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Fast running water

Written By: Julia Zhuravkova

Comment: this song is written to be similar to Ukrainian folk song.

Water ran fast
Down the valley
The Cossack fell in love with
The girl with black hair
And he is wooing her


Yoi-yoi, fast running water
Yoi, water running down the valley
Why don’t you love me?

He is wooing her
But she is going to marry another guy

Wait for a while

Written By: Julia Zhuravkova

Wait for a while!

You were walking down the street
In the early spring.
You were carrying the Kusturica movie
And beer to your home.
And maybe you will not recall the one
Who favoured you with a smile… Please wait!
Oh my darling…

Wait for a while and take a look around!
Please fulfill my little whim:
Favour me with your smile.
It is so easy –
To say “Hello!”

You are in your office since 9 am
You are so serious
That I can’t come to you
And maybe you will not recall the one
Who were sitting and smiling
At the table next to you
Oh my darling…

You settled in my house
Just one floor above me
But maybe you will not recall
How the girl with the cat who lives next to you
Were smiling to you…
Oh my darling…


Written By: Julia Zhuravkova

We walk through life –
Me and you together and alone…
My glance is far from
Where it was yesterday

Time is passing by and it changes us
It erases our points of contact…
We still remember the times of sincerity
But it doesn’t mean anything now!


Reload –
Still can save us!
Reload –
Is the only chance for us!
Reload –
Is the inevitable exit from the net
You only need to make up your mind
And find resources in you soul!

I still find letters in the mailbox
But they are without smiles…
Maybe it’s not you who is writing to me
Just the spamming software?

I still write verses to you
But it looks like encoding is wrong
Will you ever be out of the net?
I will not be waiting forever!