their name is a derivative of the name of their frontwoman Julia Wylie. She plays in a couple of other bands as does their drummer Peter Beringer. According to the email, their other member Matt Frederickson is fanatical about country music and moonshine.

The band released a two-part EP in the summer of 2012, and I don’t think they’ve released anything else. This November, they’ll release an EP called Wheel via their own EXXE Records. Tonight’s song is a little taste of it.

I don’t know what the rest of the EP sounds like, but this song draws obvious influence from 80s/90s indie royalty Sonic Youth and Pavement. There’s a tiny bit of this that also reminds me of The Swirlies. There’s a lot of this retro 90s stuff going on right now and I absolutely love it. Especially the chiming guitars. I’m reminded specifically of the Pavement song “Unfair” (1994, from the album Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain)

In conjunction with the official release of the single “Just One Night” a couple of weeks ago, some art students at the National Institute of Dramatic Art made a video for the song, and it’s pretty freaking amazing. And I don’t mean “pretty good for some film school kids”. I mean, this is a good video. - This Is That Song

Sydney’s JuliaWhy?, a band which features members of punk extraordinary Snotty Babies, as well as The Cathys, King Tears Mortuary, and Sleep Debt. But whilst these projects cover a variety of genres, JuliaWhy? present a much more slick and gothy version of garage rock.

On their new one “Just One Night”, there’s a strong Yeah Yeah Yeahs richness there, which is also permeated in the video.

Developed by some hella talented NIDA students, it resembles that clip for “Heads Will Roll”, only instead of a snazzy, ponytailed werewolf, there’s a pretty zombie. Whilst the beginning looks like things are about to get a little Carrie-d away (BOOM! Fuck I am GOOD!), they take a turn for the Footloose, as our enraptured and undead lovers prom out to some excellent garage jams courtesy of JuliaWhy? - Soundly Sounds

Interview with JuliaWhy? - Feature Artist

Sydney garage pop three piece JuliaWhy? make songs that are like a prickle behind your neck and end up like a punch to the face. They were one of our 2014 NIDA winners, which saw them have this video clip filmed for them by post-grad NIDA students and premiered on rage. 

Tell us about your music. How did you develop your sound?

I’ve been playing music and writing songs since I was 10. So the sound we have now has been a long time in the making and has gone through a lot of stages. I’ve spent a long time listening to all different kinds of music. But the songs I’ve recently written have definitely been influenced by all the local music that’s been happening all around me - living in a sharehouse with seven other people that also make music. The music we write as a band now is pretty collaborative. We usually drink a few beers, get a bit tipsy, go to the studio (Peter the drummer built a recording/rehearsal studio called Audile Design in Marrickville) and jam and things tend to happen organically from there.

What’s your greatest source of inspiration for making music?

A long neck of Coopers Red. Jokes! Nah I’m not sure I’ve always just had to make music - it’s a lot of fun, it’s therapeutic, it stops me going insane and that’s a pretty big source of inspiration in itself. I get very angry about stupid things like politics and the state of the world and if I didn’t have music to deal with it I would probably be dead by now.

You’re one of the winners of our NIDA competition and had the opportunity to work with a NIDA directing student to create a film clip for your track ‘Just One Night’. Could you talk us through that process?

It was really fun and we were lucky because we live in Sydney we got to kind of become friends with the director and the designer of the clip. They came to a few of our live shows to see what kind of personality we have I guess. We drank a few beers together and chatted about stuff. They asked us to send them music videos we absolutely hated. Which was good. They asked us “What is a definite no go zone” and I said “No lame party scenes with red cups.” Then they went away and came up with a concept which they pitched to me the day before I left for Sri Lanka for 5 weeks. While I was away we emailed each other and then we filmed the day I got back. Filming that day was a lot of fun. I was buzzing from jetlag/excitement at seeing all these people working together to create something.

What can punters at a JuliaWhy? live show?

Really, really fast drumming.

What Australian track would you play to cheer up someone who was crying?

'Stay at Home Dads' by Beef Jerk followed by ‘Sun Up’ by Day Ravies.
What Australian track would you play to someone to make them cry?
'Cotton' by Beef Jerk (unreleased yet) and definitely 'BalladHEAD' by Mope City.

You’re the DJ at a party. The dance floor is pumping. What Australian track do you put on next?

'Lick the Pip' by Housewives.

What was the last local gig you went to? How was it?

