Julie Kinscheck

Julie Kinscheck

 Billerica, Massachusetts, USA

Julie Kinscheck: Singer-Songwriter/Guitarist. Queen of SCAT! Inspirational pop-rock with a twist of Jazz and a kick of new country. Soaring vocals with lots of cool harmony; funky band, deep lyrics, and a whole lot of fun! www.julieksings.com


We are in the midst of production for our new CD; projected release March 2013- and it ROCKS!

My debut solo artist CD: "Grace with Jazz on Top"
Released April 2008 has been spinning on 6000 country radio stations internationally and earned me the cover of a bunch of newspapers and music rags. Here's what some have said:

"Julie Kinscheck's songwriting and outstanding vocal work will satisfy you to your soul..." - Metronome Magazine Jan 2010

"Every time she sings it moves my heart! I am so encouraged!" - Gail, TV Announcer.

"I am So grateful my kids are listening to her (Julie's) CD in the car now instead of W--- radio!" - Peg, children's ministry coordinator.

Julie Kinscheck's original music is all about communication heart to heart. Her lyrics are alive with images of struggles and hope, especially for the youth and women. Her love for God shines through whether she's rocking out, scat singing or singing a gentle ballad. Her energy is electric; her warmth is contagious!

Metronome magazine called Julie "Christian pop"- but she is that and more! Beyond the spiritual battles raging through her music is that life experience that appeals to anyone raising a family. Fraught with the challenges of marriage, motherhood and the pursuit of a career, her songs touch common places inside her audiences.

Stylistically, Julie is a unique blend of her folk roots, vocal jazz improvisation and her love for a good groove! She will sing a beautiful ballad with soaring high notes and subtle syncopations, then throw a scat solo on a country rocker! Add all that to the progressive rock roots of husband and producer Ralph Kinscheck and you have a unique sound that defies branding!

The new CD has quite a bit more edge than the Grace CD, though she hasn't forgotten what are her roots. The lyrics are deep and recognize the angst of the spiritual quest and the joy of the fulfillment. - And there are still some SCAT solos in there in between the insatiable funky bass and rockin' drums played by her older brothers Chris and Gary. Working together with progressive rock influenced husband Ralph Kinscheck on Keys and bluesy lead guitarist Johnny Vicaire- there is a unity and unique blend that is exciting.

Julie Kinscheck was born Julie Alice Gibbons to a very musical family, daughter of a minister, in the college town of Ithaca, New York. She began writing her own music and singing with her guitar publicly at churches and talent shows at age nine. At that time she was heavily influenced by the talents of Joni Mitchell, James Taylor and the Beatles. At the same time she was soaking in the funky stylings of Earth, Wind and Fire, The Doobie Brothers and Chaka Kahn all played by her brothers' band.

After a street musician tour of Europe including a near record deal in London, Julie went to hone her skills in composition and arranging at Oberlin Conservatory. While there she discovered vocal jazz! Heavily influenced by The Manhattan Transfer and John Hendricks and others, she learned to scat sing and began integrating improvisation into her folk style. She eventually transferred to Berklee College of Music in Boston where she achieved her Bachelor of Music, cum laude on a full scholarship, and received various vocal and songwriting awards.

At Berklee she also met her future husband, and collaborator, keyboardist Ralph Kinscheck.

Ralph was and is an amazing keyboard player and electronic musician, engineer and songwriter himself. He added to his pulsing rock influences from Kansas, Rush and others with a degree in Music Synthesis from Berklee and later audio engineering from U Mass Lowell. He brings everything from string arrangements to flourishing keyboard solos to their music together- and mostly the rock edge.

As Julie went after making a living in music, she played in numerous cover and original pop/ rock/ jazz and gospel groups. Influences at this time included early Madonna, Gloria Estefan, Janet Jackson, Bette Midler and the incredible Bonnie Raitt! See resume for details. Some have compared Julie to Sheryl Crow, or Edie Brickell, but better.

After an awakening of her faith in the early 90's she began playing a long string of church events, conferences and benefit shows. Some of these performances have taken her to Canada and across the US to audiences of thousands. Julie began leading music for adults and children, developing opportunities for children and youth to use their musical talents to glorify God.

