Julie Meyers

Julie Meyers


I try to make honest music


Julie Meyers never wanted to be a solo artist. Despite being a singer and songwriter since her early teens, and despite countless performances, sharing the stage with musicians like Sebadoh and Evan Dando (arguably responsible for the singing and the songwriting during aforementioned early teens), Julie has never released a solo album. Instead, she has cut her musical teeth playing guitar, bass and keyboards, singing and writing with various Sacramento acts (Squishthebadman, The Famous Celebrities, The Foreign Cinema, Anton Barbeau, David Houston, The Splints, and a brief but heady stint with The Sores). Working alongside producer Dave Middleton (who played drums for all the songs) and Brian Grupe (who played bass), Good Girl Blues is her first full- length release under her name. Julie will spend most of 2007 touring behind Good Girl Blues regionally and on the East Coast, both with a band and, yes, solo.


Good Girl Blues LP - February 2007

Set List

Band sets are typically 40-45 minutes in length, with all original material, but solo I have filled up to three hours before by doing all kinds of covers, from U2 to Broadway to Juliana Hatfield and everything in between.