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"Terry Gladstone KLOS 95.5fm"

“She’s got a very very smooth sultry voice…I think you’re going to become a fan”

- Radio Review

"Best Emerging Artists of 2006"

Julie Gribble listed as one of the Best Emerging Artists of 2006 in the magazine - American Idol Magazine

"Editor's Pick"

Julie sheds the normal and average encasings of pop-rock with her innovative and raw approach to songwriting. As singer/songwriters go, she’s among some of the freshest. Hailing from L.A., she has to stand out from the plethora of other struggling artists. She does this with her captivating vocals, which sing of terrific tales that she pens from experiences she’s had throughout her young life. “So Typical” is a great peek inside one of Los Angeles’ most intriguing female singer/songwriters. - Smother.net

"Northease In-Tune Magazine"

As a singer-song writer, hailing form Atlanta Georgia, Julie Gribble adopted a style which brings to mind a young woman strumming an acoustic expelling her thoughts on love and loss beneath a shade tree. Julie has been composing poetry since her youth. Within her music she has found the space necessary to share these thoughts without constraint, as an outlet for her emotions. With the release of her sophomore self-released album, So Typical, Julie looks to further her fan base while attracting the attention of a label.
Her lyric driven acoustic rock should find a place on the lower reaches of the radio dial, adult contemporary. Themes that run thought her work such as; love, loss, loneliness and redemption do appeal to a younger audience as well. Her work has appeared in Lifetime movies as well a Nickelodeon programs. In reviewing her press kit I am drawn to the fact that Ms. Gribble is young and easy on the eyes. As this is an all too common selling point for the female singer-songwriter, and the savior of the lazy critic, I will focus on her lyrics.

Julie Gribble and Dan Lavery write the title track for this album. A grating electric guitar and beat play well off her voluptuous, lovelorn vocals and story of loss and guilt. So Typical recounts the end drum of the ‘typical’ relationship. The song opens, “I don’t want to be alone”, revealing the end of the couple’s tenure together. The chorus continues praising her lover, “You’re so typical/ you’re so beautiful . . . .I’m so typical/ you’re so wonderful”. Here she creates the image of the dissolving relationship as a result of her actions, though she does not offer her own failure.
This is the shortcoming of this track. Those apt to judge the song from an experience of youth orientated television may relate to the concept of a relationship being typical. Those who have experienced love and loss, adult contemporary listeners, aren’t naive enough to view any relationship as typical. Experience brings the understanding that each relationship is unique, each beginning and ending has its own circumstance.
Little Bit Lonely continues to elaborate on the themes of love and loss though Julie allows for more character development and the listener is aware of their thoughts. The character expresses her inability to confront her lover, “wish I could find the storm to tell you about, it’s a little bit lonely”. Unable to find the words to relay her frustration and pain she remains silent. These lyrics are more mature making the listener confused as to the speaker’s feelings, as she may be dealing with these contradictions herself “And I admit to you tonight, that I'm afraid of alot of things. So many I'm sorry's, I could write love songs. But I like being alone right now.” Her character expresses fear, regret while being optimistic about her future.

The piece concludes by allowing the listener to view her partner’s involvement. “There's alot more that I couldn't say. I just wouldn't bother your, your precious time with. Cause I'd rather you, you think I'm alright here”. Julie’s lyrics show a maturity giving the relationship a sense of depth. The listener learns that both parties are at fault, as her partner has grown distant and uncaring. She is aware of her frustration and pain but to save face and remain strong the character refuses to air her grievances.