Kinscheck was always involved in performing for charities and causes that mattered to her ( and still writes custom original songs for selected events)- but in the early 90's she also became involved with her signature charity: Hope Worldwide. She considers herself an Artist Partner with Hope Worldwide- contributing time as a volunteer and artist fundraiser for the work HOPE does for children around the world. Even a portion of the profits from her CD's is dedic



Written By: Julie Kinscheck

Verse: I didn’t mean for it- to cause you pain
I didn’t mean for it-
To cause a strain on our relationship

But I’m only human
I’m bound to make mistakes
I’m not making excuses
I just know what it takes – I need:

Chorus: Grace --- from you
I need grace----

Verse: I didn’t mean for it- to cause anxiety
I didn’t mean to lose my priorities

I want you to feel like
The king of your castle
And I want to be your
Most devoted vassal- that’s why I need:

Chorus: Grace --- from you
I need grace----

Instrumental solo

I don’t deserve it
You drank the cup for my sake
But each time I stumble
I humbly seek your face- I need:

Chorus: Grace --- from you
I need grace----
Chorus: Grace --- from you
I need grace----

Get In The Water

Written By: Julie Kinscheck

Words and music by Julie Kinscheck c.1993

VERSE: You know what they say about the preacher's daughter
Wilder than a Timber Wolf in Spring
Runs with the pack when it suits her fine
But she's an independent mischief-maker most of the time
You just try to tame her once you've caught her

Well I'm a sprout of clergy from each corner
My Aunts and my Uncles, my Dad and dear Grampa
I could accept the choices they made-
But don't you rain on my parade
You could get me to church but you couldn't make me

CHORUS: Get in the Water!
Put on Christ as mine
Drink the wine
Thank Him for His grace
Break the bread
Accept that he forgave me
And that the wonder of His love sent Him to His death

VERSE: Well I went plumb hog wild when I left high school
I lived that double life of which I was proud
I'd dress up nice and put a bun in my hair
Then sneak out at night and play guitar in the square
It took a while before they caught me breakin' rules

Well, men to me were like to cannon fodder
Fire me up then shoot off with a bang
Tears ran down my anguished face
'Cause I was lookin' for love in every wrong place
Why didn't someone help me then?

CHORUS: Get in the Water…

BRIDGE: Jesus was waiting to save my lonely soul
Jesus was waiting to take me home
Jesus was waiting- reaching out His holy hand
Jesus was waiting- but I didn't understand!


VERSE: Well, Life became a constant teeter-totter
The last straw came when my fiancé’ said, "Chow"
I tried to focus on my career
But I fell flat on my darier
My heart grew harder than Gibraltar

Then the Timber Wolf inside began to falter
I dropped my foolish pride, fell on my knees
Then an angel came from up above
To teach me a lesson about God's love
You couldn't hold me back now you hear! Everybody now!

CHORUS: Get in the Water....

Secure In Heart

Written By: Julie Kinscheck

Secure In Heart
Words and music by Julie Kinscheck c.2007

INTRO: Insecure, so insecure, I can be so insecure, so insecure

CHORUS: (But I wanna be) Secure in Heart
I wanna be Secure in Heart
I wanna be Secure in Heart
How can I be
Secure in Heart

VERSE: I have walked for miles to find me
Once or twice I thought “I’m there”
But then I find myself looking behind me
Telling myself “I’m not scared”
Sometimes my past can haunt me
What if they can’t see I’ve changed
And what if it’s true- I’m really the same
Then I feel that inner shame

CHORUS: (But I wanna be) Secure in Heart…

VERSE: I can act the part- so confident
Sometimes I even fool myself
But as soon as I get a small critique
I fight not to retreat to my shell
Then there’s the other side- My ugly pride
Trying to prove that I’m good enough
When it all comes down to the truth
I just wanna be loved!

CHORUS: (But I wanna be) Secure in Heart…

BRIDGE: Did I say too much? Or should I have said more?
Should I travel down that road? Or will I fail like I did before?
Is there a place where I can rest my weary worried soul?
Lord, please let me know!

TRANS BRIDGE: Insecure, so insecure, I can be so insecure, so insecure

CHORUS: (But I wanna be) Secure in Heart… (Repeat)

American Memory

Written By: Julie Kinscheck

American Memory
Words and music by Julie Kinscheck c. 2001
In honor of those who lost loved ones September 11th, 2001

VERSE: Where were you on the fateful day in 1999?
Where were you when you heard the news –
that children died at Columbine?
Were you finishing the dishes or sittin’ at your desk?
In the car on the way to the shopping mall
Or puttin’ the baby to bed?

PRECHORUS 1: Did you think that America would never be the same after that day?
Were you outraged, were you shocked?
Or did you just feel the pain?