My friend put on a festival at the Marrickville Bowling Club called ‘Building Bridges for Refugees.’ Dick Diver and Holy Balm headlined, Roamin’ Catholics played, as did Day Ravies, DAG from Brisbane, Destiny 3000… so many bloody great bands it was bloody fantastic. In fact here’s the link. It sold out and they made about $8000 to donate to Bridge for the Asylum Seeker Foundation so it was amazing!!!

Tell us about the bands or people in the Newcastle music community that inspire you.

We don’t live in Newcastle haha but there are some great bands from there - Bacon Cakes is my personal favourite. The Sufferjets too. But my local scene is based mainly around Marrickville in Sydney. It’s ridiculous how many good bands are coming out of there. In fact my friend and I are starting a record label EXXE RECORDS and putting out a mixtape that has a song from each of the 13 bands from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane that started at the share house we lived in together, or played shows there, or slept on our couch while they were on tour etc etc. So yeah it’s pretty amazing to be kind of part of it and I feel it needs to be documented some way - hence the mixtape.

What are your plans for the rest 2014?

In terms of JuliaWhy? we’re going to try make ourselves a video to release another single and then put out the album digitally and on cassette by the end of the year. Then we’ll tour and then it’s world domination… obviously. - triple j


By Kate Iselin @kateiselin - Photography by MR OWL.

JuliaWhy? are a pop-meets-punk trio fresh out of Sydney's west. Comprised of lead singer Julia Wylie, guitarist/bassist Matt Frederickson, and drummer Peter Beringer; JuliaWhy? are the most recent winners of the Triple J Unearthed competition, which has seen them release a film clip for their hit Just One Night, made in collaboration with final-year film students from NIDA. The video, which tells the story of a zombie going to a school formal (no, really) is just like JuliaWhy? themselves: very sweet, a little dark, and totally eccentric.

We met with them on one rainy Saturday afternoon in their Marrickville home base - a recording studio run by drummer Peter Beringer - and over pork rolls and beer, we quizzed them about their success.

Backyard Opera: So, tell me about JuliaWhy?. How long have you guys been together?

Julia Wylie: As a three-piece, we've been together now for about a year.

Matt Frederickson: Wouldn't it be a year and a half, maybe two?

Peter Beringer: No way.

MF: Easily a year and a half. Anyway.

JW: I used to be a singer-songwriter and play by myself, under the same name, since about 2008. I've had lots of different bands, but this is the one that's kind of stuck.

BO: Why do you think that is?

JW: (laughing) It's just, like, the chemistry between us all...I mean, Pete's an amazing drummer -

PB: I'm not a drummer -

JW: - which really helps, I think, pull things together -

PB: - I'm a percussionist.

JW - and Matt is great on the guitar. I'm not sure what it is exactly. We just all get along, we're friends; Pete is my boyfriend and I've been friends with Matt for a really long time.

MF: I used to go to watch your solo shows; I've known Jules for years.

PB: I just drifted in, really, on the wind...

JW: When I first met Pete, he was talking about wanting to set up a studio, and then I spoke to Matt and found out that he was thinking the same thing. I was like, you guys totally need to get together. We all got along very easily and we began to write songs together very easily as well.

BO: Tell me about your process when writing songs.

PB: Well, it's different now to how it would be if [Julia was] a solo artist. Now, someone just starts playing a riff and someone else plays along...a lot of it just evolves out of improvisation.

MF: It's very intuitive as well. It's pretty simple music, and it comes together very quickly.

PB: It's taken a bit of time for it all to settle in to its place though, for us to develop that rapport so we can improvise well together. Our tunes really come out of that, organically. One of us can develop a melody just by singing gibberish.

JW: We don't do that so much, though. (laughing) I usually write the lyrics...I think that's just Pete's songwriting process. A lot of the songs on this album [Wheel, due out in November] are songs I've written previously...and then the rest, we've written together.

BO: What inspired you when working on the album?

MF: Other music. We all have pretty broad tastes -

PB: We're all pretty eclectic. Anything but opera.

JW: We've been inspired by a lot of local music. I was living in a sharehouse in Marrickville, when I was still solo, and everyone else living there was in a band. So it was Housewives, Ghastly Spats, Mope City, and all these bands that play really gnarly music. They'd all practise in the house, and it just came in to my subconscious. That's when I noticed that my music changed completely, because I was so influenced by all the bands around me.

PB: We got a lot faster when I joined.

JW: Pete is a really fast drummer, so everything has become really fast and loud recently. And Matt is a country fan...

