Serious pop songs. Think American Analog Set meets Wilco - or shoegaze meets country. Three guitarists playing off each other and the rhythm section from Belfast post rock band Tracer AMC, with Barry Peak (ex- Backwater) singing and loads of extra instrumentation from our friends.


When the much-loved Northern Irish pop-rockers Torgas Valley Reds disbanded (two of them went on to form Oppenheimer), singer Barry Peak started playing acoustic shows with his friend Niall.
While recording their first album with Jonny Ashe from legendary Belfast rock-post-rock band Tracer AMC, three of the four members of that band joined up with the duo, and they became Julip.
The five are often joined by Tanya Mellotte (Skibunny, ex- Tunic / Go Commando) on backing vocals, and Rachel Keenan (piano).

Set List

Bruise or Scar
On Visiting
A Thought In The Light
The Home Straight
Lights Stay On