Julie Sutton

Julie Sutton

 Winfield, Kansas, USA

• compelling, original, heartfelt lyrics • crystal clear vocals • elegantly simple acoustic guitar accompaniment • personable stage presence • refreshing perspective on relationships • unique yet accessible music • Julie Sutton cares deeply for her song writing craft and her listeners


The messages in my music are born like children during my everyday life, each one unique and filled with personality. These "children" come already dressed up in their tunes. I receive them, feed and care for them until they are ready to go out on their own.

My hope, which is realized every time I perform, is that they reach open ears and hearts, and create a response of deeply felt emotion in the hearers. Then I am proud of my "kids"...and I feel like a good mom.


Open Any Door
- released Fall 2007
- 10 songs of widely varying genres
- rich and interesting arrangements
Everyday Clothes
- released Fall 2008
- 10 songs that reflect an intimate, live performance
- simple guitar arrangements
Both CDs expertly produced by Carter Green at Greenjeans Studios (www.greenjeansstudios.com)
radio airplay:
Front Porch Radio (www.frontporchradio.net)
WNMC in Traverse City, MI (www.wnmc.org)

Set List

I typically play a couple of hours, but I have enough original material for several hours.
A 45-minute set might include the following originals from my two recent CDs (no covers):
1 Butterfly
2 Everyday Clothes
3 Stack of Blues
4 Over You
5 Men
6 I'm Useless, Baby
7 Wear Blue Tonight
8 Sins of Omission
9 In Bed with You
10 That Husband of Mine
11 Your Heart's Imagination
12 Buried in the Morning