CHORUS: None of us is promised tomorrow
So we’ve got to make the best of today
Love like we may not ever get another chance
Fill our lives with laughter- don’t forget to dance
None of us is promised tomorrow
Say sorry very quickly and give to those in need
‘cause we can’t take it with us
When we go to meet our God
In the face of tragedy- we build unity-

VERSE 2: Where were you on the fateful day in 2001
When terror stuck New York and attacked the Pentagon
Were you teaching precious children or on the internet
Were you watching on the TV scenes you wish you could forget?

PRECHORUS 1: Did you think that America would never be the same after that day?
Were you outraged, were you shocked?
Or did you just feel the pain?

CHORUS: None of us is promised tomorrow…

BRIDGE: Let’s make a memory right now!
Americans hand in hand in prayer with faces bowed-
Comforting all those who mourn- together we stand proud!
In tragedy we build unity-
In tragedy we build unity-
In tragedy we build unity- AN AMERICAN MEMORY!

Coffee Song

Written By: Julie Kinscheck

Words and music by Julie Kinscheck c. 1994

There’s something here brewing and it isn’t just the coffee, Boy!
Because you’re giving me a cup of joy
The cats can’t spill
Oh, Oh No! No Sweet-n-Low!
This sugar is as real as can be!
Because it’s pulsing in my bloodstream
Better than my morning kick of caffeine

And it’s going down smooth like a sweet cup of café’ O Lay!
And it’s romantic as a river in France
The way you’re washin’ my heart away
Oh, hold off on the espresso!
‘Cause, Babe, I think I’m gettin’ a buzz!
‘Cause, Honey! I think we’re fallin’ in love!
Don’t look now ‘cause-

A Little Time

Written By: Julie Kinscheck

A Little Time
Words and music by Julie Kinscheck c. 1994

VERSE: A child is like a seed not knowing right from wrong
Flying on the winds of change
Till one day that seed is sown
I’m watching while God tends it
With cleansing rains and light
To grow into a beauty it takes me
It takes a little time

Catch me now I’m movin’ fast
Before I am your past

VERSE: When the big time makes your heart rush
But never seems to come
You’re working every minute
But can’t seem to get things done
What will it take to taste your dreams
The apple of your eye
Take trusting God with patience, it takes me


BRIDGE: You lost your Pa last winter
Deep pain in your chest
Mama says she can’t go on
And tempers flair- to loose the stress
Your searching for the answers
And you’re reaching for the wine
I’ll heal you if you’ll let me- take me

VERSE: I make your hands grow withered
And get the job done well
You’ll see me in each baby born
Hear me in each wedding bell
God made me your partner
We travel side by side
I’ll be here when you need me


Martha, Martha

Written By: Julie Kinscheck

(CHORUS) Oh, Martha, Martha
I’m an awfully lot like you
Always worried ‘bout somethin’
And it seems like I am, too
Oh, Mary, Mary
How I long to know your peace
Just a sittin’ listenin’, listenin’
At His feet- Oh, at His feet!

(VERSE) At work I am a lady- Try to do my best
Try to keep my patience when life puts me to the test
But deadline make me anxious
And stress can take its toll
I pray to God to somehow keep me whole

(CHORUS) Oh, Martha, Martha…

(VERSE) I’ve friends I need to care for- relationships take time
My family needs their dinner- gotta meet someone by 9
Gotta make myself attractive
Or tell me how can I find love
I pray to know that somehow God’s enough!

(BRIDGE) Oh Father, Holy Father!
There’s so much I wanna do!
Lead me, Father, Lead me!
I so desperately need you!
Hold me, Father, Hold me!
So I can know your rest
Then I’ll pray to you and love you
Help me choose what is best!

(CHORUS) Oh, Martha, Martha…

Always Kiss Good Night

Written By: Julie Kinscheck

VERSE: Some folks fall in love today
Then like wilted flowers- they toss that gift away In a world where most don’t make it through Love white dresses serve as preludes to the blues
PRECHORUS 1: How can we keep forever the love now in your eyes
Here’s what an old lady told me Her old man, he was standing there right by her side (I think she was wise) she said…
CHORUS: ALWAYS KISS GOOD NIGHT- No matter what was said,
Hold her in your arms- before you rest your head Always build him up- and trust Him with your lives Your sun will never set- when you ALWAYS KISS GOOD NIGHT!
VERSE 2: Once I loved then it was gone
Like a melody somehow gone sour- on once my favorite song But God restored my faith in love- It can last forever- if you dare to give enough
PRECHORUS 2: We are not children- we can’t change what came before
So hold onto the vision- of what this bond is for You’ll be all right!- If you…

CHORUS: ALWAYS KISS GOOD NIGHT- No matter what was said,
Hold him in your arms- before you rest your head Always build her up- and trust Him with your lives Your sun will never set- when you ALWAYS KISS GOOD NIGHT!
BRIDGE: Life may be crazy- The phone be ringin’ mad
Children may be cryin’- The money be real bad But we’ve still got each other- So we’ve got nothing to fear Just hold on tight!

