The music of Julie merges nu-jazz, post-dubstep and other hard-to-describe styles, while maintaining the focus on poppy melodies and dreamy visuals.


The name Julie hides Júlia Horányi, a singer-set designer from Budapest,Hungary. Her interest for music and visual arts has shown very early, in her kindergarten years where she wrote her first songs. She's studied piano and singing in the Leo Weiner music school in Budapest, which was followed by learning in the Singer School of Budapest, has taken part in many concerts and recording sessions. Her secondary school class was specialized to theater so therefore she has learned acting, contemporary dancing, drawing. She decided to enter the university as theater set-designer, and graduated in 2009. Her first music project was the girl group Plüsss, which was based on three equal female voices, their cover of 'American boy' received heavy airplay at the Budapest Jazzy radio.
After the group disbanded, she's started a duo with Gergo Álmos called M?us. After fruitful cooperations with Berlin based hungarian producer Carlos, the two have decided to release their songs as Julie-s first solo release, entitled The Blue. The songs build up a sensitive mood based on nu-jazz and post-dubstep influences. Julie performed as an opener to the Berlin based art festival Cross:Senses, soon she finished her first video from title track of the album: The Blue. Julie has been chosen as the winner of the Next Step competition in october at the trend-setting GiantStep.net website. In 2013 she's working on Julie-s debut full-length album.
Visuality is very important for Julie which she always connects to music, all her projects have a special visual world which is brought to life by creative group of artists around her. Her musical style is influenced by the big mama's of jazz: Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Sade, Diana Krall, Norah Jones. The works of Chopin, the opera voice of Maria Callas and the music of the Beatles.


The Blue (EP) - 2012
The Blue (Video) - 2012