Julie Gribble is a talented singer- songwriter. Her backing band is strong. Her vocals are rich and reveal pain, loss, and loneliness while they remain uplifting. There is innocence to her writing that allows for a diverse following to appreciate her work. I feel she is a more effective storyteller and conveys more true emotion when she develops her characters and allows the listener into their thoughts, passion, and fear. - Michael Potvin

"Discovering Artists.com"

Julie Gribble: So Typical
Although her music is getting lots of airplay on Nickelodeon, it's not really for kids. The topics are mature, the songwriting thoughtful and the sound is refined. Her voice sounds a little like Natalie Merchant, and the tone is alternative rock with a feminine flair. "Little Bit Lonely" is a good opener because of its strong electric guitar presence and melodies. By "So Typical" she gets a little bluesy with edge, and "Hard to Say" comes back with a flowing, uplifting sound. Think Amy Fairchild with a higher-pitched voice.
Favorite Tracks: Hard to Say, Anything Real
Rating: 4 stars - Kristen Pasculli

"The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson"

It's Fabulous!! - Craig Ferguson

"Ear Candy Magazine"

Gribble sounds as though she’s been doing this for decades. A very polished and talented singer-songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia whose armed with a voice that’s rich and convincing. She’s truly a force to be reckoned with. Her backing band is right on the mark as well with their brand of hard driving acoustic rock. They compliment each other completely and that pushes her songs to a whole new level. I think Miss Gribble is going to do just fine in this business. - J.R.Oliver

"Profile in January/February Edition"

The soft roll of the snare drum starts the enticing beat as the high hat catches the rhythm and the symbols echo softly in the background. She starts in on her electric guitar - smooth with just a little kick. "But if you stand too long, refuse to fall a few times you're gonna lose out. You're gonna lose out on this." Her voice makes you relax, and the lyrics make you think a little introspectively on the world at large.

Since, like many of you, I hadn't heard of Julie Gribble, I sat down and Googled her to prepare for my interview. That was easy - www.juliegribble.com. I looked at some of the photos, read some of the comments, and browsed through some of the song titles. Intriguing titles, I thought, I will have to ask her about those-"So Typical." "Simple Grace." "Little Secret." "Hard to Say." "Can't Let Go." Boy, that's my life just spelled out in the titles, I thought. And then I clicked on "Just Stay Here," but I couldn't stay there-I had to click on "Little Bit Lonely." Thirty minutes later, with not a question written on my page, I had listened to every music clipping and read every word on the entire website. I was hooked - a groupie of sorts. No, a groupie defined - a Julie Gribble groupie. This girl was amazing! I may not wear the t-shirt (because I wouldn't want to be that obvious, would I?), but I definitely want to own every CD she ever makes.

So I sit down for the interview, now nervous because I am so in awe of this fascinating character. She is incredibly laid back - dressed in jeans and t-shirt, hair a little disheveled, no makeup…

So you travel alone? Isn't that "a little bit lonely"? (yes, pun intended)
Maybe at times, but I find that when I travel alone I meet so many more people. You know, I even learned to surf in Charleston one day. That was my second try and I did it - I was so proud of myself! I'd never get to do that kind of stuff if I traveled with a group.

When did you first perform on stage?

At Molly Malone's in L.A. I did two open mic nights and the guy offered me a gig. I had to tell him "but I only have two songs!" That's where I got my start, though, and then I got hooked up with Dan Lavery who taught me song structure, wrote a few more songs and put out a little record, then went on a solo tour for 3 weeks along the west coast.

What is the ultimate?

Oh - that's easy. It already happened. The ultimate happened about a month ago when I quit my waitressing job. I'm satisfied now and honestly so much happier. I think I'm the happiest I've ever been in my life. Now that I've been out on my own, been through the broke and the scared stages, I don't feel that there is a stage I can't handle. It's been freakin' amazing!

You seem to dress pretty relaxed. What is you?

Well, "me" is really jeans, flip-flops, a wife-beater with a red bra, and a sweatshirt when I get cold. I love Lucky Brand jeans - they fit girls with butts! But as much as "me" is wearing that every day, I've had to start dressing a little more "girly" - they say it gives me more sex appeal. I guess I can see that! [She chuckles] I like what you guys picked out for me - it's cool. I like it a lot. You know, I'll tell you what you're not ever going to see me in is a halter top. It's just not me. No way.

Your music has already gotten in some doors, isn't that right?

