Julie Goldman

Julie Goldman


A Master of irreverent cultural criticism, she will have you roaring so hard that you reach the edge of tears and beyond. Call it feminist or lesbian humor if you want, but the great thing about Goldman is that she transcends those terms, and shows us that we're all in this together"


currently a cast member of LOGO's BIG GAY SKETCH SHOW and winner of the 2008 NEWNOWNEXT - Brink of Fame Comic Award, Julie glides effortlessly between Lesbian folk singer "Pepper Stein Whalesong" to the beloved Liza Minelli in the now infamous "Super Liza" Series. Julie has been garnering massive attention around the country perfroming stand up in Clubs, and Colleges and headlining various shows such as "Puppetry of The Penis", "The JAP Show", and Olivia cruises and R' Family Vacations. She has appeared doing stand up on LOGO, VH-1, and COMEDY CENTRAL. Currently Julie is working With AMANDA BEARSE (Married With Children) and BRANDY HOWARD (Automatic) on their new Lesbian Romantic Comedy, "NICEST THING". Check out all things Julie online www.julie-goldman.com and www.nicestthingthemovie.com

Set List

Anywhere from 10mins to one hour of Stand up and music.