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Julius C

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




"I know I’ve raved about them before, but I really can’t stress enough how awesome these guys are. They have so much energy when they perform and their music is so much fun. ..And it shows their versatility as a group - that they can perform different kinds of music and therefore aren’t boxed into one genre. Seriously people, if you have the chance to see these guys perform, take it. They have so much fun on stage, just playing around and getting into the music. They really love performing and it makes you love watching them."

Emma Hidem

- Emma Hidem


When you get down to it, Julius C’s Ok, Ok. is the perfect example of fantastically fun pop rock that is smart enough to delve into and conquer several genres of music in one shot... Ok, Ok. is an addicting listen from beginning to end and quite possibly one of the best albums of the year. - Entertheshell.com


"The music sounds like it came from their hearts and souls, and more importantly, it's played from their hearts and souls. I've heard music from all around the world, but I've never heard anything like these guys."

Clifford David
Guitarist - Parliament - Clifford David

"Rocks Off NYC Booking Agency"

"Julius C have been one of the great pleasures to work with in my 3 years booking bands. They're honest, driven, and have a clear & realistic plan for how to develop their band in a market."

Bill Stites,
National Talent Buyer
Rocks Off NYC Booking Agency
www.rocksoff.com - Bill Stites

"Emergenza International Music Competition"

"Julius C is a kick in the butt of pure energy!!! Mix together a strong rhythm section, great arrangements and last but not least a great front man and you'll get Julius C !!!"

Julien Delpy
Western Europe General Manager
Emergenza International Music Competition
www.emergenza.net - Julien Delpy

"Staten Island Advance"

This whole band was really a pleasure to watch live. They have an amazing amount of energy and magnetism on stage... Some of the other bands on the [Rock the Harbor Festival] bill would do well to study Julius C's energy and commitment to the live performance.

Ben Johnson, Music Journalist
Staten Island Advance

- Ben Johnson

"Red Gorilla Showcase - Austin,TX"

"JULIUS C were there on Saturday, right smack bang on St Patrick's day on the hottest day of the week where beer consumption hit the high peak at the most important showcase in the world. At 9pm they go on stage and start their rock-funk blend of NY attitude with warm Texas style thrown in there. This was the only band that got an encore over the whole week-end. This alone should tell you how their show was. A full on set by a group with amazing technical players, great arrangements, sickly sweet melodies fronted by a charismatic singer that got every single person in the club involved. Is that enough? Don't think so. This band got everybody so pumped that in the end (as said earlier) everyone in the club wanted more more more! An encore quickly followed that left everybody fulfilled and happy; more drinking and congratulating followed. A great success." - Darwin's Pub - Red Gorilla

"NYC Gigs Booking Agency"

Julius C is one of the best bands I've worked with in my 15 year career as a NYC booking agent. Their sound is innovative and unique; their show is professional and explosive; and they're hard working, creative promoters. They're a pleasure to work with and I book them whenever their schedule permits. I plan to work with these guys for a long time.

Ira Berman, Owner
NYC Gigs
www.nycgigs.com - Ira Berman


Julius C Says... - 2007
Don't Want Anybody EP - 2009
Don't Want Anybody - Single, Music Video - 2010
Ok, Ok - 2010



You have stumbled upon the New York University-born band, Julius C, at a pivotal point in the band's existence. Before the writing and recording of the group’s upcoming album "OK, OK" from which the songs on the "Don't Want Anybody" EP are culled, Julius C was pretty much imploding. The band's core duo of Vocalist/Guitarist Jay Stolar, Bassist Mike Tuccillo and Tuccillo's childhood friend, Keyboardist Jason Wexler, had grown to ten band members, and then the guys burned through four drummers, and then they managed to top that off with a couple of painful personal break-ups that left the band members feeling empty, lost, and disconnected from the music they were playing.

Cut to 2007 and it's not a pretty picture for a band that makes its name on propulsive, shiny pop songs with hooks-a-plenty. Willing to give it one last try, the guys moved into a cheap house with a broken Jacuzzi in Newark, NJ with new drummer, John Adamski. By the end of the year, Stolar and Tuccillo had both written enough material to fill their own records. Returning to Tucclillo and Wexler's hometown of Staten Island, Julius C spent the next six months consumed in writing, arranging, and producing "OK, OK." The rock-n-roll spirit of the record sits on top of stories of love, loss, and self discovery that make for a uniquely introspective while still explosively raw record. Now standing united and determined, Julius C is ready to share their sound with the world. No more imploding, only exploding from here.

Radio Play for "OK, OK":
"Julius C's 'Don't Want Anybody' is the highest-charting self-released record on the FMBQ Sub-Modern chart for the week of 9/29/10"
KACV - Amarillo, TX - http://kacvfm.org/
KBZT - San Diego, CA - http://www.fm949sd.com/
KFMA - Tucson, AZ - http://www.kfma.com/
KTCL - Denver, CO - http://www.ktcl.com/
KUSF - San Francisco, CA - http://www.kusf.org/
WBJB/Altrok - Ocean, NJ - http://www.wbjb.org/
WEND - Charlotte, NC - http://www.1065.com/
WEQX2 - Albany, NY - http://www.weqx.com/
WHHZ - Gainesville, FL - http://www.1005thebuzz.com/
WKGB - Binghamton, NY - http://www.925kgb.com/
WKZQ - Myrtle Beach, SC - http://www.wkzq.net/
WSFM - Wilmington, NC - http://surf983.com/
WTFX - Louisville, KY - http://www.foxrocks.com

Notable achievements:
- Julius C will play their 5th annual summer camp tour during the summer of 2010, playing at over 30 camps in the Northeast with sponsors including Paiste, Pro-Mark, Hartke, and Shure, playing for over 20,000 kids, teens and young adults
- Julius C has performed at Colleges around the northeast including SUNY Purchase, NYU, Rutgers University, Cornell University, Wagner College, Stonybrook University, and Ithaca College
- Julius C placed 1st in the Emergenza International Competition out of all of the bands in NYC. They placed 2nd out of 2000 bands at the National Final at Webster Hall.
- Julius C was picked by the Emergenza International Competition to be one of two bands on the Emergenza B.E.S.T. Tour. They were chosen out of 4000 bands in North America, and played 30 dates across the Northeast.
- Julius C has distributed over 20,000 CDs of their original music
- Julius C played at the RedGorilla festival in Austin, Texas in March 2007 and March 2008
- Julius C played at the CMJ Music Marathon in NYC in October 2006, 2008, and 2009
- Julius C played at the Atlantis Music Festival in Atlanta, GA in September 2007