CHORUS: ALWAYS KISS GOOD NIGHT- No matter what was said,
Hold me in your arms- before you rest your head I’ll always build you up- and we’ll trust Him with our lives Our sun will never set- if we never will forget-

He Called

Written By: Julie Kinscheck

VERSE: He called! He called!
What did he say?
Did he leave a number for me?
Did he tell you that he adored me?
Oh, Man! He called!
Why was I away?
What I‘d do to hear his voice now
Can’t you see that I have no choice? I’ve got to sing it out!
That he called, he called
Oh, yes, he called!

VERSE: He rang! He rang!
Did he sound far?
Was there crackling on the line now Like he was calling from distant miles?
Oh, wow! He rang!
Be still my beating heart
Tell me how’m I ‘sposed to sleep now
I can’t control my bouncing feet
I think I’ll go insane!
‘Cause he rang!
He rang, oh yes he rang!

BRIDGE: So many days since we last went walking
So many changes since we last were talking
In this girl’s memory his picture lingers
Oh, how I miss him-
When I hold his snapshot in my fingers


BRIDGE: So many days since we last went walking…

VERSE: Well he cares! He cares!
At least he does remember
Will he tell me that I’m special?
Or kick my heart right off the threshold?
I pray! That he cares!
Please say something tender
Tell me now don’t make me wait now.
My dreams will bloom or my heart will ache!
Back into love I fall-
‘cause he called He called!
Oh yes, he called!

I think I’ll go insane-
‘cause that boy rang! He rang
Oh yes he rang!
I’ve got to sing it out!
He called! He called!
Oh, yes he called!


Written By: Julie Kinscheck

Nothing could ever be PRECIOUS
Like you’ve become for me
Diamonds, rubies and sapphires and pearls

VERSE: Longing
So many years I’ve been praying
Through countless tears I’ve been staying
The course on my knees until now

BRIDGE: My life will never be the same
Now that I hold you in my arms
And call out your names
My PRECIOUS little babies

VERSE: A mystery
We hadn’t even met really
Yet you had my heart securely
How could I love you so strongly?

VERSE: Praising
God he has done what’s amazing
A miracle bursting within me
Soon to break forth in the world

BRIDGE: I would give my life to meet your needs
Priorities have changed
Replaced with new dreams

BRIDGE: My life will never be the same
Now that I hold you in my arms
And call out your names
My PRECIOUS little babies


2013- Projected release date: March 15. Christian Rock CD with band City on the Hill.

2008- April 25 release: Grace with Jazz on Top- Debut solo artist CD www.juliekinscheck.com - all 10 cuts playing on over 6000 international country and gospel radio stations.

2006- November 23 release: Faith in Action Live, Faith In Action A cappella Gospel-jazz group. www.fia-boston.com

2006- AUGUST 19th CD RELEASE: The Force! Christian Rock aimed for teen/preteen audience- www.ptbtheforce.com

2001 - Post 911 Compilation CD for Red Cross, "Courage My Soul" with Faith In Action a 'cappella group
2000- Community Music Center of Boston CD Compilation
1994 - Radical Love CD by the Radicals (vocal tracks)
1991- Hands and Feet CD by David Caote Group (vocal tracks)
1991- Window of Life CD by John Mc Henry (vocal tracks)
1991- Indian Summer- 3 song cassette
1989- Love Is Wild- 3 song cassette

Set List

For a festival or conference with the band I can do all originals, songs like "Grace" , "Coffee Song", "Hope For the Children", "Waiting on You" "Love Life Like I Should", "Secure in Heart", "I'm a Mess" etc- Appropriate for all ages, accessible to pop-rock/ folk/ country/ and Jazz fans.

For Christian Conferences and Festivals in addition to originals I can lead or perform favorites by Vicky Beeching, Casting Crowns, Michael W Smith, Mandisa, Nicole Nordeman, Chris Tomlin, Francesca Battistelli, Hillsong- more.

I also love to write theme songs or custom songs for conferences, women's events or Charities.

If I am hired as a solo acoustic act for a club, coffee house, restaurant, showcase or other event I can play all originals or also mix in some favorite versions of covers like: "Wade in the Water", "Somebody's Hero", "I Hope You Dance", "Something to Talk About", "Summertime", "Over the Rainbow", assorted love songs or sing a-longs by JT or the Beatles as is appropriate