Julio Cesar Filici

Julio Cesar Filici

BandPopAdult Contemporary

I'm a solo singer-songwriter in the melodic pop vein. Think top 40 pop and that's what you'll hear. Publishing is my main goal.


My musical journey began at 7, as part of my family's sibling group. Since then, I've developed my songwriting skills. My musical tastes and influences run the gamut from Latin American folk to pop-rock. I've done my stint with bands and as a soloist in both English and Spanish, but right now I'm looking to get into licensing and publishing.


1. Weyouthey(CD by Iyuhishi) - pop-rock
2. Julio Cesar(CD by Julio Cesar Filici) - Latin
Both available online on iTunes and other sites.

(video for "1 From 4" written by Julio Cesar Filici)