Edmonton, Alberta, CAN

July Rocks! Like its namesake, the musical act July brings memorable experiences to every performance. Though primarily a rock band, July is a multifaceted act. Our acoustic show variation features unique perspectives such as Cum On Feel The Noise with accordion and Beyonce's Halo with mandolin.


With Jodie Leslie's smoky vocals and dynamic stage presence, Shane Painter and Rolland Vidok's danceable groove-oriented playing, David Shepherd's keyboard “ear candy” and Richard Monkman's flash and dazzle guitar licks, July draws the crowd into an intimate place where they feel like a part of the show.
Originally formed in 2002, July draws from a variety of musical sources to bring about its intense hybrid rock sound.
Take a funky rock drum and bass foundation, add in a jazz influenced rock guitar wizard and combine with keyboards steeped in legit and hip hop music. Finally, infuse with an over the top powerhouse vocal, laced with southern rock, blues and country licks. What’s the result? A hybrid that is reminiscent of hard rock, funk and pop all at once.
July’s intense sound and dynamic stage presence have allowed for a variety of shows from standard bar and casino events to festivals like the The Taste Of Edmonton, Ice On Whyte Festival, Sherwoodstock, The Rainmaker Rodeo and The Beaumont Blues Festival and concert openings for such artists as Trooper, Lee Aaron, Alannah Myles, Harlequin and Bryan Adams. Whether its a crowd of 70 or 7000, July delivers the summer fun that is synonymous with its name.


EP - July - Mixes on 138th

Set List

July Song list
This is a sample of some of the songs we perform. New tunes are added periodically, some older tunes are removed on occasion. Overall though the general style remains the same.

2 4 The Show - July
99 Red Balloons - Goldfinger/Nina
All I Want Is You - U2
Animal - Def Leppard
Are You Gonna Go My Way - Lenny Kravitz
Armageddon It - Def Leppard
Beat It - Fall Out Boy/Michael Jackson
Black Cat - Janet Jackson
Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis
Bringin’ On The Heartbreak - Def Leppard
Broke Hard - Jodie Leslie/July
Canvas - July
Cum On Feel The Noise - Quiet Riot/Slade
Diggin’ A Hole - Big Sugar
Dys’fun’ction - Jodie Leslie
Enough - July
Fly Away - Lenny Kravitz
Grenadine - Jodie Leslie
Groove Is In The Heart - Dee Lite
Happen 2 B - July
Hard Sun - Eddie Vedder/Idio
Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad - Def Leppard
Hold Me In Your Arms - The Trews
Hot And Cold - Katy Perry
Hysteria - Def Leppard
I Don’t Wanna Be In Love - Good Charlotte
I’m Over