MF: We try to put different influences in to it. This album is pretty straightforward, but looking at the next bunch of songs we're writing there is a broader variety [of influences] there. I guess it's just about us trying to put little bits and tastes of genres in to our songs.

PB: I was listening to Pantera yesterday, and when I think about someone like Dimebag Darrell - may he rest in peace - they've been a big influence on us. Being a good Texan, his father was a musician, and he was a really good country player - but he seamlessly put country music in to really cheesy groove metal.

JW: (laughing) What? I don't even know who they are!

PB: I'm serious! You listen, I'll play it for you...they played country and blues, and heavy metal.

JW: I hate metal.

PB: It's all pop music. If it's got drums, bass, guitar, and singing - it's pop music. No matter how fast, or loud, or noisy it is - it's pop music.

BO: How would you describe your music, then?

PB: Pop music! Guitar, bass, and drums.

MF: There's melody.

PB: It's pop!

MF: It has punk elements, as well.

JW: I like lyrics, I like trying to say something when I sing. I write a lot about politics, I've always written songs about politics.

 BO: Okay. So, final question - where do you see yourselves in five years?

(long pause)

PB: I will probably be completely bald by then.

Juliawhy?'s EP, Wheel, is released through EXXE Records in mid-November. To watch their most recent clip or check out their schedule, find them on Facebook under Juliawhy? or follow them at http://juliawhy.bandcamp.com. - Backyard Opera

Getting Cozy With: JuliaWhy?
By A Music Blog, Yea? on October 20, 2014 @aliciaatout

Hey lovely people that read A Music Blog, Yea?.
I’m the frontwoman of a band called JuliaWhy? We’re a three piece from Sydney, Australia. Two boys and one girl (that’s me).

We’ve been together for about a year but I started writing songs when I was ten years old. People say we sound and look like we’re from the 90s (PJ Harvey and Kim Gordon are two of my greatest inspirations, after all.) But yeah we play “garage rock/pop” I suppose. Someone said we’re a bit punk/goth too – a la Siouxsie & The Banshees (biggest compliment ever).

We’ve just released our first single ‘Just One Night’ and a music video too. The music video was made because we won a competition through Triple J – an Australia-wide radio station. We’re pretty lucky and I hope you like the video – it’s pretty funny I think.
We’re going to release about eight more tunes through a label I’m starting with my friend called EXXE RECORDS. The record will be called ‘WHEEL’ and we’re putting it out on cassette cause they’re super cute (and cheap to make).

We’d love to come and play some tunes in Canada next year – invite us? Hehe.

Lots of love,
Julia from JuliaWhy? - A MUSIC BLOG, YEA? (CANADA)

That scene in that generic film - the school formal, the prom, the dance, whatever you want to call it, it’s always made me wonder if the reason it’s so popular is because so many people relate and if so many people relate, then why do high schools keep having social occasions? It's been a while since I was in high school. Maybe they don't anymore. Maybe they happen on a social app that I don't know exists because I'm over the age of 19. Stop talking about how old I am. Enough about that. I'm with heaps of others I'm sure when I say, in my humble teenage opinion, my school formal sucked. It sucked balls. Whenever I think of it I have flashbacks of Carrie, but then realise that was a movie, not actually my life. I'm gonna assume a lot of people have the same problem, 'cause that makes me feel better.

Which brings me to Julia Why? who have replaced my Carrie flashbacks with those that involve a satin frilled shirt, a denim vest, a hipster pretending not to be, crepe paper, some Kate Bush moves, a parasol lollipop, some seriously awesome retro patterned carpet and a final scene that sums up the previous three and a half minutes perfectly, as well as the way I wish some of my final school dances went. Maybe. Combine all of these things with a super catchy, poppy, punky, guitar driven, "na na na na" song and I have a whole new set of memories to replace the irritating real life ones of my teenage years.

They also make the clip for ‘Just One Night’ which also happens to be one of the JJJ Unearthed NIDA winners. For all the bitching that happens about JJJ, they promote a lot of great talent in this talent soaked island of ours. The easy to love pop punk sounds of Julia Why? and this hilarious, cute, storytelling clip of theirs are proof of that.

