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Julie & Brownie are veteran performers that have been delighting children with their award winning mix of fun-filled songs and important educational messages for almost two decades. Their performances have earned them critical praise and launched them on tours throughout the eastern U.S. and Canada.


Julie and Brownie have been in existence since 1991 and have delighted family audiences for almost two decades. Their award winning mix of fun-filled songs and important educational messages for children has earned critical praise and has launched them on tours throughout the eastern United States and Canada. They have written two children’s books, "The Streamlined Double Decker Bus,” and “A Pirate’s Life for Me,” and have appeared in dozens of publications, as well as on radio and television. Recently, they had the wonderful opportunity to write five educational songs for Alinea Publishing in Denmark for an educational textbook that will assist the Danish children in learning the English language. The songs include “Tell Me About It” – a song on adjectives; “Talking Hands” – a communication song that uses sign language; “People, Places, Things We Call Them Nouns” – no explanation necessary; “That’s Where the Action Is” a verb song; and “The Holiday Jam” – an American Holiday song.

With their new show, “Healthy Choices,” Julie and Brownie cover many different topics. The show can be tailored toward any one main topic such as healthy eating and exercise, diversity, tolerance or safety. With music, comedy, audience participation and visuals, Julie and Brownie are not just advising, but stimulating the children into making their own decisions and choices for themselves. They use songs and dance movements to talk about the food pyramid. Their performance includes a packet that includes game pages and educational material.

Additionally, a veteran performer since 1965, Brownie has composed songs for The Kingston Trio ("Rolling River",) The Irish Rovers, Nova (PBS), Atlantic Music Corp. and others. Brownie has appeared on stage with Jay Leno, Theo Bikel, Tom Paxton, and many more. His music has been published worldwide.

Julie, (Ashley Hughes) has been on stage since age six. She has a Bachelors in musical theater and dance and has done many theater productions throughout New England and she spent a year studying and performing in London, England. She is a brilliant performer and a welcome addition to the act.


The Rainbow Family

Written By: Brownie Macintosh

All my friends
They come in colors
They’re my sisters and my brothers

We are as happy as we can be
Living in a rainbow family
The key on my piano are black and white
They don’t look the same but they sound so right
Play them together and hear them bring
Music for the songs we love to sing

I can see a rainbow in every sky
You can too if you only try
All you have to do is open your eyes
And if anyone should ask you why tell ‘em

There’s lots and lots of instrument sin the band
Some are small, soma are grand
Some made of metal and some of wood
Put ‘em all together and they sure sound good

Any old time there’s a job to do
She can do it, he can too!
When we work together we surely see
The importance of equality!

Some like red, some like blue
Some like every color I do too
Some stick with the old Some stick with the new
But as for me I’ll stick with you!


The Streamlined Double Decker Bus
The Great Veg-Out
The Country Kitchen Band
Better Buddy Up
The Rainbow Family
Talking Hands
Believe in Yourself
and many more...

Set List

Normal show length is 45 minutes, normally 10-14 songs with patter between. This can be altered for individual needs. The songs are original, no covers.