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Julie Wittner


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Written By: Julie Wittner / Ryan Smith

He died for our sins on the cross

Technology not on his side

He’da had much more luck in a ford pick up truck

That’s what Jesus would drive

Terrain in the dessert is treacherous

In a Honda you’d barely survive

God’s only kid needs a ride that won’t skid

Ford is what Jesus would drive

12 disciples don’t fit in a pacer

A gun rack don’t fit no Subaru

If you’re truck buyer be like your messiah

Only Ford pick-ups will do.

Living in the desert makes ya thirsty

Hanging on a cross makes ya think

Jack Daniels, not water, can sooth that stigmater

That’s what Jesus would drink

12 disciples make great drinkin buddies

But Judas can get on your nerves

When your best friend’s a shyster, Don’t drink Jagermeister

Jack is what Jesus would serve.

What would Jesus Do?
He’d buy American Like you’re supposed to do
What would Jesus Do?
His crown of thorns would bleed Red White and Blue

Not all folks liked what he stood for

They thought their blasphemes were cute

He woulda taught them a lesson with his old Smith and Wesson

Cause that’s what Jesus would shoot


12 disciples are not to be messed with

Jesus word you would never refute

Ya best not be steppin?, He’s got an automatic weapon

Yes that’s what your Jesus?

Your sin savin’ Jesus

Your truck lovin’, liquor cravin’, gun toatin?, flag waving?

That’s what Jesus would do.