Jo Michelmore gives ‘Just One Night’ three and a half Karen O heads out of five… - It's My Kind Of Scene

Julia Why? - Just One Night

Following up from the chill vibes Julia Why? lift the intensity with their single, Just One Night and at the time of publication they have 500 likes (so we're cheating a bit). It's a track edged with jangly guitars and interspliced male and female vocals that drift in and out with those guitars. Indeed, it's the guitars that draw you in against a soundbed of drums before the vocals really come to the fore in the second part of the song. Hailing from Sydney, Just One Night is their most recent track in two years according to their Bandcamp, here is to hoping they've got more 'clit rock' as they term it. - Pilerats

Julia Why? – Just One Night
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Now, back to Sydney (I think there is a bit of a geographical theme materializing on my blog). Garage-pop group, Julia Why? have sprung out of nowhere with this new sound (according to their soundcloud this is their only song, but previous efforts on their MySpace page are almost ethereal sounding) with their sprightly single, Just One Night.

To me, the song seems to be an amalgamation of many musical influences (reminds me of late 90s punk to an extent). Their drums are frenetic and Julia’s vocals are almost syrupy over this catchy guitar line – I really enjoyed the guitars!

JuliaWhy? recently won the Triple J Unearthed NIDA competition 2014, and have released a new music video for their single ‘Just One Night’ – off their new EP ‘Wheel’ due out on EXXE Records in November.

Final year film direction students from the National Institute of Dramatic Art created this music video, from the narrative and concept through to filming and editing, as part of NIDA’s partnership with triple j Unearthed.

If this song catches your fancy get it for free on their BANDCAMP. - Adam Sturrock


In a city where live music seems beset on all sides by profiteers, uptight councils and poor music in general, and the words ‘female singer songwriter’ often carry heavy Missy Higgins-esque connotations, JuliaWhy? is a bit of a rarity. Her music is melancholy and brooding, and her enthusiasm for it is boundless.

Already working as a producer on FBi’s The Bridge, as well as playing shows around Sydney, Julia is adding yet another task to her already bulging list. She’s putting on her own show dedicated to showcasing other female singer songwriters who don’t suck.

The night will include performances from Madelaine Lucas (A Casual End Mile), Daisy Tulley (Bridezilla), Gisele Rossilini (Melbourne) and of course the ever lovely JuliaWhy? and will be held at El Rocco’s Jazz Cellar (Bar Me) on October 28th.

As I’m such a sucker for female musos, I fell over myself for the chance to invoivle myself with these lovely ladies.

Music Feeds: So before I get into it I first wanted to ask about your name JuliaWhy?

JuliaWhy?: Well….it’s a nice little pun of my actual name…which will remain a secret forever! I also think a lot of my songs are all about questioning why the world is the way it is. Plus I just like the way the word “JuliaWhy?” looks with the curve of the question mark and no spaces.

MF: What made you want to put on a show like this?

JW: Well I wanted to put on a night where friends and supporters who came to see me play would also really love the other people that are performing on the night. I’ve played so many gigs where the other acts just don’t fit and that means people only stick around for the act they came to support. I wanted to book a night of quality music where people will feel they got their moneys’ worth as well as discovering and enjoying new local artists.

MF: What can we expect from the night then?

JW: Moody melodies that haunt the room and bittersweet songs that feel light and dark at the same time….is that wanky enough?

MF: Yes, plenty wanky enough for us, we’re not Pitchfork after all. Do you have any ‘horror stories’ of rubbish gigs?

JW: Countless! You need to have them though – it makes you tougher and reminds you not to take yourself too seriously because some people somewhere will just not give a shit about your music – but that’s ok! They don’t have to! However I think the gig that tops my list of “rubbish gigs” was when I played before this guy whose myspace was pretty much a shrine to himself; watching panoramic close-up photos of his face gliding across the page was really unsettling – then to actually see him play live was as obnoxious as one would imagine, his best song called something like “Two Hot Girls In A Pick-Up Truck.” It got to the point where he started pointing out “hot chicks” in the audience. It was actually hilariously unbelievable because he was serious! As soon as he finished his set he left, with his parents, without watching any of the other acts. Oh his greasy long hair and tight white chesty Bond T continues to inspire me.

Then there have been horror stories of my own gigs of course. I used to be such an emotional wreck that I started crying onstage mid-song much to the dismay of onlookers. And there have been the “G-day luv, show us ya tits”-type audience members that frequent RSL clubs – alas the joys of starting out young.

MF: Indeed. So we’ve established you’re not putting on your usual muso in the corner at the Sando type of gig, how then would you describe your own music as well as those of the other bands playing, and what is it about them that unifies them?

JW: Hmmm I think what unifies all the acts of the night is their melodic melancholy, their ability to give you chills with ethereal soprano vocals, and their interesting musicianship. I also think a lot of the artists have similar musical influences.

