Julie Robert

Julie Robert


country,pop/ original/pure natural talent


My influence is from my mother side they all played music my: Aunty Grace Twain was a very good music player and my uncle Romeo too ,he had a band ,uncle Romeo and Grace twain are Uncle and Aunty of Shania Twain one of the biggest country star of today.I have a naturel talent,music is music you got it or you don't I know I can be a big star if you let me the chance to go sing in front of you,with a real band.you will see what I mean by I'm a star ,I have 5 years experiences on stage...If you like you can go see my cousin Kenny Jamming with Shania during the Christmas time.go to her website ,he is the one who teach her to play guitar.Kenny Deraps is my first blood cousin.so you see I am from a family who loved music.music is my life.


I am working to get my first single out.

Set List

I have about 10 songs produce by me via my computer program I am not a producer but I did my best.
I wrote.sing record play and produce those songs all by my self.(c)Julie Robert