Julie Mack

Julie Mack


Smart, well-crafted songs that stick in your head; a voice that is simultaneously familiar and new; arrangements that complement both her voice and those songs; ... Match that voice up with those luscious songs she writes, and you've got something as purely enjoyable as it is moving. JT - NC Times


Smoky and thoughtful, Julie Mack’s voice will invite you along a journey into her heart. “Everything I do, I do out of love because when I try to do it for any other reason I’m disappointed 99% of the time.” she explains. Her songs illuminate various facets of relationships, from delirium to despair, from heartbreak to hope.

“Starlight Bungalow #37” is Julie’s debut solo full length CD, having previously fronted San Diego bands Sherman and Skinny in the mid 90’s, then Formula in 1999. The union with Formula produced two EPs, the most recent being Conduit in 2002. After a four year stint with Formula she began to look inward,”... I needed to take a leap of faith and try things on my own.” Mack proceeded to release “Songs About You” a five song EP in December 2004 and “Starlight Sampler” a three song EP in May of 2006.

On her return home after a stint in Canada, Julie alongside fellow band mates Tony Clark and Francisco Ciriza, finished composing the songs recorded on “Starlight Bungalow #37.” In these recent numbers, the listener can hear echoes of her musical influences such as The Jayhawks, Cowboy Junkies, Beth Orton, CCR and Hank Williams.

As she says “There’s something to be said for Hank Williams and a scotch on the rocks at 10 o’clock on a Sunday morning.”

Although her influences are strongly Americana, the songs are distinctly her own. Often they display a wry humor and at other times she touches on darker themes, such as mourning the loss of possibilities when love leaves. Together, these 10 songs take the listener through a rich and varied landscape of angst and joy.

“The songs were written over the course of a year but in actuality have taken a lifetime of experience to produce,” Julie states. “My music is just a way for me to give back.”

Julie has been busy performing from Toronto to San Diego, Arizona to San Francisco, from New York to Ireland. With guitarist Tony and bassist Francisco in tow, she's been playing to sold out rooms and rave reviews city by city with the likes of Steve Poltz, Brandi Carlile, Vienna Teng, The Devlins and Susan Enan. The 2006 release "Starlight Bungalow #37" was given a chart toping "A" rating by the North County Times and they've recently appeared on KPRI/NBC's Broadcast of Concert on the Squares in San Diego. The homegrown video of the Julie's single "Slow Brew" also premiered on the CBS Early Show along with just 26 others picked out of over 100,000 submissions.

Look for Julie and her "Partners in Rhyme" to appear in a town near you as she continues on her US and European tour in 2007.


Julie Mack - Starlight Bungalow #37
Full Length CD
Release Date: Aug 2006

Julie Mack - Starlight Sampler
3 Song EP
Release Date: May 2006

Julie Mack - Songs About You
5 Song EP
Release Date: Dec 2004

Set List

Revolutionary Girl
Starlight Bungalow
Things To Do
Anything Anything
3 AM
Slow Brew
Coming Around