Iowa City, Iowa, USA

Jumbies roots dig deep in several different musical styles, with caribbean and funk leading the way. The band glides from traditional soca, calypso, and reggae to bluesy and hard-driving American funk with a little taste of latin cha-cha and samba thrown in.


Did you think you'd find a caribbean-funk band in the middle of Iowa complete with steel drums? Well you found it! This project was started a long time ago by two college music majors in Ames, Iowa. One moved to Arizona, both got turned on to steel pan music in different ways, and when they came back together again, the dream of starting a band was born and with the soul of soca, calypso and other caribbean styles at its heart. The music, instrumentation, and membership have evolved over the years, but Jumbies continues to pay respect to honored Calypsonians such as The Mighty Sparrow, Lord Burgess, Boogsey Sharpe, and Harry Belafonte, while also calling on influential artists from Tito Puente and Carlos Santana to Curtis Mayfield and George Clinton.


Flavour, 2006 LP
Burn, 2010 LP

Set List

Originals: One World, Captain Pan, Mumble, Sexy Bum, Bright Spot, Beat of the Drum, When I Make Music, Shake It Up, Rainbow, Burn Up, Critical Mass, Island, Landlocked, Drive, Hey You...

Covers: Black Magic Woman, Como Ves, Shake Sonora, Is This Love, Low Rider, Limbo

A selection of covers includes songs by Harry Belafonte, Bob Marley, Santana, calypsonians from Trinidad & Tobago such as The Mighty Sparrow and Boogsey Sharpe, The Police, Jimmy Buffett, and Tito Puente.