Julie Tan

Julie Tan

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Julie Tan is a Southern California singer-songwriter that sounds like Train meets matchbox twenty drawing from 70's influences ranging from Jackson Browne to early Police. Socially conscious and very Americana. Sensitive yet not to be f$#k'd with.


Originally from the Bay Area, JULIE TAN sub-let her soul and trekked to the City of Angels in search of her rock-n-roll dream.
While at the USC School of Music, she helmed the LA-based band Nobody You Know and Calico8, often seen on the Sunset Strip filling clubs like The Roxy, The Whisky, The Troubadour, and various other venues starting with "The". They opened for such acts as Michael Penn, the Wallflowers, and Sun-60.

In 1997, Julie released a self-titled solo EP that garnered some CMJ college radio adds around the US. 2001 saw the release of her first full-length album SToRAGE. A Hot-Seat appearance on the gameshow "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" helped to generate exposure and interest that kept Julie on tour for most of Summer/Fall 2002.

Julie is currently working on her next album and plays regularly across the Southwest.


Stay Another Day

Written By: Julie Tan

I know no good reasons
And I know I don't have a right
To be asking you to stay
When things come to a head
And everything's been said
You know it's better off this way

Still something's unresolved
And I don't know the cause
But I know that I'll be okay
If you stay another day

I know the plan
Is to just shake hands
And say goodnight
And I know either way
Nothing will be changed
If we make up or fight

Still I can't help but think
That with another drink
All the pain will go away
If you stay another day

You know I'm not foolish enough
To try and change you
And I know you well enough
Not to cry and claim you
And I would never blaim you
If you choose to walk away
But baby, stay another day

I know no good words
And I can quote you no great lines
In making you see
I will only get through
With a little help from you
Though you don't owe it to me

Just take a little time
To search through your mind
For our happy yesterdays
And come on, baby, stay another day

Less a Patriot

Written By: Julie Tan

This is my history
And this is my homeland
I wasn’t born with oil money
A shotgun in my hand
Unbridled jingoism
I cannot comprehend
Am I less a patriot

I’d defend this union
With my life if called on to
My heart is beating red
And my soul eternal blue
But my skin is not white
It’s of a different hue
Am I less a patriot

I don’t believe in damnation
Scaring us to hell
Geography so evil
Children born to kill
I believe worship in churches
But not on Capitol Hill
Am I less a patriot

Keep preaching in the churches
And not on Capitol Hill
Am I less a patriot

In My Eyes

Written By: Julie Tan

I don't want to be the one
To hold you down, hold your hand
To make you understand
We've both had our fun
Made big plans, made amends
But we're better off as friends

In my eyes I can see
You don't know me and you'd rather be free
In my mind our time has come and passed
And now it's moot to make it last

I don't want to waste more words
To explain, to complain
Point a finger, lay the blame
We both tried our best
Failed the test, then regressed
Now we can only second guess


I feel so sheltered here
In this house we made
Still the truth remains
That our needs are just not the same


1997 - Julie Tan EP
2001 - SToRAGE
2004 - single "Less a Patriot"
2005 - upcoming album "Stuck in Right Field"

"The End of Never" and "Abandon" off EP "Julie Tan" received airplay from various stations reporting to CMJ. SToRAGE cut "Changed My Ways" can be heard on radio in Ireland.

Set List

Sample set:

LA 66
In My Eyes
End of Never
Finer Shade of Grey
Drives Me Wild
Less a Patriot
Stay Another Day
Shoot-Out at the Mini-Mall

We usually do 1 cover song, can include:

Dead Flowers
Feels Like Rain
Help Me Make It Through the Night
What's So Funny