Julie Corbalis

Julie Corbalis


Just a gal and her acoustic. Also lead singer of the rock band, Jules and the Family.


Thanks to her dad's obsession with the Beatles and some incredible music educators along the way, Jules has been musical her whole life. Her feel is early 60's rock and roll; some influences include British invasion bands such as the Beatles and Stones, as well American rockers Aerosmith, The Black Crowes and Sheryl Crow. What sets her apart from other bands? Jules shines at the live gigs. Every show is a jam session that welcomes all closeted and professional musicians in the audience: anything goes. Both men and women easily identify with her stories about the less glorified sides of relationships and life. Bottom line: Nobody leaves the party without feeling like they just made a new friend.


Melt Away

Written By: Julianne Corbalis

Well, it's a hundred degrees in the shade
and it feels like the sun's been up for days
watch the people hurry by
in search of shelter from the sky
in the hopes that they don't melt away

There's not much one can do in this heat
'cept maybe grab your shoes and head to the street
The school kids play by that old red hydrant
they've imagined into a mermaid's fountain
and just hope that they don't melt away

Cuz it's so hard to find
some little things to cool my mind
in this hot New York City night
There must be some dark dive
where I can drink myself into Winter time in this
hot New York City night

The mayor gets on TV
he says we must conserve
the little oil in reserve from underground
But as he sleeps inside his big white castle
with his blankets wrapped and his AC blastin'
I can feel myself melting away


The animals move slowly
and the people follow suit
My flowers are all dying
'cuz there's no water for their roots
I don't know when I turned my head
and Summer turned to Fall

Greek Song

Written By: Julianne Corbalis

Well I’d never seen
The East side of the world
Or the right half of the globe, no no no
Just a little trip we take
On an airplane in the sky
When all you see for miles is the ocean.

That’s where we talk about the things we’ve seen before
Like chasin’ zebras down the African folklore
Or sleepin’ with the stars in Sweden way up North
You cannot top my best experience I’m sure

Just a bunch of strangers meet in a city built on ruins
They got no clue to what they’re doin’ that’s for sure
A crazy little white haired man said he’s come to lead us down
Into the history of this town if it kills him

That’s where we talk about the things we’ve seen before
My trip to Mexico in Spring of ’94.
And although Greece is nice I miss the Jersey Shore
You cannot top my best experience I’m sure

Seven different islands in a span of three long weeks
In a country I don’t speak the language
Change my money, learn to say “Yasso” as the natives all walk by
And I no longer wonder why they don’t like me

It’s ‘cuz I talk about the things I’ve seen before
I preach America’s the best but I’m not sure
And though it’s cheap here I wish dollars were worth more
You cannot top my best experience I’m sure

A week and change into the trip and I’m feelin’ so rundown
We spent our drachmas in Old Town and we’re tired, so tired
The Post Office went on strike back home our families are wonderin’
If they’ll just ever seen their daughters back on stateside.

’Cuz we longer talk of things we’ve seen before
because we never want to leave Homeric tours
and we realize New York can take the loss
of thirty teachers who all love their summers off.

Aunt Margaret

Written By: Julianne Corbalis

I’m am waiting here tonight
To see if I’ve got to make that trip tomorrow
Cause I just visited last night
And now I know it won’t be long,
I know it won’t be long

You’ve had a good life
A good family, and good countryside
Don’t be scared now, as you prepare to die
Cause we’ll all be here waiting…

You were waiting there tonight
Hoping no one might come to see you this way
You had no use for tubes and pills
All you wanted was your hair brushed,
you wanted was your feet rubbed

And you say, “I might have had a good life,
I know all this, I’m not ready to die.”
All my family is here by my bedside
And they’ll all be here waiting

I might have had a good life
I know all this I’m not ready to die
Don’t be scared now as you prepare to die
Cause we’ll all be here waiting.

Now you’re not waiting anymore
You’ve got a smile on your face
What’s left of your soul
No one knows where you’ve gone
All we know it’s a place
Where you’ll live on and on and on

Now you say, “Things ain’t bad around here.
There goes Momma, and Raymond my dear.
All my family is meeting me here
So don’t be afraid, ‘cause I’m not alone
I’ve got all who’ve passed before me
And now they’re my home.”


Jules and the Family, by Jules and the Family
(Jules is the frontwoman of this rockin' band)
All tracks can be streamed on www.juliecorbalis.com.
Upcoming solo album, Fall 2005

Set List

Typical set list contains about 15 songs. Generally gigs go from 8-12AM, about an hour a set. Originals include Greek Song, Melt Away, God, Apology #14 and Aunt Margaret, just to name a few. Covers include classic rock favorites such as the Beatles, Tom Petty, Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, CCR, U2, Sheryl Crow, Elvis Costello, Nancy Sinatra, and John Denver.