MF: All the bands are fronted by young female performers as well, was that intentional or coincidental?

JW: To be honest it was intentional. The term “female singer songwriter” can generate negative connotations among the Sydney “scene-ster” community because it’s a term that’s used to describe too broad an array of artists. I’ve read so many popular reviews that dismiss artists based on the fact that they fall into this “genre.” No – we don’t all sound the same. I guess I wanted to put this show on to prove that “female singer songwriters” can be interesting, challenging and captivating.

MF: Cool. Has it been hard making the move from performer to promoter?

JW: Well this is actually the first gig I’ve organised so it’s a bit early to tell. I wouldn’t really call myself a promoter, but I guess producing The Bridge on FBi means I’m exposed to really great new Sydney musicians every week –musicians I think deserve attention and musicians that I want to perform with! My heart has always been in performing but my head has held me back for years now. Recently I finally stopped dithering about whether or not I should do music, whether or not people would like it, whether or not I’d fail, and just started getting on with it and booking gigs.

MF: How has that been going?

JW: My experience of performing in Sydney has always been pretty positive. Most venues I approach are really welcoming. However I think the frustrating thing about being new and relatively unknown is the fact that Sydney is the money city. Gigs are put on to make money. So there aren’t a whole lot of spaces for people to get to know your music. I also think, first and foremost, musicians and bands need to work together more. If you can get a bunch of great musicians together to play one gig, people will want to stay and listen. I think people should try to help each other more rather than compete.

MF: Totally, especially with all the bullshit going on at the moment. With all the turmoil with venues like The Hopetoun and The Annandale, are you concerned about the scene’s future? Do you have any ideas to improve the situation?

JW: Yes I’m definitely concerned about the state of Sydney’s music scene. It seems like live music venues are closing everywhere. I wish local councils would be more supportive of live music venues and quit their whining about OH&S and noise complaints. I wish people didn’t feel they have to be careful all the time – in my opinion Sydney-ites should be a little more daring, a little more carefree and have a little more of a “fuck this, let’s put on our own night” type attitude so we can foster a supportive musical culture that’s based on like minded people. I think a lot of art spaces, warehouses and makeshift venues in peoples’ houses are popping up around the place more and more that are supportive of new local acts and that’s really encouraging.

MF: Do you have any recommendations of other artists you think deserve more attention?

JW: I think Daisy, Maddy and Giselle are great artists. Apart from that, Boy&Bear are really exciting and I also respect Jack Colwell’s music. Jess Chalker has some beautiful poetry in her lyrics. Crusade and The Spirits have a lot of potential. Kyu are amazing – my band crush actually. In terms of old school classics that I still love and listen to? Pj Harvey, The Triffids, The Birthday Party, Mazzy Star, Laughing Clowns and The Fall….bliss!

JuliaWhy? plays El Rocco’s Jazz Cellar (Bar Me) on October 28th with Madelaine Lucas (A Casual End Mile), Daisy Tulley (Bridezilla) and Gisele Rossilini (Melbourne). For more information check out her Myspace page.

http://musicfeeds.com.au/music/juliawhy/ - Music Feeds Editor Michael Carr

New rock from the land down under. Sydney pop-punk three piece JuliaWhy? recently won the Triple J Unearthed NIDA competition 2014, and have released a new music video for their single “Just One Night” off their new EP Wheel. What I’m digging about the new song is that it has an early alt-rock ’90s sound about it. Check it out below.

JuliaWhy? are made up of Julia Wylie (singer/guitarist/bassist), Peter Beringer (drummer) and Matt Frederickson (guitarist/bassist).

Socialize with JuliaWhy? via the following: Facebook / Twitter - EarBuddy

Sydney pop-punk three piece JuliaWhy? recently won the Triple J Unearthed NIDA competition 2014, and have released a new music video for their single ‘Just One Night’ – off their new EP ‘Wheel‘ (due out on EXXE Records in November).

The music video was premiered on ABC’s RAGE last week and JuliaWhy? were triple J Unearthed Feature Artist of the Week.

Final year film direction students from the National Institute of Dramatic Art created this music video, from the narrative and concept through to filming and editing, as part of NIDA’s partnership with triple j Unearthed. On the making of the video, lead singer of JuliaWhy? says, “I had no idea what to expect to be honest but I’m really pleased with how it turned out. It looks amazing and it’s pretty hilarious – fun but dark.”

