julie karr

julie karr

 Richmond, Virginia, USA

when you grow up in a town like gainesville, fl in a southern baptist family you end up writing songs about bad decisions, old people, old people making peace with their bad decisions and fighting jesus. and that's what i do; fight jesus, get older, make bad decisions and write songs about it all.


i grew in gainesville, fl, but i now call richmond, va home. i grew up singing church songs with my mother and grandparents in a gospel group called the grace life singers. all the while, i would secretly listen to the lemonheads, bruce springsteen and prince when no one was looking. i had a torrid love affair with the gainesville music scene, and made any excuse i could to stay out late and sneak out to shows. i'm a late bloomer to making music, i didn't play my first show until was almost 26. i've played shows with many different musicians in the past two years, from tim barry and jessica lea mayfield to shellshag and screaming females.


julery, a 6 song demo tape.
i have a split 7in coming out in june on intervention records with brian stevens. i am also about to record a full length this summer. i can be found on indie darkroom room radio in NYC, 87.7 FM and http://indiedarkroom.com
i am also on wrir 97.3
i was also featured on a richmond compilation for style weekly magazine 'the line up.'featured is the song 'bend your knees.'

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