Well, yeah. Some of my songs have actually been used in several Lifetime movies, so I guess you can tell some of the songs are kind of sappy. And Nickelodeon actually picked up every one of my songs from a CD I sent them. It was pretty cool.

But you're not a "signed" artist?

No, I'm not. I'm marketing myself right now. I want to see what's out there before I get tied down to someone. I am actually the first unsigned artist to go on tour like this. I kind of like it that way.

Unsigned or otherwise, Julie Gribble is on the fast-track to stardom. Move over Sheryl Crow! With music so warm and touching it envelopes you in its beat, she's on our radar! Make sure you log on and listen to a few clips on www.juliegribble.com. You won't regret it - San Antonio City Pages Magazine

"Live Review by Bob Leggett"

"Gribble is a work of art, both musically and lyrically, and a true unknown treasure of the LA underground."
"An obviously gifted guitarist, Gribble
uses varying finger styles on her guitar, changing like a chameleon as the song requires. She mixes styles with ease, flowing from one genre to
- Music Connection

"Tracy Thackrah 90.1fm"

"Julie's singing is 'real' and that gives you connection and union with the singer/songwriter" - KBPK 90.1FM


Jules "Back Inside of Me"-2004
Julie Gribble "So Typical" 2005
Julie Gribble "Echoes in my Head"2007
Julie Gribble "Somethings Changed" Release date set for mid- 2009



It just comes naturally for Julie Gribble, writing, singing, and performing. But what she loves most is to inspire, to reach people with her music. With her unique blend of Americana and country music styles, Gribble has enthralled audiences with her modern stories of life, love and relationships. Audiences connect immediately to the unique lyrics. They’re not the same old love clichés. As Craig Ferguson said, on his show about her record, So Typical, "It's Fantastic!"

A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Gribble was born with an infectious personality. Music gives her the means to express it. She grew up writing poetry, which eventually led to song writing. After only a dozen guitar lessons, she combined the two. It became her purpose. Through her own means and persistence, Gribble has successfully toured most the US and Canada, opened for John Mayer, become the face of Hotel Indigo's Featured Artist campaign, and been asked to perform on many national television and radio shows around the country.

With her recent endorsement by Martin Guitars, Julie is armed and ready for her fourth record to be released in spring of 2009, followed by another performance on The Late Late Show and a global tour to follow. Gribble’s music has been featured on the Lifetime movie, “Dive at Clauson’s Pier,” popular Nickelodeon shows “Zoey 101,” “Drake and Josh” and their TV movie “Drake & Josh Go to Hollywood,” as well on "South of Nowhere" on Noggin. Guest TV appearances include: 2005-The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson(CBS), The Tyra Banks Show(CBS), Queer Edge w/Jack E.Jett(QTN), 2006-Low Country Live(ABC),Your LA(NBC), 2007- The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson(CBS), Your LA(NBC), Good Day Atlanta(FOX5).

She received the 2005 LA Music Award for Best Adult Alternative Artist and nominated for Best Female Artist in 2007, has been featured in Music Connection Magazine’s Hot 100 unsigned bands for both 2005 and 2006, as well as the Top 25 demo critiques,2006. Julie's music can be heard at grocery and retail stores around the country through her deals with Muzak and TruSonic.

Traveling solo to promote her current album, Gribble is touring the US. Julie has recently performed at events for Barefoot Wine, Hotel Indigo, various clubs, and charity events with organizations such as Boys and Girls Club, Ape Action, Red Fern Farms, Watering Seeds, Atlanta Humane Society, and PAWS. More important than the thrill of an audience, she jumps at the opportunity to support a good cause. Julie’s always there, with her guitar in hand and a smile on her face. It’s not about her name in lights, it’s about telling her stories and touching those along the way. And people want to listen. “She was great, and I'm sure that a lot of us would have taken the rest of the afternoon to kick-back so that we could be mesmerized by her music,” Mike Zendan, Vice President and General Counsel, Muzak, LLC said after she performed at the Corporate Headquarters.