JuliaWhy? are made up of Julia Wylie (singer/guitarist/bassist), who also plays in Snotty Babies and The Cathys. Peter Beringer (drummer) runs Audile Design (a recording studio in Marrickville, Sydney) and plays drums in Sleep Debt and King Tears Mortuary. He has recorded/mixed bands like Day Ravies, Ghastly Spats and Red Red Kroovy. Matt Frederickson (guitarist/bassist) is obsessed with country music and wishes he could make a living brewing moonshine, much to Julia’s dismay.

Up Coming Shows:
Saturday 1st November - The Captain Cook Hotel, Sydney, NSW w/ TBC
Saturday 8th November - 107 Projects, Redfern, Sydney NSW,  EXXE Records Launch

Media Praise:
“Scratchy, frenetic, gritty and catchy as hell.” – Dom Alessio, triple j Home & Hosed

“A swift kick to the earhole.” 4 stars - Lachie Macara, triple j

“I love the mix of axe and vox here. And straight to that lyric, it makes it all so driven. Love it.” - Kyran Wheatley, triple j Weekend Breakfast

“JuliaWhy? present a slick and gothy version of garage rock. On their new one “Just One Night”, there’s a strong Yeah Yeah Yeahs richness there.” – Ryan Saar, Soundly Sounds


Pop Punk: JuliaWhy? | Just One Night
by Fecking Deadly · October 9, 2014


Sydney pop-punk trio JuliaWhy? recently won the Triple J Unearthed NIDA competition 2014, and have released a new music video for their single Just One Night, taken from new EP Wheel which is due out on EXXE Records in November.

Final year film direction students from the National Institute of Dramatic Art created this music video, from the narrative and concept through to filming and editing, as part of NIDA’s partnership with triple j Unearthed.

On the making of the video, lead singer of JuliaWhy? says, “I had no idea what to expect to be honest but I’m really pleased with how it turned out. It looks amazing and it’s pretty hilarious – fun but dark.”

JuliaWhy? are made up of Julia Wylie (singer/guitarist/bassist), Peter Beringer (drums) and Matt Frederickson (guitarist/bassist).
Have a look at the video for Just One Night below. - Fecking Deadly

Featured on 'Mess & Noise TV' - Mess and Noise

Sydney's JuliaWhy? are a trio made up of Julia Wylie (singer/guitarist/bassist), Peter Beringer (drums) and Matt Frederickson (guitarist/bassist). Between Julia and Peter they play in a bunch of sweet lo-fi bands - Snotty Babies, The Cathys, King Tears Mortuary to name a few. Recently they won a comp and had some talented film students make them a video for their new single 'Just One Night', off their new EP 'Wheel' (due out on EXXE Records in November). The video is shot brilliantly and really captures that 90's esque sound that Julia Why? harbour. I can image being a loner zombie at my school prom and having Julia Why? playing in the background. I would feel out of place, everyone else would stand and stare and the band would sound amazing. - Soundproof Kennel

triple j Unearthed have announced the winners of their National Institute of Dramatic Arts film clip competition.

The winning acts submitted their songs to triple j Unearthed over the past few weeks, and have scored a music video courtesy of NIDA, to be directed by one of its students.

Hats off to our big winners:

Coin Banks - 'Thomas Lawrence'

Julia Why - 'Just One Night'

Rosie Catalano - 'Hearts'(featuring Jack Carty)

Halcyon Drive - 'Whitewash'

Jasia - 'Inverbatim'

Loose Change - 'Grown Up (featuring Jeswon)'

Zack Buchanan - 'Home'

Get up on all of our competitions over at triple j Unearthed. - Australian Broadcasting Corporation


2014 second album 'Wheel' released through new indie label EXXE RECORDS

2011 debut self titled album recorded in July with Lachlan Wood in Melbourne

2011 demo recorded with Lincoln Brown of The Ghastly Spats/ Housewives

2010 demo recorded with Sydney artist Brian Campeau



A slick goth version of garage rock/pop, JuliaWhy? have just released their newest single 'Just One Night' to rave reviews. After winning the triple j Unearthed/NIDA music video competition, JuliaWhy? were named triple j Feature Artist of the Week and gained high rotation airplay on the Australia-wide station. Since then, they have been featured in blogs across the globe - from Scotland and the UK through to Canada and the United States. Now the band, led by Bikini Kill-esque front woman Julia, will release their EP 'Wheel' through new Sydney indie label EXXE Records.

Band Members