Julie Payne

Julie Payne


I write and perform songs about things in life that inspire me (for better or worse). I never know where the muse is going to take me, so it's tough to genrefy...generally, folky...w/jazz, roots, blues, etc., mooshed in. Oh, and I play a drum with my feet during shows.


Acoustic singer/songwriter, Julie Payne's music has been described as "not quite simple folk but certainly not rock - crossing a few different boundaries but not being so tied into one..." (indienetunes.com). Julie's biggest influences are the little things that happen by virtue of living...kids, current events, phone calls, lazy weekend days...

Julie started playing guitar while dating a heavy metal rocker, who taught her a few chords (hmm, Tom Petty song?). The electric guitar was certainly cool and loud, but a few years later, Julie bought her first acoustic guitar. Add a few years, and enter the 12-string...and so on, and so on.

Storytelling came pretty naturally - from writing nonsensical tales in her head as a child to shamming her high school teachers. Today, Julie only uses her storytelling abilities only for good. Time, place and description are the bases for many of Julie's songs...the raunchy bar tunes, notwithstanding.

Recent performance highlights include:

¤ "Women of Jackson" songwriter showcase (2007)
¤ Finalist Rocky Mountain Folks Festival Songwriter Showcase in Lyons, CO (2007)
¤ Harmony vocals on "South to Memphis" (by Brian Granse), a song selected for the PBS series "Road Trip Nation." (2007)
¤ "Women of Jackson" songwriter showcase (2006)
¤ One of the featured artists in the independent documentary "Hoot in the Hole" directed by Juliet Sonnenberg (2006)
¤ "Best of" Open Stage at Swallow Hill in Denver (2006).

Julie lives life in 6/8 time and can't seem to write a blues song that isn't funny. She lives in Nederland, CO.


milk & honey

Written By: Julie Payne

I wrote this song as an entry into a contest held in the former BBS of GarageBand.com. The theme was the wall that is being built between the US & Mexico, but I couldn't get inspired to write about a wall. The story is loosely based upon "La travesía de Enrique" (Enrique’s Journey by Sonia Nazario) on 'el tren de la muerte' (the train of death).

baby bird

Written By: Julie Payne

This song tells the story of a little girl who finds a little bird.

peace song

Written By: Julie Payne

This song was inspired by an audible clicking heard during a Lyndon Johnson speech in the documentary "The Fog of War."


'exhaling' was Julie's first full-length, fully-realized release featuring nine self-recorded songs mastered by Noah Waldron (Capsicum Productions, Jackson, WY). Julie played almost all the instruments heard on 'exhaling' with Jackson musicians Brian Granse (www.american-nobody.com) and Clint Troxel filling in on lead guitar and mandolin.

Songs may also be heard on:
¤ (Women of the 90s) http://www.myspace.com/wot90
¤ (LastFM) http://www.last.fm/music/julie+payne
¤ (Living With War Today) http://www.neilyoung.com/lwwtoday/lwwsongspage.html

Set List

(12-string set)
South to Memphis (w/permission by Brian Granse - www.american-nobody.com)
Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese
John Brown
Already (On the Way)
The Good Life
Baby Bird
Put Me On Your List

(open tuning guitar)
Instrumental in open D in three movements

(6-string set)
Milk & Honey
The Moving Song
How the Story Ends
Happy Song
Desert Rain & Snow
Peace Song
On Down the Road>>Green Eggs and Ham
Perfect Day

Sets are almost exclusively original. Every so often a cover will wheedle its way in, most likely a traditional song that I've butchered.

Some traditional songs recently performed:

Amazing Grace
Cold Rain and Snow
All Around This World