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Julienne Dweck

New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Solo Pop Singer/Songwriter




"Chicco News and Reviews"

It's been five years since singer/songwriter Julienne Dweck's debut album, On Paper, and her long-awaited follow up, Black Licorice, is a relationship-centric feast for the ears. It's whimsical and adventurous one minute (get a load of the fun, percussive, big band-meets-pop sound of “The Sea”), and subdued and serious the next (the palpable emotional tension of “Uncomfortable”). Dweck knows how to get and hold your attention. A cornucopia of musical styles is explored via Dweck's admirable work on keys and her throaty, occasionally sing-songy vocals. “Nearly”—a subdued, insightful track that ponders a relationship that nearly was and lingers on the many related events that could have been—stands as the album's highlight, providing a probing, eloquent narrative over a slow, driving piano track. Black Licorice is a lively, eclectic musical experience; here's hoping Dweck doesn't keep us waiting another five years for the next one. - NewsReviews.com

"Preview of ‘Black Licorice’ by Julienne Dweck, out on 19th October"

This is akin to fulfilment, how some other song reveals her song on a specific. I love, I recline into the armchair that always has a blanket on it for some reason and figuratively sip into an evening ale accompanied with a Gauloises cig, salty quantum possibility swerve – what I wake up calling some concept that I’ve slept on. Ah, forget it, anyway, this album, the songs:!

Conviction. And openness. How a song can sound like conviction and openness? ? = Julienne Dweck, her album coming out on 16th October. Waking-up-and-knowing-what-to-do emotions pour against, draw against each other in these two preview songs that are available to listen as the first two tracks of the aforementioned album. In this case, I woke up, opened the e-mail, and had it playing loudly on a whim whilst I brushed my teeth. 8 hours later, and although my eyes are now heavying a little because I’ve been walking around breathing in falling young children park leaves playing through that old newly air, these durations of Dream of You and If Only are keeping something making sense, cosy-ing up to, an eclipse of something social nothing something to be cool with, traversing through minor-episodes / memory with this undercurrent of unquestionable person behind the songs, emotions behind the songs -
traversing through melodies with these lyrics that do more than to pass you by because they’re so solid and honest, universally there, open with conviction – without denying but rather realising the backdrops she has swayingly painted around .. aforementioned .. lyrics – reverb up and sometimes dissonant / distant, suitably daydreams, and sometimes somewhat not always unlike a little haunting / jaunting / surprising and “it feels so surreal” to boot . She got it, -ah-, course she got it:!

*19th October album release and a New York gig on 17th, ye loyal consumers of genuine things that make a sound who are perhaps from new york - A Pocket Full of Seeds Music Blog

"The serious, silly and sublime all have their place on this winning piano-folk debut"

The serious, silly and sublime all have their place on this album. Whether she sings about the cathartic effects of putting her heart on paper in the album’s title track, warbles about being one with the birdies while she plinks and plunks on the piano in a cutesy way on “Invisible,” or having the boldness and audacity on “Happy” to actually feel joy and smile even when so many tragic things are happening around the world, Dweck focuses on myriad topics and emotions rather than focusing on the same thing, in the same fashion, time and time again. This variety is refreshing, and makes the album more enjoyable.

Songs like “Cool Enough” showcase Dweck’s superb ability to tackle inner monologues that are universal in their scope. Wondering if she will find approval from others, how her clothes look on her, if her body is in the perfect shape, if she should change her hair or her shoes, Dweck zeroes in on mankind’s desire to be noticed, to be loved, to be accepted. Ditto for “I’ll Live Then” where she challenges the ages-old statements of people who say they’ll start living or doing something fun once they take care of more serious, important things first; Dweck knows that the longer we wait to do what we really long to do, the more we die, so she calls out the listener to be sure to make time for themselves.

Dweck’s vocals are in the vein of Miranda Lee Richards, and she guides the listener through the songs with grace and ease. With most of the songs clocking in at 3:15 or less, they get to the point and don’t waste time with endless repetition, so they are economical in that way, which helps the lyrics retain more of their power. On Paper is pretty good stuff. - Stereo Subversion

"Hey, Jules"

With model good looks and a musical talent nothing short of superb, Julienne Dweck has been making a name for herself performing in venues throughout New York such as 92nd Street Y and The Knitting Factory in the last few years. Her first album On Paper , is rife with melodious ballads, intimate lyrics and a distinctive quirky sensibility. - Saks, POV


Waste of Words, 2019 Single release

Black Licorice, 2015  Full Length Album

      Songs:  Dreams of You, If Only, Maybe, The Fire, Nearly, Your way to me, Uncomfortable, The Sea, Black Licorice

On Paper, 2010 Full Length Album
       Songs: Invisible, On Paper, Small Solutions, Uneasy, Happy, On Your Mind, Where Did You Go, Cool Enough, I'll Live Then



 Julienne is a singer-songwriter based in New York City. She has completed two albums of original works, "On Paper" and "Black Licorice",  and performs throughout the New York and New Jersey area.

       "On Paper"was received with rave reviews from the music press. The song “Invisible” was a finalist in 2014’s Recording Festival- International Music Competition and “Happy” was a finalist in 2013's Newsong Mountainstage Contest.

          With the release of “Black Licorice” , in October of 2015, Julienne moved toward a more indie/alternative vibe; combining her organic, acoustic sounds with electronic elements and more eclectic instrumentation.  "If Only", a single off of the album,  was chosen to be part of the annual indie music compilation for Erzetich Audio.  "Black Licorice" was named  one of the top 180 albums in 2015 on NBT music radio.  

     Julienne recently released two singles "Waste of Words" and "Let Go".  She has performed around New York City and New Jersey in venues such as The Knitting Factory, Rockwood Music Hall, Drom NYC , Pianos NYC, 92YTribeca, and Redbank's Count Basie Theatre.  She has taken part in various festivals including the David and Goliath Indie music festival as well as the CMJ music festival in NYC and SXSW. Julienne resides in downtown Manhattan with her husband and three children. 

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