Julie Forester

Julie Forester


I sing raw emotionally driven songs with hit you hard lyrics and a southern swampy soul...Country Music with RAW emotion...not like anything else out there:)


Julie was born in Houston, Texas, but has lived all over the world. She really can claim the artist stereo type as having a gypsy soul having moved over 19 times!!! Her journey as an artist started small singing in church choirs and friend’s weddings. Eventually it blossomed into performances at the Picadilly Theatre in London, England and concert halls all over New York, Holland, Ireland and Scotland; only to land in Nashville, Tennessee frequenting the local songwriter bars and the world famous Bluebird Café on occasion.

You could say she has either had artist career A.D.D. or just has a very eclectic appetite for all things challenging...I prefer the latter. “ Lately I think that if I would have just stuck to musical theatre or acting I might really have ‘made it’ by now, but alas not the way it turned out. I think now I just chalk all my different types of performing and music experiences up to what makes me, me.” It all started when my loveable mom put me on the stage at vacation bible school in San Antonio, TX when I was five. Being the musician that my mom is, she was amazed that I could sing in tune at such a young age. She then made it her mission for my brother, sister and I all to learn a musical instrument…I basically can't ever remember not performing, preparing or playing in something. I did everything… business luncheons, theatre, church mission trips, all state choirs, vocal competitions...everything really that I had an opportunity to do…there I was.

My voice got me into one of the top colleges in the nation at the time. I had no business being there based on my SAT scores, and to the conservatory's disgust I really LOVED country and musical theatre music; which didn't fit in too well with Schubert, Mozart and Puccini. So I finished up my BA in Communications instead of Music. After a twisted romantic encounter in beautiful Seattle, WA, I got into grad school in New York City, an experience that completely shaped, changed and affected everything about me. My time in NYC opened my eyes to a whole new perspective on life, people, cultures and it was the first time I figured out who I was. Because of my experiences in New York and the MA I received, I was able to achieve what I thought to be my ticket into the musical career I had always wanted...being in a professional West End (Broadway) show in London, England. Ragtime was such a fabulous experience for me, but it showed me how much hard work goes into what I do. Doing eight shows a week is no picnic, and I had never worked that hard in my whole life. It wasn't till I starred in an UK/European tour as “Eva Cassidy” in a story about her life called, Over the Rainbow that I actually fell in love with performing and being out on the road.

All my time overseas and experiences in LA and New York have only started to prepare for me for my journey as an artist here in Music City. One of my college professors always said to me that, “… life is a process…” I don’t think I ever fully grasped the truth of his statement till I realized my true calling was the arts…in all it’s struggles and constant indecision. Writing music is still a relatively new to me, having only started writing my own in 2003. Being back in Nashville living, writing, creating and performing, while juggling a day job is something I do not plan to ever leave again...well at least not for good. I have taken breaks here and there to try and do something else with my life…things that might have brought me a bit more financial and emotional security, (would be nice) but nothing else ever stuck. I believe in the end that my endeavors and choices make me a better writer, singer, performer and overall person. Pursuing this life in music is my choice, even though I think it is the only true option I ever had.


I have had singles played on various Internet and Digital Radio stations...but my only released EP was released June '08 entitled "Dance With Me" and it is available on CD Baby, Itunes etc.,

Set List

I can do any amount of songs I usually perform about 8-10 songs in Nashville gigs, but have performed for three hours straight in Europe. I have also sung various cover tunes ranging from.."Let's Give Them Something To Talk About" to Eva Cassidy's "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". The sky is the limit with covers...it usually depends on the gig, and the venue...as to what we play and how much...we tailor make it accordingly...haute couture if you will:)