Julie Waters

Julie Waters


Julie's blend of musical styles and virtuostic performance style create vibrant energy and powerful music, switching from ancient modal melodies to modern folk to fugal patterns without ever skipping a beat. This is music of the moment, forged out of passion, fire and hope.


Julie learned how to read music at an early age, but didn't learn to understand what music really was until much later in life. Guitar was not an easy process for her, having short fingers and no natural sense of melody or rhythm. It was through years of difficult practice and effort that she became the musician she is today.

Conservatory training, and an interest in music from around the world pushed Julie to learn classical guitar, as well as latin, flamenco and jazz styles, studying ancient modal music along the way.

Diagnosed with diabetes in the 1990's, Julie Waters discovered that a nasty side effect is brittle fingernails which break easily, making it difficult to maintain the necessary nail strength to play the quality of classical guitar she'd learned as a student. This left her with a choice: adapt or give up the guitar. As with most things in Julie's life, giving up was not an option. She picked up a flatpick and redeveloped her right hand technique from scratch.

julie waters She expanded her guitar studies to include blues, rock, folk, bluegrass and new age, learning techniques from bass guitar, banjo, bass guitar, baritone guitar, mandolin, tiple and mountain dulcimer along the way. The result is nothing short of extraordinary: virtuoso performance which utilizes a blend of instruments, techniques and influences to create a truly unique sound.

Julie is a folk artist in the truest tradition, weaving stories, motion and rhythm, creating lyrical poetry through the strings of her guitar. This is more than simply a creative approach to music. This is performance which turns on a dime, first evoking ancient modal melodies, and then suddenly sliding into a rock and roll beat which takes you straight into the 21st century.

julie waters Julie hosts a monthly song circle/open mic. She is also a teacher, a licensed transporter of injured birds, an avid photographer, a web designer and a creator of logic, word and math puzzles. Her third CD, History Lessons, has received positive acclaim from the Brattleboro Reformer and numerous fans.

She has yet to decide what to do when she grows up.


Paths of Flight -- has received play on local radio in Vermont and has large internet radio following (Pandora, primarily)

History Lessons
The Place Beneath the Silence
Rough Cuts

Set List

Many of my sets are improvised on the spot. I will chose from my repertoire of 80 songs depending on the mood of the audience.